She's Putting Up Billboards Warning About the Harm in Big pHARMa: 'The Conspiracy to Keep Us Sick'


Tina Marie is her name. 

Tina conformed to the inoculation schedule for her first few children.  But, with her last child, she did not comply. Common sense, experiences with medical professionals, and research clued her into pHARMa's poisoning schedule for newborns and children. She is fully awake to big pHARMa's corruption now and alerts others about it through awareness campaigns and billboards via 'Learn The Risk'.  

Tina Marie now runs the "Learn The Risk' organization.

Initially founded by Merck whistleblower Brandy Vaughn, who was mysteriously murdered in 2020, 'Learn The Risk' was taken over by her partner, Tina Marie when Ms. Vaughn was found dead. 

(more about Brandy Vaughn HERE)

Her heroism goes beyond the call of duty.

After Brandy Vaughn died, Tina Marie accepted the responsibility to alone continue the truth-telling campaign as her friend Brandy had envisioned. This was not an easy task as the website, files, and other material saved had been sabotaged at Brandy Vaughn's death. Knowing her own life might be at risk as well, Tina Marie did not falter but instead picked up the truth-telling torch and has partnered with good citizens like you and me throughout this great nation to get the truth out about the big pHARMa killing machine.

Below are just a few billboards funded by generous donations to 'Learn The Risk': 

A video interview with this brave, intelligent Mamma

Tina Marie tells her story. It may not be the typical tale of other mothers who discover their children are being systematically diseased. Still, it is a familiar tale about how The Great Awakening comes to us sooner or later. 

"Tina talks about what woke her up, the reality that ALL vaccines are bad, not just the covidjabs and discusses the Orwellian nightmare that has been the plandemic from start to finish. From masks to jabs to mandates to the vast psychosis." 

~ World Alternative Media

ALL JABJUICES ARE BAD! - The Conspiracy To KEEP Us Sick! - Head Of "Learn The Risk" SPEAKS OUT!

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jul 17, 2022
Length 38:46

Interviewer Josh Sigurdson asks Tina Marie:

"I wanted to talk to you a little bit about, in general, the jabjuice movement and what got you into the anti-jabjuice movement in the first place? And what woke you up to the dangers of these death shots, that it's not just a's the flu shots, there are so many different things out there that people are murdering their children with, essentially, from the moment they're born. Well, unfortunately, with all the autoimmune disorders that come from it, it leads to a lot of untimely deaths as well. Can you go into how you learned about it? What woke you up? And what really stands out as so dangerous about the jabjuices they are giving so many children?"
Click above to donate and to learn the truth about pHARMa, jabs, detox, and more.


" Via this genetic engineering experiment, they've literally injected 'seeds of demise' into everyday people like a cockroach spray." Video: 700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin 
We've covered this, but we've noticed there are still people not getting it and we ran across a 3-minute TikTok vid that summarizes it nicely, in case our readers will find it helpful to help friends and family understand a bit more of the complexity of the world and the genius of Trump. Thanks!
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 6 months ago
    Tough way to find out about the genocide, when your own kids, by your own ignorant hand, are damaged for life, even killed of course in many cases.

    Tina Marie has done what so many lack the courage to do. Turn that nightmare into a world-changing activity that puts the freaks in a corner, so we can take baseball bats to them until they're dust.
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