Magnificent Mercola - "One More Time: Vitamin D Status Is Strongly Connected to COVID Survival"


"A new study published August 5, 2021, in the Annals of Medicine and Surgery demonstrates that vitamin D levels strongly correlate with the severity and survivability of COVID-19.

"Researchers looked at several comorbidities besides vitamin D status and found that "among all variables, age, diabetes, hypertension, and clinical severity were associated with the worst outcome."

"With vitamin D levels, the outcomes were so compelling that study authors called them "statistically significant," adding, "Vitamin D status appears to be strongly associated with COVID-19 clinical severity. After COVID-19 confirmation, Vitamin D level should be measured in all patients, and curative plus preventive therapy should be initiated."'

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Nuremberg 2.0: REINER FUELLMICH, A Name to Remember!


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, THE highly respected winning lawyer and top investigative leader of all things covidiocy related, especially the fake PCR tests, gives us a full summary of the current Crimes Against Humanity in a power-packed 10-minute video presented here.

More here about Reiner Fuellmich's Excellent Work

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Magnificent Mercola - CNN Fake News Takes a Swing and a Miss at Dr. Joseph Mercola

The lamestream news media, specifically CNN, which has a proven track record of bias, took a swing at Dr. Joseph Mercola with a hit piece that targeted the "famous" in some circles, natural remedies doctor, by airing a hit piece against him on August 5, 2021. As we have seen, it isn't following the science if you even dare to question the COVID-19 jabs, even if you are a scientist with medical knowledge. We have shared the truth of this in other recent articles, including doctors who are pro-vaccine and have expressed concern about this vaccine. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor the mRNA technology, is one such pro-vaccine scientist. We will share that article in the "related" section.

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About the Jab: 'This Creates a New Species and Perhaps Destroys an Old One, US as Humans'

First, let me make this perfectly clear:

The professional presented here is not being paid by anyone to speak up about vaccines jabs. 

She is NOT representing a company or business, nor is she speaking to or about any political 'side' with her statements

She has studied the way vaccines fairy dust jabs have been made and administered for years before covidiocy emerged. 

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Patrick King on Stew Peters: Busts the Covid Lie - Forces the Province of Alberta to Unmask

"WE CAN WIN! Patrick King is a proud father of 2, Freedom Fighter and Patriot who took on the powerful government in Alberta, and WON!

"We can ALL learn from this, and we MUST battle this in every single city, every single county, every single state, every single NATION!

"The fight for freedom is a worldwide effort, and WE CAN WIN!" (btw, Stew Peters is 3rd in the nation for Apple podcast downloads!)

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"Sen. Rand Paul: Mask mandates and lockdowns from petty tyrants? No, not again. Choose freedom"

From Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity:


"They can't arrest us all. They can't keep all your kids home from school. They can't keep every government building closed – although I've got a long list of ones they should."

These are the words of Senator Rand Paul. I am with you, Senator. I have been saying the same thing!

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Need a WAIVER FOR THE COVIDIOCY JAB? Time to CHECK THIS OUT! UPDATE: Legal Council is Available (end of article)

The MedChoice Medical team addresses your biggest concerns.

Here are their answers to a few important questions.

Will the waiver work to allow me access to (whatever it is the commie totalitarians are trying to keep you from!) AND Why do I need one?

Physician-generated "notes" and "waivers" have traditionally been universally accepted, whether it is to validate a "sick day" or to avoid physical exertion due to an injury. Likewise, physician evaluations and suggestions form the basis of employer or scholastic accommodations (modifications that allow equal access).

The current FAA mask mandate is a result of the CDC's latest federal regulation, which was published on January 29, 2021. (The CDC policy is explained in an 11-page document which can be found on their website.) On page 4 of the policy, including footnote #8, it lists exceptions to the mask mandate. Included in this list is "medical documentation by a licensed medical provider."

It is reasonable to assume that vaccine jab mandates will share many of the characteristics of the current mask mandate, including an exemption based on documentation from a medical provider. Furthermore, an exception is more likely to be provided and honored when it deals with a vaccine, which could cause much more harm than wearing a mask.

Unfortunately, no provision in the Constitution ensures access to your favorite restaurant, your job, travel, or a ball game. The reality is that the government and private entities have the power to coerce anyone to get the vaccine. The only exception applies to people who can't get the vaccine jab because of medical circumstances. You must possess legitimate documentation to be a member of the exception group.

