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"Epoch Times Reporter Attacked by Man With Softball Bat in Hong Kong"

You really have to wonder why a certain Chinese element keeps attacking the Epoch Times offices and now a reporter in Hong Kong. People not afraid of the truth do not usually try to shut other people up. I have to think out loud here; I seriously think that these attacks are orchestrated by the CCP itself.

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We're curious: what does it mean to you, gentle reader, when President Trump says, "the diamonds must be returned"?

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Businesses Plead for Workers, GOP Responds!

"Expanded federal unemployment benefits that were implemented during last year’s pandemic relief efforts are ending earlier than scheduled in Arkansas, Montana, and South Carolina—and Florida is expected to follow suit as Republican governors nationwide respond to pleas from businesses to encourage Americans to return to work."

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Unmask Your Next Vacation

Are you looking forward to a summer vacation with the family now that the covid restrictions are being lifted? If so it is time to also take a closer look at who you will be doing business with.

Research not only where you want to vacation, but also if the businesses you will be dealing with, such as rental agencies, hotels, restaurants, airlines and cruise lines, require suffocating unneeded masks and the insidious proven ineffective vaccine jab before making any final plans.

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Back To Facts - Five Months Later: What We Know About The Capitol Riot

The truth is bad enough. It doesn’t need embellishment. That’s why we’re taking a look at how reporting has changed about the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021, and what we now know.

Tatiana Prophet - Back To Facts

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"Those Superstitious Democrats"

"Even when they’re vaccinated against the coronavirus, Democrats insist on wearing masks and social distancing. Think of the absurd scene in the House chamber when President Joe Biden addressed Congress last week, or when Biden wore a mask on a Zoom call. The Democrats say theirs is the party of science but in reality it’s the party of fear, runaway emotions, and myth."

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Creepy China Joe is Scaring the Grandkids Again

Whose idea was it to keep him out this long?

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Starship Prototype Number 15 to Launch - Will This One Land Fully Assembled?

UPDATED at 19:30 Eastern : Landing successful! See the video below!
Four Starship prototypes have launched to 10 kilometers, performed a belly flop return to earth and blown up landing or in the case of Serial Number (SN) 11 well before landing. Will the revamped SN15 with hundreds of improvements over the last batch of prototypes pull off a clean landing? Starship fans are anticipating just that on this possible Cinco de Mayo launch date.

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"35-year-old woman dies of brain hemorrhage 11 days after receiving J&J vaccine"

"The family of Anne VanGeest says the 35-year-old was healthy prior to being vaccinated, and that she died of complications from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine."

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"The Democratic Party’s Stasi"

From American Greatness:
"While reading emails in his bedroom last Wednesday morning, Paul Hueper heard a loud commotion inside his house. Still clad in pajamas, the Alaska business owner ran to his dining room to see what was happening.

"Hueper found himself face-to-face with several armed FBI agents, guns drawn, barking orders to him and his wife, Marilyn. The agents had kicked down the front door of their home in Homer, Alaska where they also operate a day spa and inn.

"The pair were quickly handcuffed along with a few houseguests, including a teenager. Paul and Marilyn, who had attended Donald Trump’s speech in Washington, D.C. on January 6 and then walked to the Capitol, were interrogated for at least three hours by federal investigators.

“They said they had a search warrant but didn’t present it to us . . . they said it had something to do with the January 6 riot . . . as they called it,” Hueper told a local radio station after the April 28 raid. “They put us in different rooms to make sure we were telling the same story. They treated us like criminals.”

Marilyn was told she was a suspect in the case of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “stolen” laptop; a few hours into the inquisition, an agent finally showed Marilyn a photo of someone inside the Capitol on January 6 who looked like her. She told agents it wasn’t her and insisted the image had been photoshopped.

"The whole incident was somewhat amusing to the Huepers. “We laughed a lot of the time because it was so ridiculous,” Marilyn said. “I could hear Paul laughing in the other room.”"

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Top US Teacher Training Org Partnering With China Group Promoting Socialist Nursery Rhymes

From the National Pulse:
The Erikson Institute – one of America’s premier graduate schools training teachers and influencing classroom curricula – is engaged in a “long-term cooperative relationship” with a Chinese Communist Party group overseeing the regime’s Communist Youth League and publishing books including “nursery rhymes embodying the core values of socialism” and magazines praising Xi Jinping and Karl Marx, The National Pulse can reveal.

