John Wilson, Australian Trade Union Legend, Exposes Globalist Corruption


Riccardo Bosi, leader of AUSTRALIAONE Party, interviewed retired legend John Wilson regarding the corruption surrounding the no-jab, no-job tyranny in Australia and the union bosses' betrayal of the union workers and their families. John is a regular contributor to Ruby Ray Media, his articles have generated some of the highest ratings we've gotten.

This is a monumental conversation between two magnificent patriots of the Australian homeland. They really do represent what is best of mankind.

Who is AUSTRALIAONE, and what do they stand for? First, let's take a look at the video below:

Australia One Party Launch Video

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Published Sep 25, 2019
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"Professional politicians in the major parties have ruined our country, serving not the citizens of the nation, but representing foreign powers and ideologies, as well as other special interest groups. We must make the choice not between 'left' and 'right', but between right and wrong."

– Riccardo Bosi

Author, Speaker, Senate Candidate, Former Australian Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and National Leader of the AUSTRALIAONE Party

Solidarity Forever

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Published Oct 23, 2021
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Riccardo Bosi:  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Riccardo Bosi. I'm the National Leader of Australia One. Thanks for joining us tonight. Tonight is the 21st of October 2021.

We've got a special guest coming back tonight. John Wilson, former President of the Trades Hall in Canberra, one of Australia's best known and renowned trade unionists. And he's a bit of a unicorn; this is a clean, a clean union leader. So, he knows where the bodies are buried, but he didn't put any of them there himself. 

Now, John put up a very controversial video last week. And he skewered not the union movement but the union leadership in several unions. And he indicated there are some problems between the membership in the union leadership, and this is being replicated across the country. So we've got John back on board tonight, just to give us an update on what's happened since and what's happening around the country. John, thank you for joining us tonight.

John Wilson:  Thank you, brother Rick; best wishes to you and all your audience, and always a pleasure to come back. 

And yes, you are correct. About a week ago, I produced an upload that went up on social media, a 30-minute upload. I did my best in trying to put it together, you got to understand that this is a very tough gig for an old man to record, produce, edit, and then do all the checkout, upload stuff, but I'd give it my best to put it up. And the purpose and the content of that upload was to try and join some dots for ordinary trade union members here in Australia so that they could get an insight and understanding as to what the blasted hell is going on. 

Now, I'm talking to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of trade union members, and they're ordinary trade union members, but these are the thought leaders, these are the key players that many, many other groups of trade union members come to and seek advice from and seek counsel from. And they're contacting me saying, Listen, what's going on? We've never seen the level of betrayal that is occurring right now. 

Now, for those who don't know what's going on, the "no jab, no job" doctrine that major corporations and others have adopted is being waved through by the leaderships of all of these trade unions. All of them. Okay? Now, there are some very, very few exceptions. And these exceptions basically arise out of the new organic unions, which are now starting to mushroom up around the country. Now, there's plenty of problems out there, plenty of problems, but the "no jab, no job" doctrine that the leaderships of these trade unions are waving through on behalf of their membership base, that has fully exposed the leaderships of these unions. And it's exposed them as to where their loyalties lie and who they're in bed with. Okay?

Follow the money. Sharan Burrow, the globalist, a lifetime of lording it over labour in Australia

To get down to great detail, you've always got to follow the money. You got to follow the money and that's what I'm doing at the moment.

Now, I want to go over some of the stuff that I've researched and I've put up. Look, for the last several years over in Brussels in Europe we've seen the bureaucratic headquarters, the bureaucratic nerve center of the European Union, and the New World Order - that's where the bureaucracy is all situated over in Brussels - the public service and all the bureaucracy. You've had a woman by the name of Sharan Burrow over there. She's been rubbing shoulders, she's been co-chairing meetings, she's been collaborating, and she's been doing grubby deals with all of the world's wealthiest corporations and the world's money families, including those banking families that we know oh so well, be it the Rothschild family, the Warburg family and the other families that are out there that run the central banking system. So that's who she's been hanging out with. That's who she's been collaborating with, and that's who she's been selling out the Australian workforce. 

