Stew Peters and Clay Clark Discuss the Dangers of Christian Covidiocy Compliance


TRUTH must not take a back seat to religion.
Patriot powerhouse Stew Peters, whose broadcast slams home the truth daily interviewed another patriot powerhouse on the 'Stew Peters Show'.

In a vibrant discussion, Stew and Clay boldly broached a topic deemed sensitive by those who walk a razor's edge between the world of religion and the world of patriot reality.

They discussed many church organizations' compliance with totalitarian-like regimes ripping away their congregations' religious freedoms under the guise of covidiocy health issues.

How can a religious entity, in this case, the Christian church, be unable to see clear patterns of religious freedom abuse? Stew and Clay have their insights and studied views about that delving deeply into the subject in the video below.

Who Is Clay Clark?
  • Organizer, emcee, and host of the General Flynn ReAwaken America Tour.
  • Former "U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year" for the State of Oklahoma.
  • Host of the Thrivetime Show podcast, a number one overall on iTunes and number one on the business podcast charts times.
  • A member of the Forbes Business Coach Council.
  • Amazon best-selling author.
  • Throughout his career, he's founded several multi-million dollar businesses.

I have met Clay Clark and confidently say he is a bright, inspiring presence, empowered by a compassionate heart. He has great love and respect for the Word of God and has a deep desire to help all discover the truths he and General Flynn put forth at every ReAwaken America Tour.

Source: Thrivetimeshowfounders

Who is Stew Peters?
  • 20 year veteran of a private bail and investigation agency, US Fugitive Apprehension.
  • A successful radio Host/On-Air Personality.
  • Currently well known as the host of his self-titled 'Stew Peters Show.'
  • He talks about the ongoing conflicts as well as the trending news pieces in an informative format.

At one time, Stew was a famous YouTube personality with over 75k subscribers. But his channel was deleted because of the violation of their biased self-made community guidelines. He also had a run in with Twitter which got him 'canceled', and they have yet to tell him any details as to why, but that is typical of social media 'woke' cancel culture.. Yet, without missing a beat, he teamed up with innovative like-minded patriots, formed 'Red Voice Media' and the 'Stew Peters Show' and now has more followers than before. 

Source: WikiBio , WikiNg


Demonic Ideology Embraced by "Christian" Leaders

Stew Peters Show on Rumble
Published Nov 5, 2021
14:03 viewing length

Video transcript below video

"Clay Clark joins the Stew Peters Show to sound the alarm."

Stew Peters:
Well, there's an evil and downright demonic ideology that's trying to take control of this planet right now. It's the satanic cult that teaches us that men can become women, that abortion is sacrament, that countries and borders are illegitimate, that global finance must reign supreme. Criminals shall roam free, and that humans need to eat bugs and live in pods for the sake of the climate.

"The New World Order" by A. Ralph  Epperson, written in 1989. Read that circled paragraph and know, "There are no coincidences."

This is the cult of the great reset. It's a cult that has total absolute confidence in its own righteousness. No matter how many cities and countries burn, no matter how many lives it ruins. It's the cult whose adherents genuinely believe that everything that resists them is just racist, sexist, bigoted and evil, and needs to be completely annihilated. This cult is evil. But it's also fanatical and it's skilled at sucking people in. 

Now, if we're going to stand against this cult, we'll need our own rival ideology. It's not enough to just say no. One of the best tools of resistance, of course, is the battle tested faith of Christianity. But the death cult of the Great Reset is coming. It's already furthering its agenda by luring in Christian leaders and getting them to endorse the reset.

Faith groups across America take money from billionaire atheist George Soros. Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren endorses the World Economic Forum and promotes NIH had Francis Collins, who helped further lies about the origins of Coronavirus. The Vatican lets Catholic Joe Biden visit while remaining silent about his fanatical commitment to killing babies via abortion. What's going on here?

Clay Clark is the host of the Thrivetime Show. He's been talking a lot about this and he joins us now. Clay thank you so much for being here. We appreciate it. The false prophets we have heard so much about, God promises there will be false prophets, it's in his word. They're here and they're here in abundance.

Clay Clark:
Well, if you're out there listening today, and if you've attended a church in the last decade, a mega church, you may be familiar with skinny jeans, fog machines, and quarantines
. Now what they want to do is they want to put enough fog in the room so you can't actually read the Word of God. But if you do open up your Bible to Matthew Chapter 24, I recommend you read the King James Version, if you open it up, it discusses openly Matthew Chapter 24, folks, read it yourself. It talks about, it says,

"And Jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that no man deceive you, for many shall come in my name said I am Christ, and shall deceive many."

