Their Cookie is Crumbling While Ours Gets Sweeter!

How can Georg, or any of us really, resist discussing the downfall of the corrupt political elites who are now fighting for their very existence? Once again, Georg of Orgonise Africa eloquently states the truth AND turns us onto a healthier lifestyle.

Greetings Dear Readers, 

Shouldn't I just restrict myself to writing nice feel-good articles about orgonite and how it creates positive energy? Hmm, it looks like I can't help myself reacting to the bigger picture and taking a stance.

The stench is undeniable!

Warriors Unite.

Don Croft, who gets way too little credit for having started this whole movement, always saw orgonite as the "stone in David's hand" for the liberation struggle against the New World Order. He succinctly called it the "New World Odor" by the way.

The Etheric Warriors website is probably the best reflection of this original spirit, with its repository of original articles, dialogues, and other documents. Buy Don's 2 Ebooks if you want to get more attuned to his thinking.
Click on image or go to https://ethericwarriors.com/

Final Show-Down.

So, I believe we are in the final showdown with these forces of darkness or at least a very decisive battle.

And it's all about a secretive worldwide ruling class trying to prevent the breakthrough of the new paradigm, the integrated spiritual - holistic - organic world view. You are part of this breakthrough, otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

The Covidiocy Scam no longer has teeth.

The Covid scare-op was used as their vehicle to finally bring about this new world order they've been talking about so much over the years. They had to go to these extremes because the "anti-globalist" or "patriot" cluster (Clif High, whose videos I highly recommend, calls it the SOC, the 'self-organizing committee', others would refer to it as the "white hats") that brought Trump* to power threw some spanners into their works.

They would have liked to boil the frog much slower, have a nice war with Russia or China, and then set themselves up as the saviors after everything is turned to smoldering ruins, their depopulation goals brought about in a smooth and organic fashion.


RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from  Based Trump-YouTube on 1/5/21)
Published Oct 20, 2016
5:49 video length

Jo Rogan has dropped a real big fat truth bomb, and while you may think there wasn't that much new, the big game-changer is that this guy has 11 million followers. 

In the video below, I found Dr. Malone's explanations probably the best scientific info we had so far, and I've listened to a lot of excellent people speaking about the plandemic and the vaccines.

Joe Rogan Interview With Dr. Robert Malone,

Published January 1, 2022
3:06:04 viewing length

The 3-hour interview with Dr. Malone by Joe Rogan may just be the breakthrough we've been looking for. It has had millions of viewers on the first day, and even though Youtube deleted it right away, it's popping up everywhere and is also now on Spotify.

They have no more secrets.

The other thing is they can't keep the abnormal increase in death rates under the carpet much longer. And as much as they may duck and dive, the correlation between this massive die-off and the vax rollout is too obvious to be explained away.

Life insurers are reporting 40% increased death rates in the age group 18-65. This is dramatic. The same trend is reported through the grapevine from undertakers. The official health statistics in the UK and many other countries with high vaccination rates are showing the same. And it's all statistically correlated with the vax rollout.

People are in the streets protesting every week, and the numbers are rising.

The gatekeepers of the official narrative are hysterical and answer with increasing repression, thereby losing the last veneer of acting in the people's good interest.

This never goes well for the oppressors.

So we know the cookie is crumbling and our job is to help this process along. The Powers That Be still have a grip on perhaps 60-70% of world population through their induced mass trance but the number of drop-out's from the hypnotic spell is rising rapidly.

We've all heard of the 100 monkey syndrome

It takes forever for 100 monkeys to learn a new trick, but once you have hundred, suddenly the whole species knows it.
Spread the truth as far as you can. 

Speak up when you are with friends and colleagues who are still enthralled by the false narrative.

Keep raising the vibrations in your neighborhood and try to boycott all companies and players that are supporting. 

Wishing all well from,
Georg and the Orgonise Africa Team

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