The Drama Triangle


It wasn't 'somebody' who mentioned that to you above Carolyn, it was me, Donald Garrett. I would not expect a woman of your accomplishments and qualifications to forget something like that!

Originally published December 9, 2016

I was also highlighting the level of drama that was possibly present in your narrative. I mean the unhealthy type of drama known as The Drama Triangle, characterized by Players engaging in aggression, shifting between the Three Stations of the Triangle:

Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer

I noticed that your response to my request for reassurance, was met with an apparent attempt to characterize me as a Persecutor to the other members of the group!

Such characterization is always the attempt to invite onlookers to step into the passive-aggressive role of Rescuer by the person assuming the role of Victim on the Triangle.

Players on the Drama Triangle can shift between these positions rapidly, a Victim requires a Persecutor, and will often attempt to fabricate a Persecutor by artifice, flipping from the passive aggression of Victim into the active aggression of Persecutor, attacking a person or a group of people, then flipping back to Victim and blaming the aggression on the target, aka 'gaslighting.'

Victim is always the Cry for Toxic Rescue, we see Victim flashing into Persecutor, instantly turning on its targets both when it is unsuccessful at provoking Rescue from the target, and when it requires the appearance of Persecution in the attempt to Rally the Mob against a target, seeking to induce capitulation.

An instant telltale of Toxic Drama is Playing to the Audience vs dealing directly with issues, including the legions of think-tank scripted, Paid Trolls polluting the internet, aggressing people whose viewpoints it wants to marginalize, attempting to sway public opinion by Rallying the Mob.

This is a dead giveaway that dishonesty and often criminality are involved, the aggressors are axiomatically telegraphing that their agenda will not stand on its own merit.

Subjugation into Groupthink, The Strident Assertion

Drama is essential to pulling-off any Magic Act, it is the Distraction required to conceal the slight-of-hand including Weaponized Toxic Drama, the endless Marxian { satanic } manipulation of entire populaces in the Unholy Triangle of the Marxist Dialectic:

Problem - Reaction - Solution

These tactics work unfortunately well on hapless (clueless) honest people.

Soulwrecking, Nationwrecking - The Siren Song of Toxic Drama

We notice when we look, that the current evolution or more correctly, devolution of 'liberalism' consists entirely of these implicitly dishonest, non-adult behaviors, operating exclusively from the Three Phases of Toxic Drama.

As you may be aware, there is only one viable response to Drama, and that is to Name It?

Drama is always an attempt to manipulate others via aggression. As we see, and those unfortunate enough to be trapped in it well know from unhappy experience, Drama destroys relationships.

It is self-inflicted personal disempowerment at the most fundamental level. It is the assertion by an individual or a group that they are implicitly unworthy to get their needs met directly, by honest means.

Naming It, is the first step to healing it, because manipulation as with all forms of dishonesty, cannot exist in the light of day regardless of whether or not the people engaging in it are aware of the dishonesty they are participating in.

Victim-Shrieking "Save Meee!" into the ravening maw of our psychopathic, malevolently incompetent govcorp and its talking heads, voluntarily surrendering their freedoms crying "Rescue Us!" at the bloated monster that has entirely dedicated itself to enslaving them, and enriching itself by impoverishing people.

Voting for "rights" to things like promiscuity and receiving token freebies as their ticket into Subservient Dependency on the Federal Reservation, joining the darker-skinned people among us in the never-abolished, legal definition of Slavery on the 'Liberal' Plantation. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome!

By Naming It, healthy people Step Off the Drama Triangle. That is all that it takes to defeat it it's that simple.

We see this endlessly playing out when 'conservatives,' "White Supremacists!" regardless of their skin-color 🙂 call-out 'liberals' on their Toxic Drama and sensing their defeat, the Classic 'Liberal' Response, doubling-down in tantrums of both the Shrieking Victim and Shrieking Persecutor non-adult behaviors.

Since Toxic Drama is always an attempt to play to the crowd or more accurately, The Mob, including Deployment in the Dialectic, False-Flags such as 9/11 used to manipulate populaces including triggering every war in modern history "The Russians Did It!" Like unhealthy, poorly-raised children on the playground gathering around to feed a conflict, Naming It acts as a wakeup-call to them as well, ideally inviting them into healthy, productive adult behavior.

Simply by Naming It. This is the Awakening the entire malevolent parasitical 'elite' establishment is frantically attempting and spectacularly failing to suppress 🙂 Awakening by simply stepping out of Toxic Drama at the individual level: Self-Sovereignty ❤

President Donald J. Trump personifies this defeat, refusing to enter Toxic Drama or be swayed by its toxic stratagems in any way which as the entire planet has witnessed him masterfully demonstrate, defeats it utterly ❤

I hope this was not the case with you Carolyn, and hope sharing this with you will support clarity and success in your future interactions with others. 

Self Consciousness

The basis of healthy relationships is respect. Without respect including most importantly self-respect, there is no possibility of friendship, much less love no matter how heartbreaking it is to watch people attempt love, or politics, without it. Toxic Drama is the antithesis of both respect and self-esteem, and is the death of love, not to mention a nation. Namaste.

Donald's First Video: Hi, We Love You! 

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    TestingTheNarrative · 3 years ago
    Great job! I say the things others won't say too.
    I already know ahead of time, more people will hate me for it than like it, but that's alright!
    God's ways are Not our ways, so it makes sense that those He calls will be the Salt of the earth.
    What does salt do?
    In the end it heals though!

    Keep it up. Your features remind me of a certain family, a Good family that God chose to bring Light to the World!
    Thank you for your insight and info! Stellar!
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