ANZACS OF TODAY: Riccardo Bosi Interviews John Wilson, Trade Union Legend


In the second interview with Legendary Trade Union leader John Wilson, we get some insight into what exactly can be done in Australia and elsewhere to break the stranglehold over the people. Listen to this.

Interview Transcript

Riccardo Bosi: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Riccardo Bosi and I am the National Leader of Australia One. Today is Wednesday the 27th of October 2021. 

Tonight we've got returning as promised John Wilson, former Trades Hall President in Canberra, and a longtime communist, an old man in a profession where most die young. Now we've been leading up to this because we've been talking about what we can do, what we need to do to save the country. And the moment's come. We have to now launch, ready or not here we come. We cannot wait any longer. Every day we delay more children are being vaccinated, more children being jabbed and dying, more adults are being jabbed and dying. 

And the crazy political leadership from Scott Morrison to every State Premier are so frantic and so desperate to get us vaxxed as quickly as we can, that they're making the most insane offers. On the one hand, million dollar lottery wins. If you're in Queensland and a $20,000 fine if you don't get vaxxed ASAP. Now, this just indicates that they are terrified. We know that they are losing, they know they are losing, and they're in big trouble. So what do you do when your opponents start wobbling? You hit 'em twice as hard. So that's what we're going to do. And we're launching this week. 

Now, John, welcome to the show. I had a very good interview with Sasha Stone today. And I'd like to just kick off with this to set the tone. We had a very good talk about what was going on. And I explained a couple of stories. For example, here's one out of Gippsland, Victoria. And there's a public school in Gippsland, Victoria, where the children who are not jabbed or who have a mask exemption, are forced to wear yellow wristbands. Now if you know your history, you know exactly the origin of that and it's no accident that this is being imposed upon our kids. 

Can you imagine the psychological damage this is doing? These so-called do-gooders that are so worried about everybody's psychological well-being and yet they're doing this in Australia today. Comrade Dan (Victoria Premier Dan Andrews) down in Victoria is passing new legislation. Now let me get the title for it, because you know that the friendlier the title, the more damaging it is. And this is actually called the...where is it? Let me find it for you, because this is just sick. "The Public Health Well-being Management Bill". That sounds very nice, doesn't it? Except for one thing, it gives him more power than Adolf Hitler had in Nazi Germany. He can, this is Dan Andrews, without any reference to the cabinet or the parliament, announce a lockdown in the absence of any illness. So just because he thinks we should have a lockdown, he can lock down the city. If there's an illness in Upper Kombucha West or Upper Zambia or in Russia or Lithuania.

John Wilson: And when you get sick again, he can lock the state down. 

Riccardo Bosi: Correct. That's exactly it. And he can do this in the absence of a disease. And he can place restrictions on classes of persons based on their - listen to this - personal attitudes and beliefs. He can put restrictions on. Fines in the thousands of dollars, two years jail. Now that's just to set the scene. Ladies and gentlemen, Sasha Stone asked me, Isn't there any leadership in Australia today? And I said, Absolutely none. The podium, there's plenty of room on the podium. Why? Because not one politician is providing real leadership. Nobody from the judiciary is providing leadership. No one from the bureaucracy is providing leadership. No one from the military is providing leadership. No one from academia, the media, business, nobody is providing...

John Wilson: Or the trade unions. Or the trade unions.

Riccardo Bosi: Or the trade unions, exactly right. So what that means is one thing, we have to step up. 

Now the good news is, and I'm going to let John launch in a second, we have some grassroots leadership going on and there's plenty of them. Let me just rattle off a few names, just to give you confidence that we can do this. We got a former Senior Constable Alexander Cooney from New South Wales Police, former current Senior Constable Craig Backman from Victoria Police. Graham Hood ex-Quantas pilot who quit two years before retirement because he knew that what was going on was bad. We got Dr. Peter Oosterhuis, who's a deregistered doctor. He spoke out against this nonsense. Sorrento Farhar, who is a deregistered lawyer in Victoria, same thing. Peter New, he's been fighting corruption in Townsville for years. These guys are providing leadership. Adam Gibson from Venture Organic, now he's a businessman who's got together a bunch of other people. And in record time they raised 80 or $100,000 to start doing practical stuff to help kids. Now that's leadership. That's Grassroots Leadership. Mike Holt, who leads Advanced Australia, the common law people, not the liberal shill organization. Mike Holt, who leads a common law group, real leadership, instructing, teaching, helping Australians understand what it is that is required to govern this country and the great resource that we have in common law. And finally, Roz Neil-Cook is a psychologist. We've interviewed her before and she's been providing great leadership to somebody and grouping and marshalling the resources and talents of a group of individuals. 

