SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: Living in the Field of Gratitude


"What holds people back from healing? Is it that we continue to keep seeing ourselves as victims instead of taking responsibility for our well-being? And why is gratitude so important for our body temple? Today we are going to talk with Reverend Michael Beckwith about why it is important that we need to grow up and show up if we wish to heal and evolve."

Rev. Michael Beckwith's Deep Techniques for Healing - Living in the Field of Gratitude

Gregg Braden Official on YouTube
Premiered Jan 9, 2022
27:57 viewing length


The "powers that be," as we typically refer to them, are powerless when we really stop to think about it. The real powers that be are we the people. The people, the good people on this planet, are indeed in charge of our world. All we must do is change our perspective and know deep within, without a doubt, that they have no power over us.

Listen to what Gregg Braden has to say about the reality of what we can do with the power of compassion. Compassion is a form of love. Love is God. God is Love. Evil is not real, and its appearance has no power! When you genuinely believe and affirm this with your words, connected to your heart and mind, we can, and we will, bring in an age of peace and enlightenment, a world of wonder and a world of unity.


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