Hope Springs Eternal as Djokovic Scores, Youngkin Cleans-Up, the UK Does a Jab Reversal and Trump Draws a Yuge Crowd!


Australian Open refunds have a 25 % higher search rate on Google than those looking to buy tickets.

Here's why: The most famous tennis player of today, Novak Djokovic, had his visa for the Aussie Tennis open pulled after he arrived there early in January 2022, due to non-jab compliance. His visa was reinstated after a special hearing. Yet, his status is still in limbo because the corrupt elite powers may revoke it again under a different pretext. (More about that HERE)

FYI: Did you know "Djokovic and Wife Own 80 Percent Stake in Biotech Company Developing Non-Vaccine COVID-19 Treatment?" Neither did I! (more about that HERE) His humanitarian efforts to help create a World Of Unity, World Of Wonder are beyond exemplary. 

This 2:19 minute video by Freedom Ideas on telegram depicts him as "Human of Our Time".

KARI LAKE, endorsed by Trump, is a crowd pleaser!

President Trump knows a good candidate when he sees one. Kari Lake is campaigning for Arizona Governor this year and gaining lots of positive attention. Read more about her solid conservative views as expressed by RRM writer Franz Glaus, HERE.

In the following video clip, Kari is highlighted by il Donaldo Trumpo from the January 15, 2022 Trump Rally, (which had an estimated attendance of 55,000!), being the boss she is!

VA Governor Glenn Youngkin will not be playing footsies with radical liberal ideas.

While the podium he gave his acceptance speech upon was still resonating with his words, this newly sworn in VA Governor, Glenn Youngkin, immediately began putting into place the promises he made to the people.

ALWAYS VICTORY! The video clip below is just one example of the many ways he is keeping his promises. In less than a week in office, he has already kept more promises than the current p-residential admin has kept in one year. Read more about his leadership HERE.

Yes, I am shamelessly endorsing Governor Ron DeSantis for a second term as FL Governor.

His latest campaign ad is all about MIGHTY VICTORIES! He is the one we are looking for!

The MARCH FOR LIFE RALLY in Washington D.C. today, 1/21/22, is drawing spectacular crowds, all hoping and praying for the taking of innocent life to end. Learn more about the March for Life Organization HERE.

Kirk Cameron speaks at the rally about family, faith, and our future as One Nation Under God. (3:58 minute video courtesy of EWTN/YouTube)

Article Alcove
"UK TO END JAB PASSPORTS, MASK MANDATES (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT) AND NEW CZECH GOVERNMENT FOLLOWS SUIT" There has been an incredible turn of covidiocy events. Tap on the image for a must-see video and details! 
"MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: PANDEMIC NARRATIVE UNDERGOES RADICAL U-TURN" The tide is turning and We the People are Winning! "As noted by Dr. Ron Paul in the January 10, 2022, Liberty Report above, U.S. authorities have suddenly started to change their tune with regard to COVID and the COVID shots." Find out much more at the linked photo above.
"SHEN YUN: A PERFORMANCE REVIEW" A spectacular show, a must see! For details about this fabulous show, click on the colorful image and be wowed!
  Comedy Corner

It's been confirmed, every day is Trump Day.

Swamp Satire

  Natures Niche

"When true love for nature and art meet"
(from loveandlightarmy2 on Telegram)

👇Save this info for when summer returns; you will want to know this.
Get NATURAL Protection from too much fun in the sun

Every living thing is connected.

In case you missed it: President Trump delivers his full speech at his Save America Rally in Florence, Arizona on 1/15/22. (an est. 55,000 attended and some had to be turned away. A VERY BIG SHOW!)

RSBN Save America Trump Rallies on Rumble
January 16, 2022

Nobody has ever done it better.

Please sir, come back SOON! We miss you!


Alert: The Freaks Are Panicking Worldwide!  The sudden change of tactics, switching from the campaign of boiling frogs Fabianism, endless fear propaganda, to the overt provocation and attacks we see in Australia, Macron in France declaring war on his own people, Forced-V Genocide of the Elderly in Italy and similar moves in many other nations. Resident Biden straight out wishing death on us for Christmas....


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