Now, Sharan Burrow used to be the President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions here in Melbourne, Australia, when she was at that level. Prior to that, she was a New South Wales Teachers Federation official. I think she originally comes from around Beckhurst or Orange, somewhere in Central New South Wales. She went to Melbourne as the President of the ACTU. Then she was conscripted to go over to Brussels several years ago for the International Confederation of Trade Unions and to head that up. 

Now I've got all the photographs. I've got all the footage. I've got all the documentation, where Sharan Burrow, yeah, cheek by jowl, cheek by jowl with people like Christine Lagarde from the International Monetary Federation (sic, it's Fund) and the World Bank. With the likes of the Pope and the Vatican, she's now working very closely with the Pope in the Vatican. She hangs out with Lynn Forrester, the Rothschild, and all the big heads of all of the Davos crowd. She's a regular participant there, she co-chairs meetings in their forums, and she is lock, stock and barrel joined at the hip.

So their agenda to reshape this earth, this planet, and as you've coined the phrase, It's a battle for the world - you're damn right, you're damn right. She is joined at the hip. And she's dragged the Australian trade union movement's leadership with her, they're all locked into it, they're locked into it, into the new World Economic Forum Great Reset, where everybody will own nothing, and you'll be happy. Everyone will be jabbed, they'll be tracked, they'll be surveilled, and if you speak out online, then you will be incarcerated.

Trade Union leadership in Australia is corrupt from top to bottom, down to council level

This is a very, very dangerous and very ugly agenda that's been many, many years in the making, many years in the making. The leaderships of all of these Australian trade unions at a national level and at a state level have all been infiltrated and corrupted and compromised, in one way or another. And because we know that the unions here in Australia are joined at the hip with the Australian Labor Party, federally and state and locally at the Council levels, we know that the IOP is in on this, too.

I'm not going to make too much comment about the LNP, Liberals National Party, the greens, and stuff like that - others know what's going on there. I'll try and confine my stuff to the Labour Party and to the trade union movement with a qualification that none of them are any good. None of them. It doesn't matter whether they're Liberal, Labour, Greens, or anyone else. They're all rotten to the core. They're all corrupted beyond recognition. They are rotten, so bad, so bad, that you cannot tell the difference between career criminals and the body politic in this country. 

So the Labour Party, the trade union movement, joined at the hip. They are joined at the hip with the World Economic Forum, the wealthy monetary families, the central banking families, and they've hatched this plan, the World Economic Forum's Great Reset; and the union movement are in on it! And, the "no jab, no job" policy has exposed them. It's exposed them, well and truly.

Now I've got some of the most militant union members, the most militant union members from the most militant unions - unions like the Maritime Union of Australia - the wharfies, the seamen, the tugboat operators, all of the maritime workers that go onboard the boats for the international shipping - they're contacting me, and they're saying that their unions have dumped them, dumped them. And you've got to understand that in nearly every other instance, their unions would go to the wall to defend them even when they're wrong. Even when they're wrong, I will go to the wall to defend them. And here you've got union members, which have got all the legal rights, all the legal protections in the world, and their unions are dogging it on them, they're dogging it on them.

Now, amongst the most militant unions such as the CFMEU, the construction people, and also the maritime workers, the MUA, their lip service, their excuse, so that they that their portrayal doesn't look so bad. Their line is saying, Look, it's got nothing to do with us. It's the Government.

We've gone and spoke to the union lawyers - they're another corrupt group - they've said, There's nothing we can do about it. Sorry, we've done our best. You're gonna have to cop the jab and if you don't, well down the track you go.

One guy, he's a ship's captain, what they call a Master Mariner, he skippers a 200,000 ton vessel all around the world, through the Suez Canal, through hostile waters where there are pirates, this guy is a very very smart cookie. They frog-marched him off the bridge because he refused to have a jab. 19 years! A member of the Martime Union and the Union dumped him! Dumped him!

