Robyn Gritz: Trafficking in Your Backyard


We all have read daily articles about children who are molested, abused, and even killed by their foster parents or their real parents/guardians. I acknowledge that there are many, very good people out there fostering children to keep them safe, but there are those who are making it through the cracks. They are fostering thousands and thousands of children throughout this country, and I can't imagine how many worldwide.

Watching out for the children's safety in your neighborhood

I have been someone that has always been a protector, as an FBI agent, as someone who is working human trafficking on the front line, and who has always been on the lookout for the safety of children. I even protectively watch activity at malls, around arcades (this is a huge location for pedophiles to find victims), and even when I see a child walking alone on the street. I watch who is getting too close to them, who is lurking around watching them and knowing that the only protection this lone child may have at that very moment is an old retired FBI agent who will always protect. This is because I have worked it, I have seen their techniques and tactics, and I have stared them in the face when they were arrested. Sit and watch, from a safe and strategic spot, who lurks around an arcade in the mall. Don't get yourself arrested…, but watch how many children are dropped off or go there alone. Watch to see what "characters" watch from afar and who enters and exits the arcades. This is one place our judges used to include in all sex offender sentences as a no go place. And so many I have arrested for going anyway.

I guess my days of being a juvenile probation officer have come back to reawaken my insight into this world these innocent children are living in. I did not have the sex offender caseload when I was a probation officer, but I did have children who were abused, who were neglected, and some who were sexually abused, whether by a family member, a stranger or another juvenile. I saw how this type of heinous and cruel behavior can be so destructive to someone who is at an age where they don't even know what is right and what is wrong. They become ashamed of themselves for what evil others have done to them; monsters they usually trusted.

As a participant in several different forums on social media, many set up expose the evil world of pedophilia and incest, and educate people about what is really going on. I, myself, am shocked. I am shocked at how children who are placed in foster care are not protected by those who are supposed to be protecting them. I'm not just talking about the foster parents, I'm talking about the authorities, the agencies in each state who are charged with the duty of protecting these children. I also wonder what kind of criminal checks these individuals, including the judges in these cases, are rightfully subjected to (criminal checks etc.) I do know I have had to go through those checks myself when I was volunteering at a shelter for abused women and their children or even just working in human trafficking.

While these people may pass these background checks, how often are they updated? When I was in the FBI, we had to have a re-investigation done every five years. These investigations were not just skimming in the top they were going in deep into our finances, our behavior, our spending, even interviewing neighbors, references that we had never put down, and other individuals. One thing I do believe they needed to add was looking at us, as trusted FBI agents, analysts, and professional staff, a little closer on social media. Some people may oppose me on that comment but I do believe individuals working to protect others individuals, who are TRUSTED to protect others should be held to a higher scrutiny.

So now, what is being done about those agencies that are responsible for the care of children, including those agencies who place children in foster homes of pedophiles. We have all seen the ongoing barrage of headlines that show not just a few children are being abused, but thousands upon thousands and most likely more than those who catch the eye of the media. Who's to say that the media doesn't know as much about these foster children being abused, sexually molested, and killed as much as they actually knew about Jeffrey Epstein. We now know there were media outlets, as well as, media personalities who knew about Epstein's crimes and for some sick reason, didn't expose it. Maybe because it wasn't deemed newsworthy or it was being Covered up by the higher ups.

I ask each of you to hold yourself to a higher standard with this, even if it is an uncomfortable topic to bring up. Do what you can do to protect innocent individuals such as children, human trafficked individuals, abused individuals, or anyone that needs your help. I ask that you would report those evil offending individuals as well as those responsible for the protection of these innocent victims. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I think it's up to us to educate others, kinda like discipleship, about the horrors going on in this world against innocent children and other victims.

It has been reported that over the Texas border, since January 2021, human trafficking has increased by 600%. This is "reported" and it was several months ago. I don't know actual numbers, actual statistics, the source of those reported statistics. But I do know if they're saying a 600% increase in human trafficking and there hasn't been a 600% increase in resources or assets put forth by the state to combat human trafficking to match that growth, then we have failed hundreds of thousands of victims just here in Texas.

Additionally whenever I see a news article a media report or I just hear it from one of the many great patriots I follow, those numerous stories of children who are under the supervision of these agencies, still with their parents or not, being subjected to sexual abuse, child pornography, physical abuse in other ways, and in many cases, as we saw with Gabriel Fernandez, resulting in heinous deaths.

I am going to attach a few links to just a few recent stories that have been brought to light on these forums I have been partaking in, to show everyone what I have to believe is only a fraction of what is going on in this country and in this world against innocent victims. I don't usually have an easy time of writing articles, as Ruby Ray Media will tell you, but this time just speaking into my phone and just thinking about what I just read about it a sick individual who fostered many children in Sanford, Florida being arrested for numerous counts of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and thousands of images of pornography child pornography found on his computer. The sheriff stated he believes that the pornography on the computer shows many of the foster children being abused. The case worker who was responsible for placing those children in that foster home should be fired and possibly prosecuted for not protecting these children. In law-enforcement we would call these Color of Law violations. Color of law refers to an appearance of legal power to act that may operate in violation of law. For example, if a police officer acts with the "color of law" authority to arrest someone, the arrest, if it is made without probable cause, may actually be in violation of law. In the case of child protection agencies, it would be under a Color of Office violation. "Color of office" refers to an act usually committed by a public official under the appearance of authority but exceeds such authority. An affirmative act or omission, committed under color of office, is sometimes required to prove malfeasance in office."