So there is leadership but not at the level that we're paying for. So we've got to do it ourselves. So having said that, John, you mentioned last time that we got to bring the capacity to govern. And I suggested to Sasha Stone today that we need to do this internationally. What are we going to do here in Australia mate to bring this country to its knees? Not hurting the weak and the vulnerable, but hurting those are the top.  Go for it mate. The floor's yours.

John Wilson: Well, Rick, thanks for having me back. I'll do my best to try and explain. Okay, and I'm not really good at explaining some of this stuff, but I'll do my best. 

Look, there's a big difference between force and power. Okay, in physics, and they seem to be the same. But power is when two objects meet: one element of force meets another and it clashes. That's force. You can build force. Power is like electricity and it runs freely. A lot of people get this mixed up. There's a big difference between power and force. 

The State government and the Federal government's apparatus, they have all of the force. They've got all the weapons, all the technology, right? Crowd dispersal guns, rubber bullets, caps you can spray, you name it. They have all of the force.

We have to build power. And power like the mustard seed that's on a dirt road. And they pour layer upon layer of bitumen over the top of it. The mustard seed through its power, just keeps pushing, keeps pushing, and eventually, it breaks through. And there's a big difference. We haven't got the force they have. We've got to build power. And we've got to build it out of our own ranks, we've got to build it with flesh and blood.

Now, I've sat down and thought this through. What are our options here? Because I have fought a lot of big <not understood> in this country and some heavy-duty ones. Do we meet the State's force with our force? Do we muster enough numbers and strength? And we take that on? I don't think we'll win that, I think they're ready for it and I think we will lose it. And a lot of people are gonna get killed and injured. And I don't want to see that. I want to see us win this war for our sovereignty and for our safety without having anyone killed. I want to make that perfectly clear. So we've got to build our power. 

Our options, I believe, is to grind these governments, all of these governments down to a stop. We've got to grind them to a halt. We've got to stop them being able to govern - being able to enforce their will upon us. And that can be done, that can be done. It takes time, you got to build up to this. And we can do that by closing them down. And that's going to take a lot of people - not everyone, but just those people in the right chokepoints; to literally switch this government off. To stop it from being able to govern, to enforce its will upon us.

You've got to understand: all of these State governments, particularly the Labour governments, they are all Fabians. That's the strategy that they are implementing against us. And they're well into this, they're years into this. The Fabian strategy is never to engage in full frontal assaults. The Fabian strategy is meant to grind you down. It's meant to harass you, to drain your energy; and eventually to sap your morale, your will to fight, and that's what they've been doing for the last year and a half to two years with this Coronavirus. They've slowly but surely been choking this country to death. And they've slowly but surely been sapping the will to fight from the Australian people. And when we have mustered up the energy, the vinegar to take them on, they've been ready for us and they've rolled out overwhelming force against us because they've been waiting for us. So we've got to, we've got to turn this government off and turn their instruments off.

There's a shitload of ways of doing this. Last time we spoke, I mentioned some of them. All services, in and out of government, all services in and out of corporate media, all services in and out of there privatized police forces, they're occupying militias, all services in and out their courts and their other enforcement institutions. We've gotta switch them off. We've gotta switch them off and we've got to ensure that we promote non-compliance.

People ask me well, how don't you comply? We'll don't answer questions, if any police come, don't talk to them. Don't answer, film them. Any government, film them, never plead guilty, don't say anything, don't cooperate in any way. Do not follow any of their narratives and don't engage and don't cooperate with it; and literally build up a survival tribe outside of the system. Don't be forced to use their system.