Time for a revolution in the trades

It's now very evident that the no jab - no job doctrine, that has fully exposed them as to what side they are on. They're starting with the big money, the bankers, the world corporations, Davos, World Economic Forum, United Nations. That's on their side. And they absolutely have no regard - none whatsoever - for their union members and you can literally kiss them goodbye. Either the union members are going to go bare knuckle and take them off their backs or they've literally got to start a new grassroots organic union from scratch and grow it out of their membership and literally migrate it across and dump their old union. That's the options at the moment, Rick. Very very tragic.

This is the greatest betrayal that the unions have ever perpetrated on their membership and in full league with the Australian Labour Party at all levels. This is a betrayal of astronomical size and they're never gonna survive it. The union movement in its current form is finished in this country. All of my history - good riddance. They need to be buried the whole lot of them. This is a travesty.

And none of their gutless, weak excuses, their mealy-mouthed double-speak, their lip service, washes with this old knuckle-duster, not any of it!

Riccardo Bosi:  Well, thanks John, bloody brilliant. It's funny, a lot of people don't know - the MUA - for example, the Australian shipping and Australian mariners have been the whole infrastructure - the Australian flag vessels and their crews have been degraded over the years. And so it's not in the MUA's interest to follow this in any way because, as we know, they're going to keep bringing foreign flag vessels in. There is no maritime industry that we own, that we can get the best for our workers, our best for our mariners. Like you, I get a lot of calls from unionists in the MUA. They're not a rarity, they're quite common because they know what's got to be done and why it's got to be done. But you did right.

Now, what you're saying is with the unions, this is replicated across just about everywhere. The teachers are leaving the teachers union, the nurses are leaving the nurses union, the police are peeling off in big numbers. They recently had the graduating class from the police academy, and I think something like 25 or 30 of the new cadets said, That's it, we're not getting the jab, and they were stood down. So the momentum is growing.

Union memberships are the key to saving Australia

I've got a feeling that we don't need everybody, but we just need enough. And part of that enough, John, I think, is a union movement. Because the Union is accustomed to fighting for their families and their country on this land. They're the hope of the side, I gotta say it, they are really the hope of the side. And if we can get the unions to look after not the union leadership, but the membership, to look after each other and stand firm, I think we've got a chance because we don't want to interrupt those that need help. We don't want to close down hospitals and cause disruption to the weakened, the needy, and the deserving. But goodness me, I think we can grind to a hold the cash flow of the elites in this country to a grinding halt until they squealed in pain. Because I think that's the only way we're going to do this, John. We actually have to bring this country to a standstill. Nonviolent, noncompliance, no consent, no cooperation, not breaking the laws. But there are a thousand ways the unions know how to do it. they've been doing it for a long time. But we've got to do that. And I think the union movement is part of that leadership group that is going to help save this country.

John Wilson:  Look, there are two real Keystone areas that the unions could absolutely obliterate all of this Coronavirus narrative and all of the...

Riccardo Bosi:  Well, you've just frozen there, John. We'll see what happens if you can come back. That's not unusual. They are getting very...You're back, mate?

John Wilson:  Sorry, mate. Can you hear me?

Riccardo Bosi: 5:5. Now you're alright. The forces of darkness and annihilation don't want us to be talking. So away you go.

How to derail the Great Reset in Australia

John Wilson:  Okay, well, there's two things that the unions can do which would totally derail all of this Great Reset here in Australia. The first thing is they can easily expose the Coronavirus narrative for the fraud that it is. They have access to the Workplace Relations Commission, no waiting time, no costs; they get immediate access in there. And they get judges, and those judges inside of the Workplace Relations Commission are not sourced from the Bar. They're not former lawyers, they don't swear secret oaths to the Bar. They normally come from the union. They're old school union people or old school industrial officers, right? Industrial relations managers from industry. So these people are hands-on, not just the legal garbage that floats on top of the poisoned pond.

Now they can easily get access to the Workplace Relations Commission, notify them, get in there, they can call evidence from all around the world, all around the world. The Workplace Relations Commission is set up for all of this stuff, and you've got some smart cookies in the judicial side of the Workplace Relations Commission. 

I don't want to praise them up too much. But I'm just simply saying that they are nowhere near as compromised, as corrupt and dirty as all of our other judicial systems, whether it's the Supreme Court, the magistrate's court, the district court, or whatever. There is no law and order in Australia. We have no rights and no lawful rights in Australia because no institution in Australia is there to enforce them.

