HEALTHY PETS: Fluffy Cat Runs as Fast as a Cheetah!


Who says cats are no fun?

Fluffy Cat Runs as Fast as a Cheetah!
The Dodo on YouTube
Published Jun 11, 2022
3:12 viewing length

Weekends spent walking in the country turned into a friendly race between this guy and his fluffy cat, Rackarkatten. She's as fast as a cheetah and has never lost a race yet!


  • Cats are actually very communicative, it's just that most humans don't understand their body language or vocalizations
  • When trying to interpret your kitty's body language, pay special attention to her back, tail, eyes and ears
  • Cats also have a wide range of vocalizations they use, not really with other cats, but primarily when humans are around
  • Other feline forms of communication include head bunting, kneading and mutual grooming


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