What are those numbers again?

Hard to believe...

But it's true. 

Did that last entry nudge your heart a bit, or have you become desensitized to the enormity of the realization that two children a minute go missing in America? I had to read it 3x before it sunk in that children are being snatched up right before our eyes, and we barely acknowledge it.    

WORLD PREMIERE: 'These Little Ones' (released 8/1/22)

Stew Peters Network 
Published Aug 1, 2022
Length 56:03


From the Hillary propaganda machine that cranked out, 'it takes a village to raise a child' to pedo-Joe extolling the virtues of CPS, Child Protective Services, protecting children by sending social workers into homes to invade privacy, the newly released well-made documentary presented here exposes the deep dark dregs of government-sponsored child kidnapping. Link to the full article in the image. 


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