It talks about deception. Deception is where people actually believe the lie. And what I'm discovering right now, and it's terrible, it's sad, but it's happening, is Klaus Schwab: He wrote a book called COVID-19 The Great Reset, everyone can buy it on Amazon, and it calls for the implementation of what he calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And so people go to Time to free America .com and they click the button that says 'The Truth About Renting Religious Leaders', you can see the video where Klaus Schwab describes, on a Charlie Rose interview, he describes the Fourth Industrial Revolution as something that won't change what you do for a living, it will change you if you take the gene editing, thus changing man from the image of God to the image of Lucifer, which is why inside the COVID-19 RNA modifying nanotechnology vaccines, there's a technology called Luciferase.

Dr. Carrie Madej says these new vaxx jabs can alter DNA, turning people into hybrids, into 'transhumans'. Their plans are to connect humans to artificial intelligence and global control networks. This is the start of trans-humanism. (click on photo above to learn more)

So if you go to Time to free America .com and you click on the button that says 'What's Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines', Maderna doesn't even hide it. They just put it right there on the patent. There's Luciferase. Luciferase is included inside the COVID-19 vaccines. But as you mentioned, to make the great reset seem palatable to seem like a good idea. Klaus Schwab needed to team up with faith leaders. And so he teamed up with Rick Warren. So if you've ever read the book, 'Purpose Driven Life, Purpose Driven Church, Purpose Driven..' something, if you've ever gone to a mega church recently, they've probably encouraged you to read the book, 'Purpose Driven Life'. But then Rick Warren is shamelessly endorsing on video, the World Economic Forum. And now the Pope, this is fact, the Pope actually organized a trans humanism code meeting of the minds at the Vatican.

Clay Clark:
Well, to put it succinctly, bribes and blackmail.
There's a lot of people that I've met throughout my career, I've had a lot of success in business, I know you have as well, and when you meet a lot of people, sometimes you meet somebody at the top like NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson. I've met David. He's a great guy, you get close to Dave and you go, "Wow, guy is who I thought he was." But sometimes you meet these elected officials and you recognize, "This guy's hollow." This guy isn't the real deal at all. And a lot of these faith leaders, Stew, they wanted to have the big church. They wanted to have the big book deal. They wanted to have everybody quoting them. They wanted to create their own boy band. If you look at the way they dress, many of them dress up like they're in a boy band. He's people wanted the celebrity. They wanted the book deal. But if you follow the money, you're going to find that the pastors with the biggest book deals are the ones pushing the COVID-19 vaccines the most, and I'll call them out. TD Jakes. I used to listen to TD Jakes every morning. TD Jakes. And TD Jakes is out and he's teaming up now with Dr. Fauci to do zoom calls to push the RNA modifying nanotechnology.

Why would anybody, think about this: Why would any Christian leader at all push the average attendee of their church to take RNA modifying nanotechnology derived from fetal tissue cell lines? Stew, if you ask yourself, "Who are the people that were behind developing the COVID-19 vaccine technology?" Okay, here are the big four: Bill Gates, who by the way, has a spiritual advisor who admits to praying to Satan. If you go to DuckDuckGo and you type in Bill Gates Marina Abramovic, you're going to see that Marina Abramovic is the spiritual advisor, spiritual coach for Bill Gates. He thought so much of her he featured her during the Microsoft 2020 commercials during the lock-downs. And if you just go to duck duck go and you type in Marina Abramovic spirit cooking, you can see that Marina Abramovic, just got a duck duck go type in Marina Abramovic spirit cooking, you can see Bill Gates' spiritual advisor admits to praying to Satan. And why would Bill Gates team up with the world's most prolific pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

Stew Peters:
I think what this boils down to also is, people have to be able to comfortably have this conversation with their faith leaders, right? I mean, so oftentimes, it becomes inappropriate or uncomfortable to talk to people in your lives, the people that are responsible, by the way for some of the most important things. Number one being your faith and your relationship with Jesus. Obviously, everybody needs a spiritual leader in their life. Also, I mean, how about your financial adviser? The person who's going to be responsible for where all your money goes, who holds it, your retirement, what you leave to your kids and future generations? That's why we work so hard so that we can set up a future for ourselves and for our family. So, if you're not able to have a conversation about, "Look, where do you stand on these shots? Where do you stand on these lock-downs? Who did you vote for, by the way, in 2020?" I mean, why should this stuff not be talked about? And why are these faith leaders really pushing this? I mean, I really want to know. I mean, other than money and book deals, there has to be another reason why.

Clay Clark:
I'm going to make a statement right now that may be one of those statements where people go, "What? Stew, how can you have a guy like that on your show? This guy's crazy."

