Today's article is simple. It's just winter. Happy Winter Solstice everyone! 

As most of you are probably aware, we have the wonder "Star Of Bethlehem" shining bright in the sky until Christmas day, which began to be seen on or just before the Winter Solstice on Dec 21, and can still be seen when gazing toward the southwest for most of us in the Northern hemisphere, just after the sun goes down, until Christmas Day.

For those of you, who like me, were born in the winter or grew up in areas where, in the winter it was snowy and white, you may have a special appreciation for wintery snow covered landscapes. Speaking for myself I love the snow covered landscapes of winter in the northern states of the United States and miss it very much since moving to warmer climes. But I suspect even those of you born in warmer climates still appreciate the beauty of these snow covered landscapes.


Vivalidi's "Winter" from "Four Seasons" 

"Walking In The Air" 



Ruby Ray Media - "Angels We Have Heard On High"

This long beloved Christmas carol is originally a French carol. It was first published in the 1855 the Nouveau Recueil de Cantiques hymn book. The story in the song is based upon Luke 2:14. Below is the original French version of which there is no known author.



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