Now the Workplace Relations Commission is perhaps the last pocket where you will get a fair hearing. Right now, the unions could destroy the narrative inside of the Workplace Relations Commission easily, easily. Not only do we have the law on our side, but we've also got the facts, the truth, the medical evidence, the science. We've got all of it on our side. It just needs to be presented in a fair hearing. And then, the full weight of the law from that jurisdiction is applied. And I can tell you now they would blow it out of the waters, and that's one way.

The other way the unions could do this over is, they could very easily, very easily, but there's no need for anyone to get killed here. No need. We've seen what the state governments, particularly in Victoria, but not just in Victoria, not just in Victoria, we've seen them. They're prepared to use stun grenades, flash grenades, rubber bullets. They've already got frequency crowd dispersal equipment which has been mounted on top of armored vehicles. They've got some heavy duty weapons. And if people go out to confront that, protest against it, and confront it, then people are gonna die and be very badly injured. I don't want to see any of that. The unions can take that off the table because it's not what they have to do, it's what they don't have to do.

They can stop the Government at all levels from being able to govern, they can stop them from being able to govern, where they can switch off all their power, their water, their sewage, their telecommunications, their transport, their access, they can switch all of that off. They don't need to go into the streets, and throw bricks and rocks and take risks at being killed.

So they can expose all of this stuff very, very easily: all the science, all the medical evidence, all the information is there. The laws are all on our side, and they can also stop the killing.

We've already lost many, many people, thousands of people in this country who've died to suicide. We've got hundreds if not thousands of elderly people that have died in aged care. We've got many, many others. We've got young babies, newborn babies that needed heart surgery, they wouldn't let them fly to a hospital, so they just left them there to die. We've had thousands of people die - our brothers and sisters, our countrymen, thousands of men die. And the unions can stop the killing. They can stop the killing, and they don't have to go out on the streets and riot and burn and loot and do any of that to do so. All they've got to do is switch the government off, refuse to allow the government to govern. That's all they've got to do.

These labor governments and liberal governments: they all answer to the one master. All of them answer to the one master. Daniel Andrews would not be able to move one inch, one inch. Neither would Palaszczuk (Annastacia Palaszkuk, Premier of Queensland,) neither would that other flick over in Western Australia, McGowan (Mark McGowan, Premier of Western Australia,) none of them would be able to move one inch if the unions stood their ground. That's it. The show would be over. 

The unions own the Labour Party. The Labour Party is a captive operation of the trade unions, and so that spells it out. The no jab - no job doctrine, even though you've got a Labour Premier saying it, it's got the full right, the full support, and the full cooperation of the leadership of those unions. And they can stop the killing. They can stop the jabs. They can get justice. They can do it.

Because they've left the floor open, because they've walked away from this, all on flimsy excuses, flimsy lip service - we're always talking to our lawyers and the lawyers said that there's nothing to do, it's not us, it's the government, it's not us, it's the World Health Organization, what can we do about it, we're gonna die - that's all bullshit. That is just them trying to, One, evade any liability, Nuremberg sort of trial liability. It wasn't me, wasn't me, and it was them, not me. Grant, that's the first thing they're trying to duck out of, a liability. And Two, they're on board with the program. They're on board with it and support it. They're all on a promise. They're all on a promise. Okay. 

I'd hate to see the amount of money that some of these union heads are going to clean up at the end of this if the plan was going to be pulled off. I mean, Daniel Andrews and others are gonna walk away with tens of millions of dollars. That's their promise. That's their promise. I can tell you. They are as corrupt, as crooked as a terbobwhat. Tell them to come and arrest me. Come and sue me you bloody piss-its and let's have it out. You don't frighten me and I know your grubby deals. I know you're grubby deals, the lot of yas. You have sold your people out, my countrymen, my countrymen, you have sold them out down the river, you bastards. And you all deserve to hang.

