Attorneys Aaron Siri and Elizabeth A. Brehm of Siri/Glimstad sent a very compelling letter to the CDC, the FDA, and the HHS containing the details from eleven physicians who suffered devastating and life-altering injuries from COVID injections. But unfortunately, the eye-opening declarations continue to be ignored by the agencies. Even after receiving this letter from their attorneys, the above agencies almost wholly ignored these eleven physicians.  One has to wonder how many others not mentioned here have been abandoned by these governmental agencies that are supposed to be there to protect Americans.

In the letter, the attorneys emphasized the need for the agencies pushing Biden's Vaccine agenda to "have the moral fortitude to rise above your personal interests."

"These physicians and their patients all supported the Covid-19 vaccine. Almost all of them
are fully vaccinated. It is understandable that you would not want to admit that a product you have
authorized, approved, and widely promoted caused harm, but we implore you to have the moral
fortitude to rise above your personal interests. 

"These physicians stand to lose an incredible amount coming forward – their income, jobs,
careers, privacy, etc. But they do so to put the interest of the public and of their patients ahead of
their own. We ask you to do the same. 

"To avoid future harms from this vaccine and to heal the doctors' patients, and in some cases
to heal themselves, research is critically needed to understand how the Covid-19 vaccine is causing
these harms. Understanding same is the first step in developing effective treatments for these
harms, many of which are novel and otherwise unresponsive to conventional treatments. 

"Physicians in this group have been pleading with your agencies for months to conduct this research.
Instead, their concerns have been treated as a public relations issue, not a health issue.

You tell the public to trust their doctors. If individuals have concerns about the vaccine,
you tell them: "speak with your doctor."These very doctors are telling you there is a serious
problem. They have been telling you that for months in myriad correspondences with your
agencies. It should not be that you only listen to doctors if they parrot your preferred messaging
regarding Covid-19 vaccines. To the contrary, they should especially be listened to when their
clinical experience directly opposes that messaging.

Many of the physicians have suffered lasting and enduring neurological injuries and have already reported their injuries to VAERS. Yet, these agencies under the Biden administration claim that these injuries are not consistent with other reports on VAERS concerning the COVID jabs. One look at OpenVAERS makes this blatant lie evident to anyone paying attention.

The letter goes on to state:

"These doctors, like most doctors, are the last individuals that want to admit that a Covid-
19 vaccine caused their patient's or their own injuries. And they are the last to want to publicly
make such an admission. Truly. But reality does not afford them these luxuries. The injuries they
report are all too real. 

"These devastating injuries are detailed in the attached and, as noted, each has been
confirmed, based on the clinical judgment of the patient's treating physician, as being caused by a
Covid-19 vaccine.It is statistically improbable that any one physician should see numerous
serious Covid-19 vaccine injuries if the safety claims regarding this vaccine were true. Yet, in just
the appended declarations, there are 4 physicians that have collectively treated more than 18
patients with a serious Covid-19 vaccine injury. 

"It also should not be that a physician should have to "risk it all" to advocate for themselves
or their patients. These physicians rightly fear retaliation by your agencies and the medical
establishment by coming forward. This toxic environment is the result of your zealous promotion,
including through the press and social media, of these vaccines and denigration of those – and
especially any health care professional – who question your conclusions or guidance regarding
these products. Because of this fear of retaliation, a number of the physicians requested to keep
their identities confidential. We have verified each of their identities by directly communicating
with each over videoconference, verifying their medical license numbers and their national
provider identifiers, and cross-referencing the foregoing with publicly available sources.

The letter also lists the steps that should immediately be taken to address these injuries.

C. Steps Needed to Address These Injuries 

Given your conduct to date and the passage of over 10 months without addressing their
harms in any concrete manner, we hereby write on their behalf to demand the following: 

1. Confirm that, for purposes of addressing the harms detailed by these physicians, you
will presume these injures have been factually and accurately represented in the appended
letter unless you have documentary evidence to the contrary.

2. Agree to meet with the physicians described herein within 14 days with a
multidisciplinary team of experts from NIH and FDA with the purpose of discussing and
devising the research needed to uncover the mechanism of injury for these harms and the
steps necessary to discover effective treatments. The disciplinary team should include, at
the least, leading experts in the fields of internal medicine, neurology, allergy/immunology,
immunotoxicology, neurobiology, vaccinology, rheumatology, epidemiology,
biostatistics, hematology, dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, ophthalmology,
otolaryngology, gynecology, and cardiology.

3. Agree to allocate 1% of all funding that HHS and its agencies have with regard to
Covid-19 toward identifying the mechanisms of injury from Covid-19 vaccines and
preventing and treating such injuries. This results in 99% of Covid-19 funding being
allocated toward preventing and addressing harms from Covid-19 disease and 1% of
funding being allocated toward preventing and addressing harm from Covid-19 vaccines.
This allocation is more than reasonable given the intent and drive by HHS to vaccinate
every individual in the United States, and that those injured by Covid-19 vaccination are
at least as worthy of protection and help as those injured by Covid-19 disease.

In closing, the letter stated, "Please confirm that you will fulfill your duties as public servants and meet these exceedingly reasonable requests."

The only response received was a general response from the FDA. Finally, Mr. Siri and Ms. Brehm responded, directly addressing Mr. Becerra regarding their dismissive response.

Email correspondence between the attorneys and the FDA

PDF of letter from Siri/Glimstad

As I have previously reported, Senator Ron Johnson has attempted to get help and a response from the agencies regarding reported injuries by several individuals. Senator Johnson participated in a round table with some of the injured.

Below are some clips from another discussion that Senator Johnson participated in with doctors and medical researchers.

Clips from panel discussion with doctors and medical researchers

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Highwire Livecast 365
Published Nov 2, 2021
12:03 viewing length

VAERS Reports as of Nov 5, 2021


Senator Ron Johnson who is pro-vaccine, speaks with families who are also pro-vaccine, who have had severe reactions, discussing the way they have been treated by the doctors and others in the scientific and trial community.


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