General Flynn and Clay Clark Take Their Show on the Road

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Join General Flynn and Clay Clark on June 17th, 18th and 19th in Tampa, Florida. Enjoy 3 mask-free days with 38 featured speakers at The River at Tampa Bay Church. Learn practical steps you can take to fight back to protect your American Freedoms!

Clay Clark's first REOPEN AMERICA Health & Freedom Conference held in Tulsa, Oklahoma April 16-17, 2021 was a huge success!

I know I was there! hfme

For two exhilarating 10 hour days I hung breathlessly onto each and every word from many well known featured speakers. I was blessed by each speaker's unique talent, wisdom and truth and became doubly blessed as I got to meet two very special people.


I met General Flynn, had a short sweet conversation thanking him for his courage and strength in the fight for all of our freedoms. As we were shaking hands I had a smile on my face that did not go away for a week! He is a true gentleman and Patriot through and through!


I also met another kind fearless Patriot, Mike Lindell.
He walked onto the stage, proceeded to the front and got down on his knees to greet the people below and began signing autographs and taking selfies with each person there. What an incredibly surreal moment it was when I asked him to pose for me and he gave the Thumbs Up!  I was honored.


Clay tells you all about it in this video:


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 Learn more at Thrive Time Show-Tampa Conference



Enjoy this short recap of the first REOPEN AMERICA Health and Freedom Conference held at RHEMA College in Tulsa, OK.



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Missed the First One?? Catch the second one May 15, 2021!
World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally 2.0

The world is coming together AGAIN to protest against our freedoms being stripped away by totalitarian governments everywhere as they use unscientific, unproven reports about 'covid' to dictate unrealistic mandates. These bodies of governments are not serving the people, they are only serving themselves and their own evil agendas.



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    JanDohrman · 1 months ago
    Would love to go to be a part of such a fired up freedom loving health gathering of Patriots.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Beverly · 1 months ago
      You should go @JanDohrman if you can...soooo worth the money and time!! I got revitalized!
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