We've been really cornered here. I mean, we've got pregnant women who are not allowed into these hospitals to birth their babies unless they get double vaxxed. I mean, this is horrible stuff. People say to me, well what can you do when you're cornered? Yes, it is. But if it was me I would be getting a midwife somewhere and like my friend, I've got a friend, a shipping Captain down in the port of Newcastle, who's a master mariner, who's captained the biggest ships in the world all around the globe including through the Suez Canal, he birthed these babies in his lounge room with a midwife to make sure that he didn't have to go to a hospital. That's the lengths that we got to go to, to disengage ourselves from the government machine. But we've got to do everything we can to continually build power, citizenship power, people power, not force, not force, but power to close the government down, Rick.

Riccardo Bosi: Thanks, John. You're on the money once again. This is the self-reliance, which is absolutely key to any decent civilization. But we haven't got any more, it's been bit, by bit, by bit, taken away from us, where we are now part of a system which is just in time rather than just in case. That way you don't have anything in store if the system can be broken. It's broken completely. And that's exactly what we're seeing in the United States and they have it planned here. They have broken, for example, the supply chain, not because there is a problem but there are ships lining up waiting to get into port to discharge their cargo, but they're not allowed to come in. And they are literally starving the Americans to death. So this is that simple alliance that John's talking about on an institutional level and on a personal level.

I'll tell you what, this wasn't supposed to be an ad for AustraliaOne but if you're part of an AustraliaOne branch, I've got to guarantee you've got like-minded people. And if you're in trouble, you give them a call and they'll help you out in any way, shape, or form. And we'll spread the word. If you need a particular bit of assistance with something then please, for goodness sake, let us know. But this self-reliance is absolutely key.

John Wilson: Let's talk about the schools. Rick, you mentioned the schools. I didn't know about this until just now. I would be getting one of the teachers from that school. I would be propositioning that teacher and saying, Listen, we're going to pull all of our kids out of that school - all of them. We're going to do a collection amongst ourselves, we will pay you a wage to come along and do home schooling and we're going to pull all of our kids out of the State education system.

Instead of trying to fix the State education system, the State schools up and go for reform, cut it loose, cut it loose, disengage with it. The same with the health system but that's a lot harder. It's a lot harder but we can do it. There's a lot of people out there that have got great healing knowledge. I really wish that we could tap into the ancient healing wisdoms of the Australian and Torres Strait Aboriginals, the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, they've got fantastic intergenerational healing knowledge from natural products, but there's a lot of people out there. Again, we've got to stop going to medical doctors, stop going to hospitals, except the way you absolutely have to, I guess life threatening stuff, but we've got to try to get treated outside of the system, to disengage. I know this is a tough gig.

I know this is a tough gig. I'm one of 10 kids, my father was a Warfie. Plenty of times my father went on strike for weeks, with 10 kids, trying to house and feed 10 children. Now we only got by because our family were plugged into thousands of other waterside workers' families and that was our tribe. Them and the railway workers. And we used to swap food, clothes, you know, all sorts of goods we'd help each other fix our cars up. We'd help each other fix our lawn mowers up if we needed. We'd only trade buy and sell amongst ourselves, all of it to keep ourselves going whilst the strike action was going.

We only depended upon ourselves. You see: what these Fabians - Communists dressed up in in sheep's clothing - what they've done is, and Brian Hood's expressed this - they have broken our Australian mateship, our spirit of what made us Australian. We've only survived in this country for the last 200 years in the face of some horrific trials against this country, either in flood, in bushfire, in war, in all sorts of horrific conditions, because we stuck like shit to a blanket together and we've helped each other out and we've got each other through that event.

So we got to go back to our roots, we got to do it now and we got to disengage - turn our backs, turn our backs on all things government - and we got to turn our backs on all of this corrupt medical establishment. The whole lot of it's rotten to the core, it's rotten to the core. It needs to be ripped down and then tossed in the bin. I mean, this is garbage. They're killing us anyway, they're killing us anyway. We're gonna turn our backs on the leadership of these trade unions and so on. And we've to get a lot more self sufficient amongst us.

