SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: Living a Life Fully Awake, Conscious and Present through the Power of Compassion


The "powers that be," as we typically refer to them, are powerless when we really stop to think about it. The real powers that be are we the people. The people, the good people on this planet, are indeed in charge of our world. All we must do is change our perspective and know deep within, without a doubt, that they have no power over us.

Listen to what Gregg Braden has to say about the reality of what we can do with the power of compassion. Compassion is a form of love. Love is God. God is Love. Evil is not real, and its appearance has no power! When you genuinely believe and affirm this with your words, connected to your heart and mind, we can, and we will, bring in an age of peace and enlightenment, a world of wonder and a world of unity.

Living a Life Fully Awake, Conscious and Present through the Power of Compassion

Gregg Braden on YouTube
Premiered Nov 27, 2021
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The whole idea in the Abbot in Tibet was so very clear when he said this, the new Abbot, and I asked him the question, through the translator, I said, What is the force that holds the universe together? We already had the conversation that there is something out there. So I was asking for specifics from his Tibetan Buddhist perspective. I said, What is it that holds the universe together? What connects everything in the universe? And he had a conversation with the translator. And then he answered me with one word; he said, Compassion. And I said, Well, wait a minute. I thought that compassion is a feeling and experience that we have in our bodies and our hearts. I'm asking you, What is the force that holds everything together? And he answered me again; he said, Compassion. And I said, Well, is it an experience or is it a force? And he said, Yes, it is both. And to me, that is so powerful because it reminds us that we are born into this world with a power in our hearts that we already have, that we don't have to learn; it's already there. And it's a power that aligns us with the framework with the matrix of the universe itself as Max Planck called this field of energy, that matrix in 1944, he coined the term the matrix, to describe this network of energy that holds particles of the universe together. 

And from the Buddhist perspective, the Tibetan Buddhists' perspective, they recognize that the experience of compassion, it's not just feeling sorry for someone or saying, Oh, poor person, you know, they're having a bad day. In Western traditions, sometimes people think of compassion is that way, and that may be a part of it. But from the Buddhist perspective, it's much deeper than that. It is living life, awake, and conscious, and present in our hearts, in the moment, knowing that we are part of all that is and that what we do, every moment of life is affecting not only us, it's affecting the other side of the universe. And consciously living our lives, respecting and honoring that relationship is such a beautiful way to live. 

Now that scientists have been able to show us through the imagery of the Chandra X-Ray Space Observatory, the mission of this observatory was to detect invisible fields of energy in the universe. So while scientists have always suspected that up to 90% of the universe, they say, is empty. And this observatory now is showing us that in the space that we once believed was empty, it's not empty, there's a lot of energy in there, and it looks like a web or in that of energy. And it is the compassion in our hearts that creates the waves, the belief waves of electrical and magnetic energy, that align us with this field. This is our technical, Western, male-dominated, schematically oriented, scientific way of describing, and it sounds very complex. The Buddhist monk, the Abbot, he says compassion. And he says the same thing. And they have always known this. 

This is where it's so fascinating to me because science is a language. And it is only one language that describes our world and our relationship to the world. There are other languages, and science is a relatively new language. It's only about 400 years old. Other languages are 7000 years old, in the case of the Vedas. So science is good. However, it's incomplete. And we know that science does not have all of the complete answers. So when we go into the other traditions to see how they describe our relationship to the universe, in some ways, they're much more complete. So Western science now, modern science is only arriving in the last years of the 20th century and early 21st century; they have just arrived at the understanding that the field is out there. And they're saying, What do we do with this field? On the one hand, and on the other hand, this is the place where the ancient traditions have always begun. Science has spent 400 years debating and trying to prove whether or not everything is connected, while these ancient traditions began with the understanding that, of course, everything is connected. They didn't spend 400 years proving the connection. Their 400 years was used, exploring how we may use that connection to become better people. Create a better world. And for me, as a scientist, this is the value of looking into our most ancient and cherished traditions honoring our past. Don't throw it out the window; honor it, and marry that wisdom with the best science of today. And together, they create a greater wisdom than either would give us individually. And I think that we need that wisdom now at this time in history to solve the problems that we see in our lives.

Science tells us how things work; we must believe either one or the other, science or spirituality, but not both. Now, as a child, I always believed that science and spirituality are the same thing. And I thought everybody else believed the same thing. They just didn't talk about it. So I always believe that when we study science, we understand nature and how the world works. Ultimately, we're understanding God. But when I began working in the corporations, I found nothing could be further from the truth. They said, You either are a scientist, or you're a spiritualist; you either use technology or use religion. And it doesn't have to be that way. 

So I think our greatest power in this civilization there is a new science and a new spirituality that's being born right now. And it's so new; it doesn't even have a name, we don't know, we'll call it. And maybe it's better with no name. Because if there's a name, then there's rules, and somebody owns it. So right now, it has no name. But it is a blending a beautiful marriage of the technology and science that we have today with the understandings that have served us for over 5000 years and got us to the point where we are today. 

If I had the opportunity if I came to this world from another world, and I could ask one question of myself, in this lifetime, based on what I knew here that I couldn't find in that other world, I would ask the question, What is the one thing that we have in this world that would wake us up and remind us that we're a family and that we are more than the differences that have separated us in the past, and that we're too precious to kill ourselves in war? What is the one thing that could be awakened in this lifetime and shared with every human on the face of the earth that will remind them of that truth because I believe that is the truth? That's what I learned. 

The word resonance is a very powerful word in our language. That simply means when two energies find a way to match one another. So, for example, I'm a guitarist. So I'll use a guitar as an example. If I have two guitars in the same room, and I have one guitar leaning against one wall, another guitar against another wall. And I take one string and pluck the string here; this string on the other guitar will begin to vibrate as if it were the one that were touched. And the reason is because they are in resonance; they are tuned, the same. The other strings will not vibrate because they're not tuned the same. This is a powerful principle because we can find resonance in our heart; we tune our bodies the way we tune a musical instrument. And we do this with thought feeling, emotion, and belief. We choose the quality of belief inside of our bodies. That brings us into resonance with the truth and the beauty, or the anger and the hate of the world around us. And the beauty is that we get to choose where that resonance comes from.

The principle of resonance is perhaps one of the most powerful principles in nature because it allows tremendous change to happen very quickly, with a very few people in the kinds of things that we're talking about now. And the reason is because if those few people learn the language of resonance with the divine matrix with the field that they choose peace and healing in their bodies, and they find that they can convey that in the divine matrix, the focused power of knowing the language is stronger than the chaotic power of not understanding the language. So many people in chaos is what we see in our cities right now. A very few people focus that understand the language may transcend. I'm not going to say that they overpower or that they win. I'll say that they transcend; they're no longer locked into the negativity from those other people. And it's because of the principle of resonance.


In the following video, we hear Gregg Braden explain the importance of praying with belief that your prayer is already answered, using positive emotion. Feeling the positive feelings in our hearts and feeling the effects of prayer inside of our minds and bodies, some would call this faith.


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    Franz · 1 years ago
    The highest spiritual truth is that whatever we want our life to look like is something we get to decide. We get denied this truth by false doctrines and dogmas that are designed to make us sheep.
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      Peggy · 1 years ago
      That is the absolute truth.
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