Roe Reversed - Finally


We wrote enthusiastically about Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett back in 2020 when President Trump appointed her, now we're sittin' pretty! Amen to that!

We have the 213-page ruling included in this article.

We saw it coming but there's nothing like being there

So much rejoicing, we deserve it! Decades of prayers and fighting the good fight, the nation has mustered up the will to defeat the Big Lie of "A Woman's Right to an Abortion."

We're not ignoring the work that's ahead of us, something Live Action's Lila Rose pointed out succinctly in her interview with Steve Bannon this morning.

The marker is set, let's go after the governors and the legislators and let's get rid of those communists in our respective States' Supreme Courts who abuse the judicial branch of government by unlawfully legislating from the bench. How DID we let that happen, anyway? 

Reliably, our real president doesn't miss the opportunity to kill a number of vultures with one stone, one in particular is past due annihilation, the dialectical political parties.

Supreme Court Syllabus and Opinion

US—Across the country, a "mysterious leap" was reportedly felt in the wombs of millions of women which experts say may be linked to the recent SCOTUS decision which overturned Roe v. Wade, rendering abortion no longer a protected federal procedure.

The feeling of unbridled excitement emanating from the womb was said to have occurred simultaneously across the country as a million unborn children seemed to cry out all at once in joy.

"Weird," said Dr. Menantee, the nation's leading obstetrician. "A fetus seemingly expressing joy shouldn't be possible since we all know they are nothing more than parasitic cell clumps that make women fat. These reports seem to suggest some sort of sentience..."

Dr. Menantee broke off his sentence and stared thoughtfully at the heavens for a moment as if contemplating the meaning of life and his role in the grand scheme of things.

"Nah, that couldn't be it," he laughed nervously.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed the leaps of joy weren't felt in about half the states, most notably California and New York.

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Good News Spreads Fast. Great News Spreads Even Faster!

I hear the Angels singing the glorious news from the mountaintops: FEDERALLY SANCTIONED ABORTION IS ENDED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

The celebration shall go on for eternity.

The Greatest True Blue American President in our lifetime stayed true blue to his promise....

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