Stew Peters:
This happens all the time, go ahead.

Clay Clark:
I interviewed a woman on the Thrivetime Show. And I interviewed her and she made so many allegations during the show that I couldn't just run it without fact checking. And she said, Clay, you don't even have to air it. I'm just going to tell you this. If what I'm saying is correct, Brian Houston from Hillsong will be charged with sex crimes very soon. And I interviewed her, Stew, during August. So I said, Okay, fine. Here we go. October 5, Brian Houston from Hillsong charged with sex crimes; concealing child abuse, sex crimes. And I'm going, What? And she named big people, Stew, during my interview. Big names. And so far, I'm seeing many of the people that she has named are going with the narrative.

So we go back to Bill Gates, we go back to Marina Abramovic, I asked this question again: Bill Gates, why did Bill Gates have a spiritual advisor by the name of Marina Abramovic? We covered that. Why did Bill Gates team up with Jeffrey Epstein? Was it to raise money? No. Jeffrey Epstein was the world's most prolific pedophile. If you look at the timeline, after Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of becoming the world's most prolific pedophile, that's when Bill Gates teamed up with him. Now Jeffrey Epstein had a temple on his island. And was it to pray to Jesus? No, Jeffrey Epstein had a temple on his island to pray to Satan. And why was Jeffrey Epstein so obsessed with getting the Who's Who of the elite to his island? Because it's all about blackmail and bribes.

Stew Peters:
The inflation of bribery.

Clay Clark:
And I do believe, Stew, at the very top there are a lot of people in charge who have done some very, very terrible things on camera, and they don't want the world to know about it. So I cannot speculate as to which crimes they did. I can just say Brian Houston, we know what happened with Brian Houston. We're seeing more and more examples. All I'm saying is Rick Warren. How could Rick Warren, a guy who claims to be pro life, how could he endorse taking RNA modifying nanotechnology inside your body, endorsing the COVID? How could he endorse the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, and the great reset, knowing that the technology was derived from fetal tissue cell lines and knowing that Klaus Schwab has said, on camera during an interview with Charlie Rose, that the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the great reset, is not so much about changing what you do for a living.

It's about changing you, if you take the gene editing. And I quote, he said, "It's about changing you, if you take the gene editing", during an interview with Charlie Rose. And that's why, Stew, you know, we're doing the Reawaken America Tour. This isn't because I want to have a blasty-blast, running around talking in circles about patriotism. It's because we have to expose election fraud, medical fraud and religious fraud. The Pope actually organized, ladies and gentlemen, a transhuman meeting of the minds at the Vatican. If you don't believe me, look it up. What is transhumanism, Stew?

Stew Peters:
Part human, part not. And taking that God connection away from the human aspect of us is really, I think, what's behind all of this. I just want to say something because I gotta go. If you have a cop that, for example, maybe uses force on the street, even if it's justifiable, but it's a bad look for the department, specifically a white cop and a black suspect. What will they do to that cop? If they can't jam him up, they'll pull him off the street and put him into some sort of a supervisory role, Lieutenant, Sergeant. They'll promote him. They'll actually promote him because then they can use an IAD investigation, hold it over his head to get that cop to do exactly what they want; to lead how they want them to lead in government, elected officials. You mentioned, you know, they have something bad on film. They have something bad that they've written from a book, they have photographs that are damning, right? Well, now we hold that over their head. We now run that elected representative.We can get them to lead their constituency in whatever way we want. And in the same regard, you have leaders in the faith community.

Clay Clark:
You're 100% correct.

Clay Clark:
Stew, there was a mega concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and many of the pro lock-down pastors were all there as recently as 10 days ago. And there was a major photo that made its way around the internet of the pro lock-down pastors all at a massive concert, not wearing masks, while they simultaneously are telling their congregations to wear masks and their churches are still closed.

It's unbelievable. The hypocrisy is there. I encourage everyone if you don't believe what I just said, go to Time to free america .com and click on the button that says 'Renting Religious Leaders' and you can see for yourself that Facebook has worked deals with mega churches to convince them to stay closed, that George Soros has funded mega churches, that TD Jakes is teaming up with Dr. Fauci to push the vaccines. It's all documented there: TimetofreeAmerica

Stew Peters:
Clay Clark, thank you so much for being here. Appreciate it.

Clay Clark:
Appreciate it, boss.


Today in my new blog series, by David Sorensen, "Stop World Control," we will look at something many, may not have thought about. After reading through this article, which I have been given permission to republish here on Ruby Ray Media, I decided it was just the thing we all need to read.


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