That being said, no federal or state laws expressly infuse unique power in a physician's note/waiver. This card verifies that you have a valid medical reason not to receive this specific vaccine jab. It is up to you, the holder, to present the card confidently and, if challenged, declare that "federal law prohibits any restriction to access based on a medical circumstance," specifically federal law 42 USCS § 12101. The holder should assert that they CANNOT receive the vaccine based on medical grounds, and this situation is not based on their personal preference (Some individuals want the vaccine jab but are medically ineligible).

On this basis, the waiver will "work" for those individuals who believe it is their right not to get vaccinated jabbed.

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CDC is Purposely Underreporting and Editing Adverse Events

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the technology behind mRNA vaccines, states that the CDC is purposely underreporting and editing vaccine adverse events because they want to prevent or get ahead of "vaccine hesitancy." So this is an arm of the U.S. government using their power to lie to us for "our own good."

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Corn In America by Juan O Savin - Wake the f up! We have enemies inside the wall!

Juan O Savin in an interview published yesterday (July 29) backs up our very recent exposé of the Dan Bailey Corn-clowns In America "Montana Man" poopshow, the corn-bot who got in Tucker Carlson's face in a fly shop in Montana (read about that in a recent article we published here - also referenced in the Related section below.) Juan figures that Bailey is not just the clowns' corn-on-the-cob: he's mashed, he's blended. And, of course, the mockie media are right on cue to pump this blended mush at Tucker Carlson all day long.

Juan tells us what Americans have got to quit denying, about the world we live in. The story of Lot in Sodom told by Juan is a perfect fit. We have the video and the transcript. God bless America! We've got this!

#Election 2020 = MAGA cubed / Corn

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UPDATE: COVID JAB WAIVER! Jabs for Jobs, Schooling, Food? RESIST! Legal Non-Compliance Help is Here!


Go to the link below and read, act and get your jab waiver enacted upon today!! 

"Have you decided not to get the COVID vaccine jab?"

"At MedChoice Medical Group, we offer medical waivers to qualified individuals."

"Our waivers are reviewed and signed by a licensed M.D. and have the same validity as one given to you by your personal physician.""   
LINK UP HERE 👉 CovidVaccineWaiver


People from many walks of life, from the United States Military to all places of employment as well as in various school systems, are being told it will become "mandatory" to take the non-FDA approved experimental covidiocy jab.

The non-elected president, Joe Biden, has announced he will soon be requiring all federal employees to be jabbed or follow strict new covidiocy rules such as mask mandates, social distancing, and regular covidiocy testing (with a PCR testing system that is proven to register false-positives).

Although, at the time of this article federal employees are not yet being forced to choose between feeding their families and getting jabbed with a potentially lethal experimental substance, non-jabbed employees are being unjustly discriminated against for doing what is their right to do: choosing to take care of their body and health the way they decide.

As this Orwellian precedent is being set-up, another set-up is being instituted toward a communist style regime
 eager to remove all of our freedoms. It begins with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) controlled puppet called Biden in the presidential seat, trickles down from his corrupt administration to every other federal office in the USA, including the military. It than creeps into state run facilities and soon, it becomes accepted by employers and schools everywhere as the 'new normal'.

This new wave of fear mongering brought on by unproven covidiocy variants emerging is nothing more than a corrupt government and their corrupt counterpart agencies desperate desire to maintain control of the mases while issuing dangerous, deadly jab mandates. The whole scheme is a clear violation of human rights, and a severe violation of religious rights, both of which are guaranteed in the United States constitution.

WE the People cannot let this happen.
We have the power to stop it.
We CAN and WILL fight back! 

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W.H.O. Whistleblower: "They are creating a perpetual pandemic"

We've known for a very long time that the WHO was a fake globalist construct but it's nice when a whistleblower can help us wake up normies all around us. We simply can't do it alone.

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Spike Protein Explained by Inventor of mRNA Technology Dr. Robert Malone

In an interview with Dr. Erin Stair of TrialSite news, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, discusses the spike protein in the COVID vaccines (jabs) and his concerns. Dr. Malone is an avid pro-vaxxer; he describes himself as a "true believer."

