Virginia Teenager Sex Trafficked After School Participated in Covering Up Her "Gender Identity" Change


A woman in Virginia has filed a lawsuit against a Virginia school district for clandestinely supporting and encouraging a gender identity change for her daughter, which lead to her daughter being sexually harassed, assaulted and then ultimately sex-trafficked.

Sage was already a traumatized young child who was adopted by her grandparents after having suffered early childhood trauma after her father died and her mother was unable to care for her. She spent several months in foster care before her grandparents were able to adopt her.

During her freshmen year at Appomattox High School in Virginia, while experiencing difficulty with peers, Sage was encouraged to transition to a male named Draco. Teachers and school administrators encouraged and assisted Sage in her transition and actively hid it from her parents. Sage was intimidated and harassed by other students. The school administrators also encouraged Sage, now called Draco, to use the boys restroom where she was assaulted twice. In spite of the assaults, the school continued to encourage Sage to use the boy's bathroom.

Sage eventually ran away from home, encouraged by a friend that she met on an "affirming" website. She was then kidnapped, raped, and sex-trafficked by this so-called friend. Sage was brutalized for nine days before being rescued by the FBI in Maryland. An ideological judge refused to return Sage to her parents after her rescue, claiming that she was being abused by them because they refused to call Sage by her transition name Draco.

Sage was placed in a behavioral health facility in Loudoun County, VA. Sage asked her mother to provide female clothes but asked her to keep that secret from facility staff who were pushing her toward a double mastectomy. This led Sage to flee that facility, and she again fell into horrific sex trafficking. This time, she ended up in Texas where she was thankfully once again rescued. Sage was finally returned home to her parents with help from the Founding Freedoms Law Center in Richmond, VA. 

Sage's family and advocates requested that Del. LaRock file legislation to protect other children from the horrors Sage and her family endured.

For a more in-depth report on what happened to Sage and her Family, I suggest the article linked below by the Epoch Times.


Sex Trafficking Victim, Victimized as Teen, Helps Others Speak Up

Sabrina Lopez of Holyoke, Massachusetts, at the age of 13, went to hang out at a mall one day and soon found herself in a sex trafficking ring. After becoming pregnant, being forced to tell her mother what was happening, and dealing with the aftermath of the trauma, she founded an organization called, "Girl, Speak Up!". She also has an Instagram page which is filled with helpful tips for people of all ages on how to spot sex trafficking. The Instagram page is filled with helpful and inspiring memes and quotes of inspiration and hope for people of all ages.

The Epoch Times did a write up about her and you can find that article here. Below are some quotes from that article.

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