Trojan Horses Everywhere


A Trojan Horse is named after the tactic used in a long-ago infiltration of a walled city with soldiers hiding inside a giant wooden wheeled contraption made to look like a horse.

You had to be pretty dumb to let that giant wooden contraption into your city gates but it happened didn't it?

I talk about this article in today's podcast...

Trojan Horses | RRM Report 56
Ruby Ray Media Reports with Franz Glaus on Rumble
Published March 28 2023
Length 35:00

How many of these Trojan Horses are there? Too many to count, really.

Our compassion when hacked is the most dangerous of all Trojan Horses with many varieties. When we let our compassion become fake hollow wooden virtue signals, it becomes the most dangerous game in town. It can be jacked into a soul traumatizing monster.

The latest school shooting in Nashville is an obvious consequence of the Trojan Horse virtue signaling for a mental illness called Transgenderism (or just "trans,") the latest spin on the Sodom and Gomorrah abomination.

A girl from a likely broken home brainwashed by this cult of insanity spent years jacking testosterone and with a few more malicious stimuli thrown into that witches' brew was fashioned into a murdering freak, provoked by the cackling TV mother divas of the Left then celebrated widely in social media by ghoulish cult leaders.

The girl shooter herself, Audrey, is the first victim here, crying out to a close friend in her final day to be liberated by death from the hell this freakshow harangued her into. The door is opened wide to this demonic world in our communities everywhere by an utterly bastardized appeal to compassion.

Does this even need to be said? There is no real motive in our children to transition to the other gender that wasn't placed there artificially (diet, drugs, vaxxes) and/or suggested to them by criminally ill adults.

Americans everywhere are stunned, that's the way Trojan Horses work for taking over a community. It's shock and awe when you let the very thing that will kill you, across your threshold.

This manufactured shooting is another Trojan Horse itself, giving rise to renewed cries from the gun-grabbers to take away everyone's evil guns that must have some kind of artificial intelligence built into them by the wicked profiteering gun manufacturers. If we don't stop the manufacture and ownership of these supersmart guns, we will certainly all be talked into killing each other by them, like mindless redneck gun-toting zombies.

Essentially, we have a Trojan Horse within a Trojan Horse that's immediately obvious, though there are no doubt several more Trojan Horses to be discerned in this sordid example of the breakdown of a society's capacity to keep the demon world at bay.

Trojan Horse #2. The RESTRICT Act. ("Ban Tik Tok NOW!")

US SB 686 | Real-World Ministry of Truth Being Established in the Once-Great USA

QNewsPatriot on Rumble
Published March 28 2023
Length 2:37

Trojan Horse #3. Covidiocracy. 'nuff said.

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16 ATF Agents Appear at Popular Georgia Gun Store Same Day as Nashville Shooting & No One Believes it's Coincidence


When 16 ATF out-of-state agents enter the Adventure Outdoors store in Smyrna, GA (a premier gun/ammo sports store) for an abnormal 'routine" inspection the same day as the Nashville Christian School shooting, suspicions are roused. Local congressional representatives heard of the supposed routine inspection and, knowing it was anything but routine, they arrived on the scene to greet this unprecedented show of ATF force. 

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