Progressivism Part 2: What Happens When Some Lives Are More Valued Than Others?


What happens when sacrificing the individual for the benefit of the collective becomes the standard for a society? We have many examples from the past, even from the recent past; from less than one hundred years ago, we have seen what happens when people believe that their actions are for the greater good of the whole and that others should sacrifice their lives for this reason.

CARING CORRUPTED - The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich 

UTHealth Nursing on YouTube
Published Feb 2, 2017
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I wonder how much of our modern medicine results from the inhumane experiments on Jews and others? How many of the war criminals escaped justice so that they could work in secret weapons programs in the United States and other secret programs such as so-called healthcare? 

The Bayer pharmaceutical company, which now also owns Monsanto, partially funded the experiments on people in the concentration camps? It behooves us to understand that CEOs and others inside pharmaceutical companies have no moral compass. Clearly, the only thing they care about is profit. Unfortunately, individuals work within organizations that believe they are working for the common good. Some individuals seek to convince us, as a society, that we must sacrifice our individual rights for the common good of the collective. How many of our individual rights should we sacrifice? Should what we are allowed or even encouraged to do, even if morally questionable, be done for the "good of society"? Can we ask others to give up their inalienable rights to protect the collective? And does this actually save the collective?

A more important question is; what keeps people from doing these things? If a person does not have any morality, how can they judge what is wrong or right? (to paraphrase what one of the nurses said) If what you do or support harms another life, is it morally right to do it or support it? Is it ethically correct to sacrifice one life for the so-called betterment of another? Is it morally correct to euthanize anyone whether they agree to it or not? That is a slippery slope that is certainly proving itself to be so. 

There is now a suicide pod in Switzerland that someone can get into and push a button to die. In Canada and other countries, assisted suicide is the norm, and in some cases, the individual does not have to have any physical disease or condition which is considered terminal. 

In the United States, in some states and elsewhere, abortion of babies is allowed through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason. Babies are killed in the womb because of birth defects, even Down's Syndrome. Some celebrate this idea that we have so fewer children born with Down's Syndrome, yet children who were mentally disabled or "unfit" were the very ones killed by the Third Reich and their killing nurses. The right to kill our children in the womb is celebrated by Planned Parenthood and others, citing the child would not have a good life, that the parents can't afford them, or even that they're inconvenient. These were the same reasons given to parents in Germany to surrender their children and to the nurses for ending their lives. 

Progressives like to say that pregnancy is always a risk, and a woman should not have to carry a child if she doesn't want to. Where does that slippery slope end? In California, a new law is being ushered through the legislature to be signed by the governor which allows babies to die after birth for up to 30 days with no accountability by the mother or anyone else to report the reason for the death of the child, thus holding harmless and questionless those who chose to kill their babies after birth.

It is clear that it is only belief in a Supreme Being, God, the Creator, that keeps us morally anchored so that we do not commit heinous crimes against others. Moreover, it is our oneness with each other, our belief that we are all part of the same loving Being that keeps us from harming other people or justifying harm to others. Jesus taught us that what we do to one, we do to Him. What we do to each other, we do to ourselves. The two most important commandments from the Bible are to "have no other gods before Me," and the other is to "love thy neighbor as thyself."

When people start to believe that they are superior to others and become gods unto themselves, atrocities inevitably follow. Hedonism and immorality lead to complete corruption in society, not the other way around. Hedonism does not lead to a better society. Any society that has allowed itself to slip into complete debauchery has fallen. The United States of America was founded upon moral principles, and without those principles, we will not survive. Our moral principles are based upon the belief in a Creator. All of the Founders of our country believed in God. They did not create a state religion, as was the case in Europe. They believed each person has the right to worship God or not by their own conscience. But we must remember that we are a God Loving nation and that God is very much a part of who we are and who we have been. We will not survive otherwise.