That's what's going on in this country at the moment. That's what I want to get through. You've got it all from Brussels. You've got it all coming internationally. It's a global crime syndicate that we are dealing with. It's all locked into big money, central banking, locked into, you know, some very, very evil agendas. 

And it's not just the jabs. I mean, they want to track us, they want to trace us, they want to electronically surveil us. They want to make your kids and yourself barren, so you don't have any more kids. I mean, these people hate us, hate us.

And what is the priority of the Australian union movement? Oh, Let's go and support these pink pussy hat-wearing transvestites and gay rights and all this. I mean, f-off. f-off. Are you f-ing mad? Are you mad? I mean, you know, he's gonna go and weigh in and put all the union funds, the industrial strength, the political strength, all of their leverage by hiring these freaks of nature, freaks of nature. And while your family man, your good old family man who pays all the freight here, they're copping up the ass. 

I mean, this is unbelievable. This is unbelievable. So they're not gonna survive this. They're not gonna survive this, mate. You watch. I'm going to their funeral, mate. I'm going to their funeral. I'm going to piss on their grave. And for the next 100 years, mate, they will be remembered. They will be spoken about as the greatest scabs and blackleg scabs on the working class that's ever been. This is the greatest betrayal. This is a betrayal which has never been seen in this country. Not only is it in Australia mate, it's evil. It's evil. These people are in right up to the gunnels, right up to the gunnels. And they got to be dealt with. 

But we got to get ourselves out of this first. All you union men and women out there: I don't care whether you're retail, I don't care whether you're mining - and I'm talking to a lot of the coal miners as well. BHP as announced, no jab, no job, Rio Tinto, they're all in on it. They're all in on it. You've got to understand that your Union has sold you out. That's it. You are never going to get any help from them, okay. So we're gonna have to fight this shoulder to shoulder together and we'll win it. We'll win it. I don't have any doubts about that. But we're gonna have to do it without these absolute traitors.

I mean, Rick, you know in the military, the noncommissioned officers, the Australian digger. You know how big a betrayal of the brass, all these infiltrated, treacherous traitors, treasonous brass and what they've done to the ordinary Australian soldiers. It's the same in the Union movement. What a betrayal! What a betrayal! They're selling us out like sponge cakes mate, as John Williamson would say: "They're selling us out like sponge cakes!" But I don't care. They're not going to get away with this one. They're not going to get away with it.

They can't capture America, they can't capture America. And unless they can put America down on its knees and put it on a short chain, mate, they can't pull it off globally, they can't do it. And they're not going to capture America. The Americans, and the American military, they've got their issues with traitors and treason inside of their military as well. But over four years of President Donald Trump in his four years that he was in, he's cleaned a lot of them out. He's cleaned a lot of those treasonous bastards out and he's promoted some good people. And he's also renewed the military, has given them $700-800 billion in extra money over two or three years, and they've modernized their military, they brought it up. They nearly went down. They nearly went down. Close enough isn't good enough. 

They can't take the US down, hence they don't have the horsepower to push over the top of us, and they don't have the gas in the tank to outlast us. We can outlast them. We're gonna win this to everybody. I want everybody to be clear. We are gonna win this and we are going to hold them accountable. But in the meantime, it's a tough gig. I know, it's a tough gig. Some of the people that I've been talking to are right on borderline suicidal. I mean, makes me bloody tear up. And I mean, I don't bloody tear up over anything. You know what I mean? You know, I'm a really tough old piece of boot leather, but when I see what's going on to these working-class men and women, mate, it's horrific. They've got to stand their ground; they've got to hang in there. They've got to form a tribe. They're going to help each other out. And they've gotta resist. They've gotta resist.

Riccardo Bosi:  Absolutely correct, John. Thank you, mate. That was word perfect Shakespeare as far as I'm concerned. We got... and there's good news in there. Because you said, the unions can do this. And I believe you did right. Absolutely the unions can. But where there's two objectives we've got to achieve, the first is to save the people. And that's to expose the COVID narrative, as you say, That's point one.

Point number two is the election that's coming up because there's going to be an election, and both you and I know we haven't had an honest election in this country in decades, yet, you know, decades and decades and decades. We know that.