A couple of years ago, eight months ago, Riccardo was called upon by a mutual friend. There was a woman who was locked away in a mental ward, Ward Eight at the Royal Brisbane Hospital because she was plugged into the medical cannabis industry. And she was innocent, she wasn't mad. She was a bit nutty, but you know, I'm a bit bit of a nutcase. Now, I had to go up there and bluff my way through and tell all the bullshit in the world. That's why I say, Don't call me a truther, mate. I had to go up and bluff my way through. I told him I was a head honcho Freemason for Christ's sake, and that the head doctor was a Freemason. And I said to the psychiatrist up there, if she's not released into my custody in two hours, I'm going to sack you this afternoon, you'll never work in the state of Queensland again, and he shit himself.

The power that you have, the power that you have is not what you thought. It's what your enemy thinks that you've got. And he thought I had a lot of power. And I just helped him think that way. You got me.

These Fabians that we're dealing with now, they're at the end of the rope, they've got nothing left, they've got no more gas in the tank. The only thing they have left is to convince all of us that we cannot win this war. That's it. That's all they've got left. And if we believe that, if we believe that, then we've lost, we've lost. They've got no more gas in the tank,  mate. They don't have the fucking horsepower to run over the top of us and they don't have the gas in the tank to outlast us. They can't win it. The only thing they have left is to convince us to put everything they've got into us right now and convince us that we are finished. And if we believe it, we're finished, but if we disregard it, and come out with a counter punch, they will go down like a sack of shit. I'm telling you. I know these half baked pink pussy hat wearing (terms not understood.) The Communists used to be the cream of the working class, the proletariat. Now they're led by transvestite people, bloody hairy bears in dresses, for Christ's sake. I mean, if we can't knock these piss-ants over - I'll run naked up and down Queen Street in Brisbane. They're easy pickins. I've never said, They're easy pickins.

The trouble is, we've lost too many people in our camp. Too many people who believe we can't win. They believe in the propaganda. So again, again, don't believe the bullshit. They've got nothing left. This is their last gasp. If we if we go up and try and confront their force, they're going to give it to us. They're gonna give it to us because they got nothing else. So they're going to kill people with live fire. They're gonna do it. Now, I don't think we should do that. But if we go in there more determined than ever, and saying, Hey, we were actually gonna win this and we start grinding them down and turning them off, they're finished.

Once the first domino falls, it will go right through them and they will collapse like a bag of shit.

Riccardo BosiBrilliant. Thank you, John. You never fail to impress. And you're right. You know, and you said it earlier: truth is on our side. All we need is the truth. We've got the truth. It's on our side and the lies that they keep perpetrating to persuade us that they're winning, you're on the money, because they claim 70 to 80% of Australians are single and double vaxxed - it's quite lucky to be 40%. Lucky to be 40%. Most Australians is just hanging out. And that's a good thing. Australians are slow. They don't want to move too fast. And I get it. That's smart. The truth is on our side, our numbers are growing faster than theirs. And all we've got to do is get through Christmas. Just focus on Christmas. Don't look at the next 2, 3, 4, 5 years. Just get yourself through to Christmas. It's not far off, folks. Hold on, hold the line and get through to Christmas.

Stock up! Go to Woolies, Kohl's, or wherever, and stock up on the non-perishables because it could get untidy and it probably will. If the indication of what's happening overseas is a guide to what's coming our way then they will break the distribution, the supply chain for food, and starve us. If you think that's too weird, if you think that cannot happen, nobody is that cruel, then let me remind you: the Soviets did it to the Ukraine in the Holodomor where they starved them out to the point of cannibalism where parents were eating their own kids after they passed. The Chinese Communists did it in on two major occasions, killing at least 40 million of their own through starvation. So whilst we find it difficult to conceive of that as a possibility, this is standard tactics. They have done this before. This is nothing. This is nothing. They'll kill you with injections, they'll kill you by stabbing you as well.

John Wilson: The Fabian war strategy - and I urge everyone, I am trained in this stuff - the Fabian war strategy is to not have a full frontal assault, no pitched battles, but engage your enemy, harass your enemy, cut off supplies. You make them waste their energy trying to look for you, disrupt their communications, keep harassing them. And above all else, keep working on their will to fight, keep working on their morale, keep trying to weaken the resistance.

For the past 18 months to two years with all this Coronavirus, that's what these Labour governments in particular have been doing to us. They've been weakening people, they've been demoralizing them, pushing them to the ... and then right at the end, right at the end, when people have been locked down, you know, no jobs, their businesses are failed, they're losing their houses and all the rest of it. After they've demoralized the Australian people, they then come in for the killer punch, and say, you've got to be double jabbed plus a booster and if you don't, then you're out of society; we're going to track and trace you - all this shit. 

