Pizzagate Heroine Liz Crokin Censored by Shopify (Update 9-10-20)

Liz-Crokin-with-George-Magazine The Intrepid Celebrity Reporter is All In

"The real target is not me — they're trying to silence the child victims & any voice for them all while protecting pedophiles."

"I've dedicated my career to exposing Pizzagate since 2016 ..."

Liz's Facebook Post follows, explaining her move to Etsy ... 
Read the many edifying and educational comments made on Liz's Facebook post by clicking the image below ...

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Liz Crokin - I’ve dedicated my career to exposing... | Facebook

I’ve dedicated my career to exposing Pizzagate since 2016 & I’ve been a dedicated Q supporter since Q’s first post Oct. 28, 2017. I support Q because I...

Ruby Ray Media - War on Children

We expose the pedovores, the parasites on humanity, to the Light of the Sun, to cause their evil to be consumed.

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    Franz · 2 years ago
    Notable: when I snagged the post, it had been shared 777 times! Fortuitous!
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    Peggy · 2 years ago
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