An anon helps us to understand the complexity of the Plan for winning the War against the globalists. It's one man's best estimate and it seems reasonable to us. There's probably more to it than this which will hopefully be revealed when it can be. #WeAreWinning


1) He is part of a military operation.

2) Globalists’ plan involved starting Covid once HRC won. When she didn’t, they waited until the last year of DJT’s term to roll it out for several reasons:

A) Cover for election fraud
B) Start the depopulation
C) Begin fear/control
D) Not give him enough time to make fairy dust so they could present one that could be approved by the FDA and MANDATED FOR ALL.

3) DJT had to countermove... to get rid of Covid/Fear/Control, expose big pharma, and ensure a quick fairy dust would have to be labeled experimental, NOT be mandated.

4) He had to weigh both options:

A) Tell America the fairy dust is a big pharma / globalist plan to depopulate the world.
B) Endorse it.


A) If he warned, the media would mock him, call him a failure, hype Covid all the more, demand real fairy dust, and then he wouldn’t be able to expose election fraud, make thousands of arrests, expose the deep state plan, and turn things around naturally with the public waking up. He would have had to stop the election fraud before it could be seen, taken office for the second term, and forced his hand resulting in chaos and a certain civil war with MSM stoking the flames and increasing public terror or let it play out for election fraud and a Biden takeover which would let the deep state to create an approved, MANDATED fairy dust, killing millions more.

B) By endorsing it but placing truthful info in alternative news sites, the deep state’s fairy dust HAD to remain experimental and not mandatory, which was NOT part of their plan.

If DJT can turn this around naturally, in the upcoming month or so, he can stop the momentum, have WAY less deaths, and get the fairy dusted sheep to med beds.

In war, sometimes you have to choose between two bad options. Given the globalists’ strategy, DJT and the military chose the path with the fewest casualties, and that is to keep going with the facade of endorsing the toxic but NOT MANDATORY fairy dust publicly. The alternative would have been FAR more deadly for all of us in so many ways.

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    PoeAwakenTV · 1 years ago
    ... and WE ARE... "expose big pharma, and ensure a quick fairy dust would have to be labeled experimental, NOT be mandated." this is WAR.... Awakening not for everyone, sadly... that applies to many we care for and love.
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    Franz · 1 years ago
    It is unrestricted warfare brought to our shores a LONG time ago and those of the Light have only gotten the upper hand of late, with Trump. It is the war of Evil vs Good, the Devil vs God, but what makes it so sophisticated is that, we all have consented to the Devil in lesser or greater measure, giving the Devil his entry into our home and our own very consciousness. Consciousness raising is what ALL of this is about!
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    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 1 years ago
    The general public will have to wake up to the Truth of this epic battle between Good vs Evil for now it has reached a very personal place: their bodies via the bioweapon called The Vaxx.
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