It's two things! It's a spiritual war. And I can't talk much about that. Because I'm, you know, I don't have that background. I'm surrounded by a lot of other Christian people, and they provide me with all of that guidance because they're much better at it than me. It's a spiritual war. But above that, it's a psychological war. They're trying to break our will to resist, okay, they're trying to break it. Now, if you fall for it, we're gone, we're gone. If you stiffen up and hold the line and understand that they don't have much more gas in the tank. You know, they're like Rommel made out in the bloody desert, mate. They've run out. They've got all the tanks, all the firepower, but they're running out of fuel, they're running out of fuel. And very soon, once they run out of fuel, their tanks stop. They're fire power stops; and they become defenseless. And that's when we'll run over the top of them.

So you've gotta hold the line, understand that they're playing on our minds every day. Their biggest asset which is the corporate media - this is a psyop - every day you can see this s*&^. You know, all this talk of 60% vaxxed, 80% vaxxed. If it was that easy to get that many vaxxed, they wouldn't be putting all this other stuff on us. They wouldn't be putting all these penalties and restrictions on us. The reason why they're doing it is because people are not getting vaxxed! That's why!

Most of the people that I've spoken to and I know the union boys. I'm talking to the MUA (Marine Union of Australia) members some of them down of Victoria, the port of Newcastle, the port of Brisbane, I've been talking to them! Even those that have had one Vax now hate themselves for falling for the bullshit. They're now so angry that they've been forced to take one vax, they can't wait for a payback!

Even most of those - there are a lot of those people - that have taken one vax, they're spewin' mate! I keep telling all these union boys, Don't tell 'em to get f'd, f them and then tell them! Don't go and get crazy, get organized, get organized, we'll take them on and pull them off their purchase. There's a lot of animosity out there. We've got to unleash that, we've got to unleash it; but we don't want them to go and stand in front of a firing squad, and they've got the guns, they've got all the technology weapons. We've got to switch them off. That is the most effective way of dealing with them.

Now if we can if we can mobilize that, unleash that, we only need to find a few thousand people that occupy the choke points, not 25 million, just a few thousand that occupy the choke points and these governments are all finished. They're finished.

I'll tell you a story about Cartman United Breweries. They wanted to get rid of one of our union delegates, a boiler attendant, a communist. One of the smartest cookies you've ever run across in Sydney, right? They put a whole new boiler - they spent millions to automate the boiler house so they didn't need any human intervention, just to get rid of him. And when they pulled the blue on when they pulled the blue on, okay, they were waiting for all the production workers to go on strike. They had all these other truckers and scabs and all that ready to go. All the trades workers walked off the job, they're off the job for weeks. John Elliott brought in all these scab truckies from Melbourne up to Sydney to go and deliver the beer to all of the bloody pubs. Now you know what we did? We went and got the clarks (clerks,) about fifty clarks, and we made sure that there was no records kept of all the beer that was being delivered. So Elliott was delivering 25 ton of beer per truckload all around Sydney, hundreds of trucks, and he was never gonna get paid for it. Never gonna get paid for one bite of it. You got me.

So 25 married women, little women, sitting in the clark's office, refused to keep any receipts, any records of the bulk of the beer that was being delivered by the ton! So after a week when the penny dropped Elliott hit the ground, he s*&^ himself and said, That's it, show's over. Get them back to work, we're buggered. He delivered hundreds, hundreds of tons of beer all around Sydney, all around Sydney. All the publicans were bloody loving it, said, Oh, send us another truckload will ya? Oh, Jesus, are they drinking and happy hours everywhere around Sydney! You got me!

So two thousand production workers were never gonna win that strike but 25 women pulled them up and crippled, them crippled. All we need is the right people in the choke points and this government's gone! Don't believe that we can't win this mate!

And you're right about leadership. Jesus! This bloody makes me mad. I should be just going fishing and crabbing on my boat, not doing all this bullshit, but I've got to step into it. You know what, there's no one else here to do this stuff. So we've got to step into it. We've got to step into it and risks have to be taken.

