This is one of the most powerful self-healing, soul liberation exercises we have ever found, in decades of research and extensive healing work. So deceptively simple--we didn't believe something so easy could be so powerful! With diligent daily use, an hour or two per day at first to get it going, after a week or two you will realize you have the power to heal and improve any condition or circumstance in your world.

"This could have saved me over $50k in every form of therapy and counseling.

"I was convinced healing was hard, and so it was.

"It took spending the $50k to discover that most of what I paid for was essentially fondling the trauma, and that they did not have the tools to actually heal it.

"If I had learned of this before I spent the decades and money, I would have dismissed it. How could it not be as gruesome coming out as it was going in?

"It turns out that healing is nearly effortless. I guess it was worth blowing all the money on quacks, learning that.

"This is one of those things, the first few times you tell someone, it bounces off. Our wounded parts think healing will kill them, so they fight like mad to block us from hearing it."

"Yes, I mentioned the Release Protocol! It's very simple to do the basic release work. Off to bed soon, I'll search for it and post it here tomorrow! ❤

I'll go over it with you, it's easy, we've been doing it for years.

For all of recorded history, we have only had two basic methods for dealing with trauma, grief, depression, PTSD, addiction etc --even poverty.

There is a Third Way: Releasing

Psychotherapy, counseling etc are essentially attempts to fondle the issues to death 🙂 when they don't make it worse!

They are 1000 times slower than simply Releasing. The Release Protocol is an adaptation of the release techniques published by beloved Hale Dwoskin in his excellent book, The Sedona Method.

As Hale reports, the guy who discovered it was sent home to die from four simultaneous terminal illnesses: He lived another 40 years after discovering how to Release.


Jasmine ❤ and I have been using this for over ten years.

The trick is, to neither repress emotions until they explode, nor Retraumatizing ourselves hosing them around.

Instead we Name them, and welcome them, which gives us power over them.

You identify any feeling, sensation, circumstance, and the attachments to them (and separately, Resistance to letting them go, covered below) and say:

It multiplies the effectiveness of The Sedona Method 10x or more, releasing in the name of Christ. This is a giant flaw in the Method as they promote it. In Christ, we have authority over darkness.

We keep doing this, until we feel it will know when it releases because it is so unusual to actually be free of a feeling, embedded belief, fear etc, to be liberated from it forever.

EVEN WANTING SOMETHING GOOD: It is very important to release our attachments to it, or they will block us from success. If we are holding on to something emotionally, the angels cannot access it. If we pray for success, a pay-raise etc and then agitate on it rather than surrendering it, releasing it for the angels to go to work on it--we are canceling our prayer.

Q: many times did it take you in the beginning until you felt that liberation?

"Normally, releasing things also reveals them more fully, six or seven iterations or more at first, to start releasing each specific thing. But then you start getting better at it!

Also as you know, everything is a spiral so you go after more and more subtle layers.

This is so fun, powerful and liberating! Especially using it in conjunction with Violet Flame! Any spare moment, I use it to release. When I run into a traffic jam I release it...and sometimes it actually releases! We even use it to release the attachments to time and space.

I've been late for an appointment, used it to put the lateness out of my mind (along with the sense of time) ...and arrived on time driving at normal speed, so a thirty minute drive in twenty minutes (time and space turn out to be rather bendy 🙂 )

This Is Very Powerful: You can heal anything, any condition, if you work at it long enough with this.

That's it!

While the course they offer has some finer points, and good coaching information, our conversation here covers the basics entirely well enough to get good at it with some practice.

This could have saved me over $50k in every form of therapy and counseling.

I was convinced healing was hard, and so it was.

It took spending the $50k to discover that most of what I paid for was essentially fondling the trauma, and that they did not have the tools to actually heal it.

If I had learned of this before I spent the decades and money, I would have dismissed it. How could it not be as gruesome coming out as it was going in?

It turns out that healing is often nearly effortless. I guess it was worth blowing all the money on quacks, learning that.

This is one of those things, the first few times you tell someone, it bounces off. Our wounded parts think healing will kill them, so they fight like mad to block us from hearing it.

"Yes dear heart, the course material is nice, but YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY THE COURSE MATERIAL TO START RELEASING!

THE ABOVE IS ALL YOU NEED TO GET STARTED (Important notes on Releasing Resistance below)  

TOTAL PRICE: $00000000000000000000.00 😊

Once you get it going, it really starts going, you can jettison trauma, pain, illness, grief, as easily as exhaling.

"Yes, it works for depression as well, that's exactly the kind of thing you can begin releasing immediately. No more carrying it around, gone forever.

It can be done silently once you get it going.

"Violet-colored light is the light Christ used to turn water into wine, of all the colors of spiritual light, violet purifies physical matter the best.

The violet ray is excellent for using on entities, they hate it!

We are taught to suppress our feelings, aka 'bomb-making,' or to express them, aka throwing tantrums 🙂

We keep suppressing our feelings until they blow. This is the root cause of cancer, suppressing anger, holding hate.

This is the Third Way to deal with issues: Simply Release them. Gone Forever.

"Everything has intelligence, leave the garbage sitting under the sink long enough, it becomes self-aware and starts snarling at us. That is an 'entity.' Have you ever walked into a room, and had the smell of cigarette smoke literally hit you? That's not smoke, it's the nicotine entity.

Bad feelings inside us often come with entities attached--important to remove them as well!

Yes, there are also entities associated with our intestinal flora, unhealthy flora means unhealthy entities! We all have unhealthy flora!