A key target for destruction - the fake news

Now, a key target - I hope you're gonna help me with this one, you might not be able to - the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is a problem. Because those bastards, the Australian Bolshevik collective, right in there up to their gunnels, as you said, just like the leadership of the union movement, they're talking about the COVID narrative the way the government wants it. They're not reporting the deaths of stillborn babies. They're not reporting the deaths of babies on the breasts of nursing mothers after three days. They're not talking about the deformities that are coming up. They're not talking about the hospital waiting rooms full of patients that are bleeding. And I got a call just an hour ago, a gentlemen went and had his first vaccine is bleeding out of his anus ever since. And another one again in the last hour: a 17-year-old girl got the jab and died of a heart attack a few days later. 

Now, where is Ita Buttrose (Australian journalist)? Where is this devoted ABC who used to be a long time ago, the fearless reporters that kept everybody honest? Now I don't know what we can do about it. Because unless we break the ABC open, the average punter out there won't know the truth. They'll have some idea that something's wrong, but they won't have enough of the facts. But we can't have an election. And we will never end this COVID narrative until we break the stranglehold of the media and the grip on the people. So I'm not sure if you can help me here, John, but what the hell do we do?

John Wilson:  Look, look when it comes to the ballot, look, Rick, you are the only one. All my positions on public radio are never going to run for office. But I don't want any jobs. I don't want anything off anyone. I'm a wealthy man. They can't get at me. I want nothing from nobody. I've taken a huge, huge risk personally, and there's nothing coming back to me and nor should there, right?

So when it comes to politics, mate, you are the only political person in the body politic, that's raised the absolute corruption within our Australian electoral system, the AEC at a federal, state, and local level. You're right, you're right. Our votes are just being ignored. And we've got bad actors, some of them sovereign, Chinese, but not just sovereign. We've got some other bad actors, which are collating and counting all of our votes, and it's all corrupted. It's all corrupt. That's how they've got where they've got largely. So the first thing is, I'd say, we can't vote our way out of this. We cannot. The only way we're going to vote our way out of this is by cleaning up the election rolls and the election counting and getting all of that straight.

And you are, and you've been the only person... I follow all of this. The only other comment that I've heard in the last five years has come from Clive Palmer. And he only said one sentence. He said more people voted down on the Gold Coast in the seat that he stood in four years ago or five years ago. He said there were more people who voted than were registered on the election roll. And I thought, Oh, whoopie, he's gonna open this up. That was it. That was the only thing he said, right? But you are the only one that's picked up: We can't vote our way out of this. And the only way we're going to get anywhere near some sort of representative Government is to clean all of this election up. That's it. 

Now the second thing, when it comes to corporate media, and the ABC is put in alongside all of the others. Look, the ABC are a captive operation. They don't answer to the Australian people. They don't even answer to the Australian government. They answer and are controlled by global forces, right? The same as the American media, the corporate media, the British media, they all answer to the same bloody evil power structures that are international. We are fighting an international crime syndicate here. This is massive, massive. And you're right, the ABC has a hold and a grip on a big, not the majority, but a nice enough slab of the Australian people, and they're using that right to be a spin doctor, to be an apologist and propaganda manufacturer. I mean, it's not just a little bit here and there. I mean, they're outright propaganda, right? I mean, like they would give Goebbels - under Nazi Germany - a huge run for their money. 

Now we've got to destroy them. We've got to destroy them. Now how do we go about that? I think we've made a lot of inroads. I think we've made a lot of inroads. Those hundreds of thousands of Australians - in America, in Britain and Europe, they're all the same, there are all of these people, including us, right - that have been consistently tabling factual information and exposing the lies of the corporate media. We've been like water torture, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip. Now we made a lot of ground. We've made a lot of ground. There's a lot of people out there before that would have never questioned the ABC or the other corporate media pillars, which are now doing so. We've got to keep that up. We've got to keep it up, double down, triple down, because you're right: they are an enemy of the people. They are our greatest enemy because, by Jingo, mate, they're playing mind games with the ordinary working man and the ordinary working woman out there. They're playing mind games with them, they are literally screwing with their heads and the ordinary working man and working woman out there that's working two jobs and looking after the kids at the time, they're tired, they're worn out and the little bit of information they get, they turn these news sources on hoping they're going to get a little bit of decent information. They just get a barrage of lies and propaganda. 