I've already been charged, you got charged the other day, I've already been charged - they want to jail me for two years, these piss-ants. Two years! You know risks have to be taken. But I don't believe for one minute we're gonna lose this, not for one minute! They ain't got the bloody horsepower to do this, they haven't got it. They're trying to convince us that it's all over Red Rover, it's all over Red Rover mate! You just got to get double jabbed and then the booster and then the track and trace and all the rest, wear your yellow thing and all that s&^%. And you know and that's it. You've got no other choice. And I'm telling you now mate, I can smell their fear. I know these commo bastards and I can smell their fear. They're s*&^ing big square bricks. Big ones. And we are so close. We are so close. Hold the line everyone. Hold the line. Like brother Brian Hood said, Don't do anything stupid. Don't talk about bloody going out and hurtin' yourself and and suiciding and all that. Cut that bloody bulls&^% out! Cut it out. There's no need to talk like that. None whatsoever. 

We're on the winning team! There's another story. This is from you. This is one of your SAS stories. The power is not what you got. It's what your enemy thinks you got.

I remember going back when the US attacked Iraq in the first war, the first Gulf War. And the Australian Special Air Services are normally the first ones in. They're the ones that connect up to all the air power, the American air power. They're the ones that get on the radio covered in camouflage.

They go up to this bright, big bloody power station up there. And the power station was heavily fortified and all these Iraqis, and the Special Air Services go up there and said, Listen, you better give up; and if you don't give up, we're going to come in with some superduper big, you know, big bombs, and we're really going to blow yous to pieces. But the Special Air Services and all the allies were told, Don't smash the infrastructure up. Try to capture it without leveling it.

So the Special Air Services called up the Yanks and said, Listen, I want you to come in line and fly super low but I want you to break the sound barrier. Big bang! Big bang! So the Yanks said, No problem! So they come in and went, boom, boom, boom! And all the bloody people, all the guards inside the power station s&^% themselves. They all thought they were being bombed. So they all run out with their hands up. Six SAS rounded up about 500 Iraqi Special Services and took them prisoners for Christ's sake. Your power is not what your got, it's what the enemy thinks you've got. It's what they think you got.

And they're trying to convince us that they have power that they haven't got. They haven't got it. And they're trying to snow us. They're trying to con us. Don't believe that. Don't believe any of their bulls&^*. We're gonna round these pricks up and deal with them very soon. But you're gonna hold on, hold the line.

This is a spiritual war. These are evil, evil, evil people at the end of the line here, not these useless idiots in the middle. Not the useful bloody corrupt idiots. They're just useful idiots. But the ones behind them are evil. And they're trying to convince us that they have us done and dusted. And it's bulls&^%. It's bulls&^%.

Keep it up, keep the resistance up, organize on the ground, organize on the ground. Switch off all media, turn it off. Turn off all services, wherever you can. Any school. Any school that that endorses segregation, like you've described, turn them off, turn them off, make sure the school never reopens, leave it there is a monument for the next 50 years. Go and grab a couple of the teachers, do a private collection to pay their wages and do home schooling, you'll get a much better result here.

Riccardo Bossi: Thanks, John, on the money, so on the money. And folks, for many of you the idea of any form of resistance is anathema to you, I understand that. But let me just tell you one of my stories.

One side of my my mother's parents, my grandparents, maternal grandparents, they fought with the partisans in Yugoslavia. Granddad was a Commisar with the partisans. And his wife, young mother with a baby, with a young child, not even 10. And she was running messages for the for the partisans across the Nazis. And she got back and she got her collarbone smashed with the butt of a Mauser.

So this is this is the stories that I grew up with. On the other side of the family, they were fascists with the Italians, but they were good men as well. And my my grandfather's brother, my great uncle. He heard that one of the trains was heading north with the local townsfolk, going up to a concentration camp. So he got to the station pulled his pistol out of his leather holster, put it to the engineers head and said, Stop the train, unbuckle the carriages and let them go. Because he knew exactly what was going to happen. So these are the stories I grew up with.

