"The Deep State Buried Me Six Feet Under The Ground": Exclusive Interview with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

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Lt. General Michael Flynn has been a stalwart of courage and strength, recently having gone through the most intense legal battle of his life. Why? He explains it was due to his dissenting point of view during his service under the corrupt Obama administration. He saw the truth and did not hesitate to tell it.

For his persistence in Truth Telling to We the People, he was retaliated against and treated like an enemy of the people by the very ones who are the enemy of We the People. His story is about all of us, about how, through the injustice served him, all citizens of America were being punished because we demand the truth from our elected and appointed officials.

As he tells it, this false claim made against him was not about him, it was a warning to every honest citizen patriot of the USA to stop fighting for their freedoms, to stop bucking a corrupted system and to just comply.

Well Thank GOD, THAT is backfiring on them bigly!

"In this EXCLUSIVE interview, the first of two parts, we hear from Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn about his experience these last four years. We discuss what attracted him to then-candidate Donald Trump, why he believes he was targeted, and his thoughts on America’s current political moment." Jan Jekielek - American Thought Leaders  

 Part I


"A dissenting view in a free system, in our democracy, in our constitutional republic, should be cherished. You don't have to agree with it, right? And you can get a whole bunch of other views right? But it should be cherished....but under the Obama administration you towed the line... " ~ Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn



"Socialist and communist ideology has crept into American culture and education. At the same time, America is threatened by foreign adversaries, with China’s Communist Party being the greatest opponent of all. In this exclusive interview with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, we sit down to discuss this watershed moment in America’s history, and what he believes the future holds. Will this great American experiment into republican governance survive or will it fail?" Jan Jekielek - American Thought Leaders

 Part II


"What we have to understand is that this country is an experiement. Empires come and go. Nation states fail. Is this experiemnt waxing? Are we still growing as the beacon for the rest of the world? I stil bellieve that in my heart, but I know there is a demension of our 'experiemnt' that is in our face and the American Public have to decide...We the People...have to decide what is it that they want...."  ~ Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn








General Flynn: "Trump won by a landslide and everyone knows it (everyone!)."

Since his pardon of innocence issued by the president, Flynn has been unstoppable in defense of Election Integrity and Trump's presidency. In a December 18 message on social media, the General makes his case unambiguously.



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    <3 "Well Thank GOD, THAT is backfiring on them bigly!"
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