Modern Progressivism traces it roots back to the late 19th and into the early 20th century in what purports to be motivated by the need for social and economic reform. While many may believe this movement was begun in order to help the less fortunate, the poor, the underprivileged, as well as those of other races including Native Americans, a closer examination of these roots uncovers the truth; that this movement was actually begun and continued in order to prop up those who considered themselves better than the aforementioned groups of people. In other words, it was a movement of snobs against slobs.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Beverly · 2 months ago
    This is a subject many do not want to be confronted with. Our media is filled with death and destruction on a regular basis, through tv, movies and even in the books we read. Many are desensitized to bloodshed and death. This is not by accident. It's been a slow immersion into a sea of death and hell for many generations. The onset of electronic media sped up the process these past 75 years. It needs to be stated over and over again, this is unacceptable. For a government to say it is legal to take life does not make it any less than what it actually is; murder. Great Video and write-up @Peggy. This type of information needs to be spread far and wide.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SamInBerlin · 2 months ago
    As a Colorado Jew - and raised from birth in the traumatic awareness of what the "3rd Reich" wrought, concerning myself deeply and extensively with it until into my 20s - who as far back as 1980 heard God's Call to me to come to Germany and heal this shit once and for all by uniting in my person and my coresponding gen's person the Healing which He promised me through this - an idea which I'd NEVER seen or read or heard anywhere, the idea of taking my German counterparts into consideration this way. The journey (to Berlin) took me through 20 yrs. of finally grasping that it was actually indeed liberal progressivism, NOT right/conservatism, which gave us the Nazis, forcing me to do a Big 180. 2004 as a nursing school student here, I delivered a 40 minute talk with lotsa reaearch & optic material pulled just from my own shelves, on specifically the above given subject of medical/nursing profession under the NatSoc Regime. Going on 34 yrs here now, my Prot. Bride&Beauty and I going on 16,5 yrs as two who'd met and moved in one same tempo over all these matters and the present ones confronting us - SHE told me "Trump da man, you vote dat or I keel you" - and made Flaming Patriots outof us both.
    One bonus for y'all here: the following is how a typical "SamStory" occurred in Berlin, entirely relevant to what I'm sharing here vis-à-vis Peggy's superb article - some images only show white because I'd googled them and there's probably a copyright thing, won't affect your reading, the text is everything, a bit long because extensive, it ain't something you can even begin to tell in one or two paragraphs - but as healing goes, a very worthwhile read:
    "Obituary For The Most Unlikely Of Friends
    Obituary for an awakened former-SS officer from Auschwitz - and our one-time correspondence"
    (Translated from my own German rendering of events, published here prior to this.)
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peggy · 2 months ago
      I will have to check that out. Thank you for your commentary. I highly appreciate your insights.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SamInBerlin · 2 months ago
    The kidnapping campaign of Nazi Germany | DW Documentary -
    While we're on the subject: During my Berlin nursing school time I'd made the acquaintance of and formed a friendship extending some yrs, initiated by my coming upon his autobio material, with a Sinti guy who had survived as then-Berlin's first Reichs-Castration of a Sinti (age 13, they'd told him an "apendectomy"), followed by Himmler's specific order to have him forthwith sent to extermination. His foster dad's SocDem circle of Resisters spirited him out of the hospital and hid him, his own foster Uncle Peter having paid for this with his own life. So when I (thanks to Peggy) come across a 2nd docu like this one, it strikes a personal chord.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SamInBerlin · 2 months ago
    Oskar Gröning: Obituary by a Jewish American
    (This is an obituary, not an apologism - let that clearly be kept in mind. The obituary of an awakened former-SS officer from Auschwitz - as it concerns our one-time correspondence.
    This is the piece I have been waiting some years to post publicly, rendered into English from my original German. Let it serve as a confrontation to the extremists of the left and of the right - who will never grasp, being Useful Idiots of advanced degree, what an American Jew is doing, stumping quite publicly and tirelessly for German patriotism and democratic sovereignty, and supporting above all, a party like the AfD. This is a story about healing - and the small number of people I've ever shared it with, German and American, Jewish and non-Jewish, even survivors of the Shoa, have been markedly moved by it.)
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