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The Hoax is Unraveling Before Their Eyes

While the Flu almost completely disappeared in the last year and a half, deaths from another so-called disease skyrocketed. Even while thousands of scientists and physicians have verified that the "virus" was similar to other viruses with the same name, mainstream media hype, along with lies from people like Fauci and Chinese Disease Control organization and others WHO progressed a narrative, have convinced us that hundreds of thousands have died from the disease. How strange that it is now verified that many of the tests used to confirm infection were highly ineffective and faulty. These tests are even considered dangerous. ("The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.") 

Why are we not surprised?

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Dr. Death

It's kind of complicated because the phreak club Fraudchi belongs to basically failed with their bioweapon. In other words, the "official" death statistics reported to us are bunk. They stacked the numbers to scare us - a lot. These control freaks were rushed into this bio attack on America (and the rest of the world as collateral damage) by the aggressive stable genius moves of Trump and his team and allies - and of course, all the prayer warriors! Hence, their "gain-of-function" virus ended up being pretty harmless relative to the massive death they really sought.

And, please don't fool yourselves gentle readers, we're talking about some really evil monsters that openly advocate reducing the world's population to 1/14 of what it is, which would require killing 13 out of 14 of us on Earth. Yes, it is past time to end their "Great Reset" controls over our nations and institutions - our money and our very lives. And, we ARE ending it. We'll be resetting [them.]

Reported flu deaths (emphasis added and emphasized again) dropped precipitously in 2020. How strange. Total deaths in 2020 around the world were not elevated a bit. It is not a pandemic - at all. Covid hysteria has in fact been more of a psychological operation through the mockingbird fakenews media. Rand Paul in a Senate hearing calling the gaslighting Dr. Fraudchi a mass murderer is accurate, but it's not nearly as bad as Dr. Evil would have liked it to be - even as he sputters his faux outrage.

The gene-jabs are murdering people now and are the things to which we should be paying attention, especially as the psychos are doing everything they can to scare people into taking them. We'll never let them jab us or our loved ones, how about you? It looks like some people are going to have to choose to remain un-jabbed over keeping their current job, in many cases, unless people can muster up the will to fight back against some of these woke employers. What a mess!

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Juan O Savin: "Use the mind God gave you"

We are asked to stand up for ourselves and learn to not let ourselves get told what to think and do by self important psychopaths. Learn to think for yourself and learn to "flavor" your conversations just right with those who still need to wake up. 90-minute video AND TRANSCRIPT included.

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What are Spike Proteins?

Spike Proteins allow viruses to penetrate host cells and cause infection.

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18-Year-Old Italian Girl Dies of Extreme Brain Hemorrhage After COVID Jab

An 18-year-old Italian girl has died after injection with the AstraZeneca COVID jab and the surgeon who operated on Camilla, stated; " This is something I have never seen, it is not normal".

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Trust the Science They Say

Those of us who question the narrative are called "conspiracy theorists." But it is an absolute fact that "trusting the science" in the past has meant that we have allowed some really heinous crimes to be committed against humanity. From spraying DDT on children, women taking Thalidomide for nausea, or the DPT vaccine that was eventually reformulated because it injured so many children. Can we really trust the science?

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NUREMBERG 2.0: Patent Research Shows Pathogens Were Weaponized On Global Scale

I would like to introduce to you Dr. David Martin.

He is the Chairman of a large risk management company called M-CAM International Risk Management. The mission statement is as follows:

"Our mission is to bring creativity, innovation, and human ingenuity into the basis of all value exchanges between people, M·CAM® is a place where creativity and humanity are valued through celebrating and acknowledging ingenuity, customs and cultures from around the globe, innovation, and heritable knowledge. We have operations around the world and coordinate these endeavors from Charlottesville, Virginia – also the home to the University of Virginia and Thomas Jefferson.

"We recognize innovation is frequently misused and confined by powerful social structures to "bring order" to and to control free flowing innovation. This isn't acceptable and, rather than simply being dissatisfied with a system that does not serve humanity well, we have created a one‐of‐a‐kind engagement model. Our purpose is to align human innovation and value exchange for equivalent access. By utilizing our intent based communication analysis tools and ethical standards, we are able to remove restrictive obstacles that encumber ingenuity." 

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Someone You Know May Be Exposed to Violent Extremism or Forced Injections

I guess we are all being exposed to violent extremism on a daily basis. Geez, I wonder who that is?

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