I sat down with Franz recently and did an interview about public corruption and about investigating that as an FBI agent. I bring this up because I was shocked at the number of elected officials who were involved in those cases. Who is to say they aren't involved in this as well? So when we're looking at the agencies charged with protecting these innocent victims, we need to look at those elected officials who have direct oversight of these agencies and ask them what are they doing? Why aren't they protecting these children? How are they involved in the offenses against the innocent? Where are our tax dollars going to if we have failure after failure? We believe in our people who are in charge, sitting in the capital of each of our states or on Pennsylvania Avenue in a big white building. They are supposed to be protectors of all of us, especially the innocent. However as you know with Pennsylvania Ave., that is not the case, especially when it comes to who gets to walk freely around that White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course, I'm not just talking about the father but I am talking about the son. Wait…. what laptop?

That laptop is a topic for another time.

Laws need to get a little stricter people. Just take a look at Hunter Biden, Anthony Weiner, Jeffrey Epstein, "Hannah" Tubbs, and the list goes on. So, as I attach this list of different articles, you may find yourself enraged, pissed off, and ready for action to combat this issue which kills many more each year than COVID ever will. I ask you to take these articles and share them on your social media, and in emails to your family and friends. Then actively find out who in your community is fighting these heinous crimes, not only looking at the sex offender but also who else is involved. Look at who is covering up these crimes, who is involved in these crimes, and what is being done by your elected officials, local, state, and federally. Election Day is just around the corner…


"Sanford's police chief expressed his disgust at what he says his investigators uncovered.

"Thousands of videos recorded by a Central Florida foster parent depicting pornographic images and the sexual abuse of young children from infants up to age 18.

"Justin Dwayne Johnson Senior, 47, is being held at the Seminole County jail on several charges of sex offense video voyeurism as well as multiple charges of possessing child pornography.

"Thursday, Sanford police said Johnson has been a foster parent of 20 different kids since 2019.

"Detectives believe some of those children may be the victims in the videos."

WESH-TV - Amanda Dukes - Feb 24 2022

Article continues including the video of Amanda's live report here.

"A registered sex offender and a foster mother were charged with forcing eight young women into prostitution, according to court records.

"Kareem Mitchell is a level 2 sex offender and is registered as such at the same home his wife, Sharice Mitchell, is registered at as a foster care parent.

"Two of the eight victims that were forced into prostitution were girls in the foster care system left in Sharice's care.

" "Sex traffickers target the most vulnerable New Yorkers, including - far too often - young New Yorkers in the child welfare system," said District Attorney Alvin Bragg. "As alleged, instead of providing a safe home, this husband and wife forced eight young women to engage in prostitution. We will continue to prioritize proactive investigations like these to dismantle sex trafficking operations and keep New Yorkers safe." "

WABC-TV - Feb 9, 2022

Article continues including video report here.

Former foster parent pleads to 26 counts of child sex crimes


"A former Burkburnett foster parent is sentenced for 26 of 30 charges of sex crimes involving children, with sentences ranging from 10 years of 40 years.

"All of 44-year-old James Robert Gonzales' sentences will be served concurrently.

"He was arrested in 2020 by a Texas Ranger for possession of child pornography.

"Less than a week later, Gonzales was arrested again on additional child porn charges, two counts of aggravated sexual assault, and two counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact after investigations by the District Attorney's office, Burkburnett police, Texas Rangers, and the Wichita County Sheriff's Office."

Texoma's homepage dot com - Larry Statser, Sara Tomarelli - Feb 16, 2022

Article continues including video report here.


"The State of Missouri reportedly placed 42 foster children with a man now charged with sex abuse despite previous accusations.

"The details are revealed in court records involving a Lincoln County foster parent charged with molesting three of his foster children. The court records said the Children's Division knew about credible previous allegations.

"Ronald Gene Graham Jr. faces ten felony counts including statutory rape, statutory sodomy, and child molestation. Prosecutors said the crimes date back to January 1995 and that he was previously investigated for sex abuse.

"The charging documents said he's had 42 children placed in his home and "has three minor foster children currently." An officer also wrote, "Children's Division has previously found proof by a preponderance of evidence that the suspect has sexually abused a minor child in his home." "

Fox 2 Now - Chris Hayes - Feb 10, 2022

Article continues including video of news report here.

"Snatching children from the loving arms of parents and inflicting unspeakable evil in the name of Government authority is nothing new. Usurping parental rights and/or their protection over their children by tyrants is as old as the birth of Christ when an angry King Herod commanded the slaughter of all male children two years old and under in the vicinity of Bethlehem to ensure the newborn King would not live.

"Fast forward to World War II where one of the horrors the Nazis inflicted on millions of Jews was separating parents from their children. If you're too young to remember the Academy Award winner, "Sophie's Choice" it's still available online and worth watching to understand the harrowing agony of the choice the Nazi's forced on this mother of which one of her children would live and which one would likely die sent off to the death camps. Sophie pleads, "I cannot chose." What loving parent could?

"But those are sad stories from history. We live in America. These nightmares surely don't happen here where we have laws to protect us, right? And if Government does intervene and sever parental rights, surely it's for the good of the child, right?

"Wrong and wrong."

Tamara Leigh - Dec 26 2021

Article continues here including video interiew.


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