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LOL "Biden Got More Views Falling Down The Stairs Than Speaking To Congress" LOL

"Last night, former Vice President Joe Biden gave a divisive speech to Congress where he slandered Trump supporters as ‘terrorists’ who conducted an ‘insurrection’ on January 6th. Instead of working to heal the nation, he did everything he could to tear us apart even more."
TrendingPolitics dot com - Clayton Keirns

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Montana Really Stepped Up!

"Gov. Gianforte continued to deliver on expanding freedom, as well as holding to promises to protect life. He is exceeding expectations and proving to be the relief Montanans needed after 16 years of liberal rule in the executive office. Lieutenant Governor Kristen Juras has been a stellar advocate for individual liberty, judicial reform, and conservatism in general."
Montanans for Limited Government

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"May Day Rioters Carry Out Violent Acts in Portland, Seattle"

Who are the domestic terrorists again? We ANTIFA rioting and damaging private property in Portland and Seattle, yet we have the Biden administration stating that it is far right extremists we have to watch out for. It is beyond me that so many believe the narrative the left that has been repeated ad nauseum before they will believe their own eyes.

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Noem Sues "Bidan" LOL

Always good to see the Governor of South Dakota sticking up for her State's people and for American values. We're not sure who's she's suing though. Is the REAL Joe Biden still around? LOL

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General Flynn and Clay Clark Take Their Show on the Road

Join General Flynn and Clay Clark on June 17th, 18th and 19th in Tampa, Florida. Enjoy 3 mask-free days with 38 featured speakers at The River at Tampa Bay Church. Learn practical steps you can take to fight back to protect your American Freedoms!

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"How to Victimize Yourself" with JP

JP does it again. "Victimize yourself to create a better world" ha ha ha.

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"Anti-Mask Parents In Arizona Peacefully STORM The School Board"

From National File:
Parents in Vail, Arizona staged a peaceful protest against their school board, railing against the board’s mask mandate for children in the school system. The Face Freedom protesters then convened a vote to elect new school board members, though the mainstream media is trying not to recognize the authority of that citizen vote. This Tucson-area protest could set a precedent for other parents across the nation who are trying to un-mask their children against the deranged whims of government authoritarians.

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Pornography is a Crime Against Humanity


When bringing attention to child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking it is crucial to point out the connection to pornography. Some people believe that it is important to leave pornography alone because of the right to free speech. However, a close examination of the harms pornography does to the brains of people of all ages is critical to understanding why pornography may be and probably should be defined more accurately as the abuse of free speech. While this may be my opinion, what is not my opinion is that the porn industry does great harm to women, children and even men. Pornography is the sexual exploitation of people. It turns people into objects. Most of the time, individuals are coerced into acts they don't consent to and this is a crime. Pornography, in the broader sense, is a crime against humanity.

I realize this is difficult content, but I believe we need to be aware so that we can fight this together.

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Eye on Maricopa: The Pink Moon Peaks Friday

As Arizona's Maricopa County election audit moves forward through a rising cacophony of panicked deepstate election-stealing shills, both dems and rinos, our common observation confirms what the astrology shows culminating at the end of the week on April 30, 2021. The Sun's conjunction with Uranus in Taurus on Friday may be seen to climax what began with the Full Pink Moon (a Supermoon, no less) on Monday when the audit began in earnest.

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Russia Performs First Covid-19 Autopsy: Discovers it is not a Virus

Have you ever wondered why the 'deep state' cabal continually vilifies Russia, Russia, Russia?

As is their pattern, the loony left and the soulless ones who control them attack those who question their twisted agenda with a fierce ugliness. We have witnessed those attacks non-stop being hurled at President Trump and anyone who aligns themselves with him.

I have long watched as Russia has been misrepresented as an 'evil empire' under Vladimir Putin's guidance. I have read and heard what the Fake News Media reports about Russia and none of their fake news lines up with the actions of Russia's current government and Putin's careful rule over that nation.

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"The World is Burning" with JP

Nothing brings into focus the insanity of the left better than listening to JP give the actual news. The funny part is the news itself is so outrageous that you have to laugh at the nonsense of it all.

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Tracy Beanz on the War Room with Steve Bannon Discussing South Carolina GOP and Winning Historic Election

Tracy Beanz visits the War Room with Steve Bannon to Discuss South Carolina GOP and the reorganization of the state party by MAGA using the Dan Schultz Precinct Project Strategy.