I hear you are asking where they are located...I'm not being evasive, the reality at the quantum level is that everything is inside us, there is no 'out there' out there.

This is a fairly stunning recognition:

20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

The Kingdom of God includes all of the matter cosmos, the most distant galaxies, the Footstool Kingdom, plus the lower levels of heaven. All inside us.

"Try releasing for him (her PTSD husband). Name what is troubling him in your Release, watch his torment gradually diminish....and be amazed! God is Good ❤

Especially with our spouses, Nothing is outside us. Never go head-to-head with a stubborn person! When Jasmine sets her jaw on something, I retreat to the woodshed and do release work on it!

[NOTE: A year later, after her initial total disbelief there was anything she could could do that would re-ignite their marriage...they fell in love again. He spontaneously started treating her like his Queen again, like the Goddess she is.]

At first, every issue we start working on starts slow, and stubborn. It can take a few days of work to really get the Release going on difficult issues.

Exactly like pushing a car, once we get it going, it's a lot easier to keep it going, "How great is the darkness."

After years of Releasing, we've reached the point where we can simply think of something that is troubling us, skip to the last step and say "Now!" and it leaves.

When you truly get this, together with the fact that there is no such place as 'outside us,' try doing it when traffic starts getting heavy, or you are stuck waiting on hold, or the city council are being dickheads...

Padre Pio

Ask yourself, "What is a wizard?" ❤ 

If You Want the Absolute Transformation of Your World, Your Own Personal Golden Age: Release on Assumptions and Expectations!

REALITY IS A MIRROR. The absolute failure of "Positive Thinking," is that we create our reality in our assumptions and expectations, not by our surface assertions. Mistaken beliefs, false assumptions, unholy agreements, unhealthy compromises, miserable expectations – our battle to overcome all unhappiness, poor health and to achieve every kind of success, is waged in our subconscious and unconscious, and does not yield to platitudes.

We must enter in as our own architects, engineers, healers: The Christ Consciousness.

"I'd love to see you get up to speed on Releasing using the steps above. I know the wounded little ones inside will fight like mad to block you from doing it, but it heals them quickly!

The guy who discovered the Release protocol above, was going down hard. Seriously deteriorating health after several near-misses with death, heart attacks plus cancer if I remember correctly, he was sent home from the hospital with 4 terminal illnesses, given less than a month to live.

He discovered how to release as above, and employed it nonstop for several weeks. He lived another 40 years.

"No worries dear heart, take it slow and gentle. The Release process is elegantly simple, which makes the little one's opposition to it fierce!



It is necessary to switch from releasing on the issue, to releasing on the RESISTANCE TO RELEASING the issue. This is way accelerated by praying to the angels, to bind all the components of the issue, and remove them for healing. You can begin to catch glimpses of the angels once you have Released and removed enough of the blockages, removing the wounded little ones from 'inside' you, carrying them as babies in their arms up to heaven for healing.

"Archangel Michael! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!"

If something really bad comes up.. 

If something really bad comes up, attacking you from within or without (there is not really much difference between the two), it is important to switch from releasing to PRAYING. The Lord's Prayer is excellent—keep repeating it until it's gone.

In addition to the Lord's Prayer, the Pope's Prayer, given by Archangel Michael to Pope Leo XIII in the 1880's to support exorcisms, works very well. Confronting pure evil without Christ on one hand and Archangel Michael on the other is not only foolhardy, it cannot be done without them both.


"Dear Hearts, O Best Beloved, I pray you will allow these words past the normal babble in our heads, into the stillness of your heart's contemplation.

"For the babble has been programmed against us from beyond birth, it is passed-down to us from our ancestors, in our genes, the racial memory lurking in the dark recesses, the deep strata of our wounded psyche.."

"The unconscious self is actually our human nature, our character which is hard to control, and to which all are subject who have not yet embarked on the spiritual life, the real work."

~ Omraam

Self Consciousness

"I think to get anything useful done we need to pin down our terminology more precisely. For instance, it's worthwhile to distinguish between character and personality; and saying "the unconscious is our human nature" depends on what we mean by "human nature." That's too vague to be useful in my experience.."

"Good morning Désirée!

"I have some thoughts on your essay to share with you.

"A great difficulty I encounter proofreading it, is that the authors the essay is quoting are socialists, which means they are writing in the context of Toxic Drama. Their intention is not to inform, it is to manipulate us, and ultimately, to subjugate us. Discerning this, requires stepping back to evaluate the information they present structurally, assessing their motives for choosing this context. This is a vital distinction which many people are unaware of and unwittingly fall prey to, which is actively abetted by people employing Toxic Drama.."


"Citizen Journalists, multimedia content creators are the reason we are here. Raising up your voice is central to our mission. We are a team, lifting each other by the variety of our talents and skills. The most important element in this is capturing and sharing the unique thoughts, wisdom and artforms that come to us as we ponder the world in our hearts. Seeing now clearly how badly the people who arrogate themselves into positions of power and influence over us, are bungling the job. They have never attempted to serve the people who are the source of their wealth and power, they only seek to exploit us.."

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 10 months ago
    I sense a deep logic in this mental exercise. Identify what the issue is and then give yourself permission or power to release. Let go. Beautiful!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 10 months ago
      It's amazing how little regard we have been trained to have for ourselves in a spirit of rebellion of the fallen angels themselves who have conditioned our world to maintain a sense of separation from God. We are made in His image and given dominion over the earth. Seems a tall order but it's as natural and as right as rain.
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