So if you ask me, what's the solution? Double down, triple down and quadruple down on what we're doing and keep doing it because we have made a lot of inroads. I mean, look, go and look at Joe Rogan, look in America. He does podcasts and such. Look at his audience, his views: 3, 4, 5 million people when he does a podcast. Then go and look at CNN, Don Lemon, or those idiots, the MSNBC or the ABC and that in America. People like Joe Rogan have got infinitely bigger audiences than the mainstream corporate media. And I mean, you could look at Alex Jones. You could look at many others that are out there. They've got big, big audiences. Now when you tally them up, they'll all have those multiple, multiple millions of people that used to get all of the information off the corporate media, they no longer do so. They've come to the alt media.

Now I'm not criticizing, nor am I praising Alex Jones or Dan Bongino, or any of them. People have got to make their own minds up. All I'm saying is that all of it with this group, these alternative media sources, news sources, research sources, they're pulling by the millions, people away from the corporate media, and we've made a lot of inroads on that front.

Riccardo Bosi:  I think you're right, though, because it's clear that the premier is particularly wildly panicking now. They aren't going to meet their targets because, as you said, blind Freddie can see that they're on a timeline and they're behind the eight ball. What's the latest finds in WA? $20,000 for not getting vaccinated? I mean, they are so terrified. It's almost like, and obviously, there's no evidence of this, but it's almost like they were paid big money to get a percentage vaccinated, and they're nowhere near that percentage. And they keep lying that we were 60, 70, 80% vaxxed. No, we don't. Nowhere near, it's 30 plus if you're lucky. And now they are panicking. They're running out of ideas because they're running out of time.

They need to get this done well before Christmas because the rumors are - my spies are telling me - that Morrison's going to call a December election. Now you and I both know no political party ever calls a December election because Australians hate having their Christmas holidays ruined by idiot politicians. And yet, this is an indication of how desperate they are because they know by January next year they have to deliver Australia to their global masters, and they are petrified. So you did right about doubling down.

When your opponent is getting wobbly, you double, you triple, you hit him harder and harder and harder, and that's where they are. So what we got to do, I think, when the moment's right, we get enough Australians to stand up. This ends when we say it ends. That's the only time it's going to end when we decide to stand together. And I think as I said, the Union's got a key role here. We stand together and bring the country to a standstill, and I'd like everyone listening to this to get on the phone to the ABC and ask polite but pertinent questions: Why are you not reporting the COVID vaccine deaths? Why are you not reporting the vaccine injuries? Why you and then fill in the blank. You ask them because it's their job to do it. Squeeze them until their eyes pop.

John Wilson:  My preference on how to deal with the ABC and the others is simply this, mate, you go and find their water mains, their sewage mains, their power mines, and switch them all off. And you'll leave them inside and say, You ain't talking to anyone. Go and tell your lies to yourself because you don't have a business model. We're going to turn you off. Now, no one gets hurt, no one to get shot and killed, no big protests. You don't have to put bricks through there with any of that stuff. Now my preference is to literally switch them off. Switch them off. Now that will have an emergency generator that will run for 24 hours, and that's it, it's out of gas mate, and then it just goes off air. Now, that's my preference. 

My preference is to stop these people from being able to govern us. And you can go and do a revolution, and I mean you know that's appealing to me, as an old communist. I might want to go in with a pitchfork, and a bit over the head. I'm a little bit sympathetic to that, but in this instance, in this set of circumstances, I think it's best that no one gets killed, no one gets injured, no one gets maimed. We don't need to do that. We've got to turn our backs on the union leadership, turn the backs, turn off the mainstream corporate media, switch them off and then go over to their studios and all the rest of it and then the tradesmen and the servers, they know, they said, Well, that's their sewerage main, that's their water main, that's their electricity, that's where all their telecommunications come through. And just go and turn it off, turn it all off. And then so we've got a blacklist. We're not going to switch it back on. They would shit themselves. They would just go off air! No one gets hurt. Now, that's my preference. That's my preference.