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Stop the Insanity!

I just had to give you all a good laugh today. Most COVID maskers are just plain nuts! Take a look at this video if you doubt me.

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Biden's Border Crisis

Yes there is a crisis at the border and a big one. Much, much worse than it ever was under the Trump administration and I dare say perhaps worse than under the Obama administration. Human trafficking, sex trafficking, bringing in cartel members to work off their debts to the cartels. This is really outragious and something can be done right now Kamala if you can bother taking your head out of that dark place for a few moments. Take a listen to this video from a congressman that is there on the front lines.

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Eye on Maricopa: Trump Declares Dems Insane and We Agree!

We must be getting close to a big turning point in a disclosure of the deepstate criminality. Trump's communiques get saltier by the day. As do Melania's! By the way, we've been declaring Dems insane for decades! The slippery slope fell into the abyss long ago. Wake up America! (And we know it is.)

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"Yes, even Hillary Clinton’s bagman – the guy behind the fake Russia collusion dossier to destroy Trump – is down in Arizona trying to prevent the exposure of Dominion vote-rigging and dead Democrats voting." Howell Woltz

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"Clarence Thomas Rips SCOTUS Double Standard On Teen Maturity: ‘Child’ For Murderer vs. ‘Young Woman’ For Abortion-Seeker"

"U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ripped the highest court in the land over its double standard on language surrounding abortions."

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"This Little Boy Survived an Abortion. Now He’s 15-Months-Old and His Mom is Pro-Life"

From Lifenews: "Rita and her fiancé were in the midst of a three-hour car drive home when she began hemorrhaging. She was eight weeks pregnant and had just left an abortion facility where she had begun a chemical abortion.

As Rita would later recall, she was bleeding “so severely it was dripping like a faucet that wouldn’t turn off.”

Rita’s fiancé rushed her to the hospital where she was given a blood transfusion and monitored for the next three days.

“I was in so much pain it felt like I was being ripped apart internally!” she said.

Despite the terror of those few days at the hospital, Rita discovered something that would bring her immense happiness: She was still pregnant and her baby still had a heartbeat.

With that news, Rita was able to find a life-saving treatment known as abortion pill reversal. To Rita’s joy, it worked.

Now, nearly two years after that fateful day on the road, Rita is the mother to a happy one-year-old boy."

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Praising Home Depot's Unwokeness

Our good friend Howell Woltz of Richardson Post says, "In an awesome turnaround, Home Depot refused to sign the wokesters’ attack on voter integrity in Georgia—or anywhere else—and is back to business as usual without the Marxist crap."

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"It is Time to End Compulsory Public Education"

"The State is teaching second graders “restorative justice.”. High schoolers are instructed that their families “reinforce racist/homophobic prejudices.” Government officials – teachers and school board members – are targeting parents for their opposition to the teachings of critical race theory.

"And we grovel to the State, begging them to make it stop.

"This is not the profile of a free people."

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Nurse Warns Stay Away From Vaxxed People

Watch an RN who is warning that for your health you should stay away from the zombified vaxxed morons. People are suffering from all kinds of symptoms, some of them quite severe, from coming into contact with those who have been contaminated with a vaccine.

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"They know everything. Sorry." Signed, GHW Bush

Patriots the world over will never again experience as much glee as when they viewed the pedovores in their anguish. WATCH!

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"The Courage of Our Convictions"

"Critical race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it—and of those who have, many don’t understand it. This must change. We need to know what it is so we can know how to fight it."

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Across Party Lines Montanans Take Human Trafficking Seriously

"Gov. Gianforte signed House Bill 35 on Monday, a bill brought by Democratic Rep. Sharon Stewart Peregoy from Crow Agency to establish a missing persons review commission at the Montana Department of Justice."
Montana Public Radio

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Mike Lindell Debuts ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE in His 48-hour Frank-a-thon

In just over 24 hours, Mike Lindell's has tallied over 90 MILLION unique viewers to his 48-hour "Frank-a-thon" and over 1 BILLION pageviews to the website.

With many important influencers speaking in turn like Mike Flynn and many others, what is also drawing the hits, is the playing of the two-hour documentary by Mike Lindell called "Absolute Interference," about foreign interference in the 2020 election.

The gentle reader must ignore the corrupt corporate media liars who repeat in unison the lie that there is no validity to Mike's (and others') charge that the election was fraudulent. It was obvious the night it happened. Learn to think for yourself!