So what John's talking about? This is bread and butter to me, I can tell you. For those of you who find this difficult, and I get it. The first time you try anything, it's hard. I understand that but understand this. The stories I grew up with inspired me. The stories John grew up with inspired him. How about you make the plan to be the granddad or the grandma that in a few years time they say what did you do back in 2021, granddad? "Well, you should have seen us, I was a young bloke, didn't know s&^% from clay. But I can tell you what we got together and we brought the government down and we didn't fire a shot doing it." Be the one that can tell the stories at Christmas time to inspire the next generation and the next generation. Because I promise you, every generation has to face this. And the fact that we're finding it difficult to do here in Australia is because as John said, we've been mollycoddled for so long. We've been dumbed down for so long. We never had to fight for ourselves and our country when other countries have and we haven't.

And so we're a bit softer than we should be. Don't worry, the Australian spirit's down there. That f you spirit that is baked into the Australian DNA. It's in there. Any one of us can do this. Now we're not suggesting a break the law, we do anything nasty. We're not suggesting your risk life and limb. But what we must do is make this country utterly ungovernable. And that's it. And that is the measure of a free people, that it's hard to govern. Because these are free, independent sovereign beings that have an attitude and an opinion and they're not afraid to share it. And if you have the temerity to tell an Australian what to do you better be be very ready for some pushback, because even in the military, if your diggers think you're a wanker, they'll tell you to your face.

So please understand, folks, you can do it, we can do it. We've done it before we'll do it again, we have to do it. And the good news is you don't have to plan a six year campaign. Get yourselves through the Christmas. But this starts today. We got to bring the country to a standstill today and we're going to be getting help from overseas. Because I sent to Sasha Stone today, to all the international guests out there. We'd like you to turn off the power, the water, the sewage and communications to every Australian embassy, every Australian High Commission, every Australian consulate out there, and every Australian big business, shut it down, bring them to their knees, because they're going to kill us. So whatever minor inconvenience we cause them that is nothing compared to the depravity of them killing us, cause that's what they're doing.

And for those of you who haven't heard this before, these injections are killing the nursing mothers that is a mother with a baby on the breast. The mother gets the jab three days later, the baby's dead. 17 year old children dying from heart inflammation, unheard of. Miscarriage rates through the roof. Spontaneous miscarriages through the roof, deformities through the roof, of newborn babies. They're not telling you this.

Ring up the ABC and ask them why they haven't mentioned any of this and if you don't like their answer, there's a solution right there that John gave you. Switch off the mainstream. Turn them off. Let's take our country back. Ladies and gentlemen. John, any last words before we go?

John Wilson: I done my first upload, I don't know three years ago, and there was a lot of people talking about, you know, whether this was a constitutional problem, a legal problem, the political problem, and I said, Listen, we're at war, and they're going to try and kill us. You've got to get that, right. And unfortunately, I've been proven right. I could see where this was going.

Now, over the last three, four years, I've had everyone and their dog throw the ANZACS in my face, and I don't mean any disrespect to the Australian ANZAC and the Australian (not understood) but I just want to tell you this, mate that John Wilson, me. I'm on the 21st century ANZAC, me, and every single person that's been fighting alongside of me and me alongside of them, we are the Australian ANZACS. I'm fighting with my brothers. I've got some beautiful strong Tongan brothers, Fijians, Samoans and and also big Kiwi big Mari boys in the construction industry, we are the ANZACS, Okay. We are making their history.

I don't say that to disrespect our Australian diggers (sound broken up) in our history, but I'm telling you now, don't don't keep falling back on all those sacrifices that our Australian diggers did 100 years ago. Start forging: this is us. We are the 21st century ANZACS. Okay, start acting like it and start bloody getting your s^&% together because we're going to win this.

Riccardo Bosi: Thanks, John. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight. What a great note to finish on. Thank you very much for your time. We'll be back very soon with John and others and keeping you updated. But as John said, Start forging our own future now. My name is Riccardo Bosi, national leader of AustraliaOne. Thank you for your time. Thank you.


Riccardo Bosi, leader of AUSTRALIAONE Party, interviewed retired legend John Wilson regarding the corruption surrounding the no-jab, no-job tyranny in Australia and the union bosses' betrayal of the union workers and their families. John is a regular contributor to Ruby Ray Media, his articles have generated some of the highest ratings we've gotten.

This is a monumental conversation between two magnificent patriots of the Australian homeland. They really do represent what is best of mankind.


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