Now, if we can't get that, then bring them up and abuse them and hold them to account and all that sort of stuff. That's okay, too. It's not what I'm gonna do. I'm going to go and hunt their main power down and look for the local substation and shit like that. That's my first preference, I guess.

Riccardo Bosi:  You hit 'em from the left flank, I'll hit 'em from the right flank, and we'll meet on top of the hill.

John Wilson:  Yeah, now I can dig that. We'll get a bit of shit. If we get a bit of shit on the ground, mate, we're gonna rub their f-ing faces in it.

Riccardo Bosi:  Well, you said that the polis run on a promise. I can tell you they're on another promise, which is more likely to come true, because as you know, one of our policies is to reinstate capital punishment for treason and sedition, and there's going to be no shortage of worthy candidates for the honor of that, I tell you. But anyway, mate, it was an absolute pleasure. Thank you for the catch-up.

John Wilson:  Thank you, Rick. I just thought it'd be good to give - again, I thank you for the invite to just to do a further on, I've done that upload, I'm gonna be doing some more, and I just got to keep being brave. I am talking to many, many union people all around the country. And from time to time, if you want to know updates, then just give us a yell, and I'll come back and let you know.

Riccardo Bosi:  Brilliant, I'll tell you what: we'll keep a slot open for you next week, and you can give us an update and see how you're traveling and how the word is getting out. Just let's keep the information flow to the people. What do you reckon?

John Wilson:  Done. Amen. All right. Thank you. Thank you, Riccardo, and thanks to all your audience. You've got a good group of people there backing you up, mate.

Riccardo Bosi:  Thanks, John. They're good. They're solid.

Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much for joining us tonight. That was John Wilson, former President of the Trades Hall in Canberra. A unicorn unionist. This man has fought for this country and for the rights of workers all his life; his family is steeped in it. This man loves Australia; he loves the working man and woman. And this man is ready to stand up for you to fight one more time.

And always as I say, Be wary of the old man in a profession where most die young. John's the man that has outlived everybody. So this is a good man. He's a man of God, and he loves Australia, so I said. So thank you very much for joining us tonight. We'll have John back next week to give us an update on how it's all going. Thank you very much for your time. Good night.

John Wilson:  Thank you, brother.

Ricardo Bosi:  Thanks, John.

Thank you John, for all of your hard work and for staying on top of these critical issues. I am certain Australia will forever be grateful to you and us in America because we know that what is happening in Australia could be happening here, and we won't allow it! We need loud voices like yours. We pray for your success daily!


Who is Bill Gates?

He's the guy who unreportedly added a sterilization formula to every single vaccine for the last 10 years and The World Health Organization had to admit it in court!

From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Childrens Health Defense

Regarding Bill Gates

Labs. ... Independent labs have found the sterility formula in every vaccine tested.

After denying the charges, WHO finally ADMITTED it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade.

Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.

(As RFK Jr has pointed out - the way it works is, if any of this is false, then Bill Gates should sue him immediately for libel.
However it's not false, so he cannot.)

"Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India 's National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5.

Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017.

In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates' vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB.

Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously.


We have spent the years developing this platform, to support you with the technical foundations for sharing your message with the world, including our Creators Guild, welcoming you into the precious and sacred community of like-minded spirits, bridging any gaps we each may have in our areas of competence. For example, no matter how good of a writer you are, trying to edit your own work is something like herding kittens, and it has been well said that working with HTML web page language, is like trying to paint on water. Far better to work in collaboration with fellow warriors for mutual benefit, rather than spending hours doing poorly at something it takes a person with the talent, minutes to pop it over the top!

What I am hoping to convey to you, is that so often the shyest spirits among us, those who so often hold their tongues, remaining silent fearing to speak that most dangerous of substances--the truth, have shuttered within themselves exactly the things the world most desperately needs to hear and learn. If you think about it, we just came to the brink, of the end of our civilization, for the lack of this type of individual expression acting in counterpoint to the corporate and globalist agenda we are literally assaulted by.

We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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