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Mike Flynn makes sure patriots know who their real president is

General Michael Flynn speaks to over a half million patriots online and in attendance at Clark's Health and Freedom Conference: "We have a president! Donald Trump is our REAL POTUS !! Do you agree with me?"

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O'Keefe and Veritas are going to be rolling in the dough

James O'Keefe after successfully suing NY Times is going to sue CNN and now Twitter who suspended him for posting his CNN exposé videos.

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Swedish Nurse Ignored Her Gut and Took the Shot and Died

Sanity 4 Sweden reports that the super healthy 61 year old nurse in his country had a bad feeling about the Astra Zeneca shot but chose to take it not for herself but to protect her patients. I guess her patients won't need to worry about that anymore will they?

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Breaking News! FDA and CDC Call for Halt to Johnson and Johnson Covid Vaccine Citing Blood Clots Problem: UPDATE; Denmark Abandons Astra Zeneca Vaccine Amid Reports of Blood Clots

From the AP: "As of April 12, more than 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine have been administered in the U.S. CDC and FDA are reviewing data involving six reported U.S. cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot in individuals after receiving the J&J vaccine. In these cases, a type of blood clot called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) was seen in combination with low levels of blood platelets (thrombocytopenia). All six cases occurred among women between the ages of 18 and 48, and symptoms occurred 6 to 13 days after vaccination. Treatment of this specific type of blood clot is different from the treatment that might typically be administered. Usually, an anticoagulant drug called heparin is used to treat blood clots. In this setting, administration of heparin may be dangerous, and alternative treatments need to be given."

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Video: Looters Near Minneapolis Attempt to Steal an Entire ATM Machine

Rioters and looters in Brooklyn Center near Minneapolis destroy a liquor store and attempt to steal an entire ATM machine. If you think this is about creating change for people of color, you are delusional and believe the lies and the narratives of the loony left.

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"Vaccines are saving lives" said the sheep

I know people are waking up. But there's still way too much consent for baby maiming and murder going on.
STOP IT, SHEEP!! You have free will!!

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Montana Says No to Vaccine Passport

HELENA, Mont. — Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has issued an executive order banning the development or use of vaccine passports in Montana.

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Martin Geddes: The Total Reset of Everything

"What happens when a multi-generational global war of subversion and infiltration reaches its endgame? That is not an easy question to answer, since by its construction we don’t have access to recent and relevant historical precedent. While nothing can stop what is coming, nobody may be prepared for it either. I make the case here that what is fast approaching is a Total Reset of Everything."

M Geddes

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Doctor Says Big Pharma's Covid Shot May Kill You

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny exposes the bad science behind Covid, the vaccines and modern medicine in general.

It helps to put this information into the proper context by doing a study of how modern medicine came to be dominated by the Rockefeller-Carnegie combine of globalists that want to wreck and control American lives and the world's nations.

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It doesn't matter what country you live in, you can sign and get involved with fighting back. (see petition link in article)

Pastor Coates has been subject to a barrage of intimidation tactics, has had his character and integrity questioned, been thrown into jail and reluctantly released after a 35 day stay only to be fined upon release. AND the harassment has not stopped!

This continuing drama comes to you courtesy of the Alberta Health Department (AHD) which has set itself up as the local gestapo, battering church going Christians who's only crime is their desire to be left alone to worship in peace.

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This Patriot Cannot Be Bought!! Jovan Pulitzer Offered $10 Million to NOT Audit 2020 Ballots!

“I Was Offered $10 Million Not to Do This!” – Jovan Pulitzer on Offer to Walk Away from His Scanning the Ballots Work on 2020 Election Results

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Trump wished the radical left crazies Happy Easter - TWICE!

Since the Silicon Valley Soyboyz went ape over Trump's massive popularity on their platforms and canceled his accounts, he's turned to distributing statements from his office as Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America which he likes doing even better!

He's made some seriously funny statements too, especially in cutting down the loopy leftists.

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Clay Clark and Friends Shift the National Narrative

UPDATE 4-7-21 SOLD OUT EVENT will be streaming online at:

3-22-21: Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conference is coming up fast. April 16 and 17, less than a month!

General Mike Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and a LOT MORE are going to speak.

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Fire Fauci!

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has mounted the Fire Fauci campaign and it's gaining steam. Yours truly has signed the petition, I think we've had enough of that Faux-chi.

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