Maui Fires by Erik Carlson


A child sex-trafficking coverup?

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Let me start off by saying I have absolutely no idea if the Maui fires involve the coverup of a child sex-trafficking operation, or if it involves cover for children being snatched. I also mean no disrespect for the people of Maui and Hawaii by asking this question out loud.

I find everything about the Maui fires to be strange and horrific, I'm sure most who have looked into it feel the same way. I also think it's strange that I haven't heard a single person ask the question I'm asking. Maybe they are out there, but I haven't heard. This is strange to me because people who follow Q and MAGA are supposed to be obsessed with blaming everything on Satanic pedophiles, but as I said, I haven't heard anyone even ask the question.

Here's the thing about conspiracies, you have the narrative for the masses to accept, the narrative for the curious to "discover", then you have the full truth. The narrative for the curious may include some truth, but it's put out there to satisfy their curiosity, to get them to stop their digging.

In the case of school shootings, the narrative for the masses is "guns kill people", the narrative for the curious is, "they're trying to take away our guns", might the truth they don't want anyone to discover be, "it's a child sex-trafficking coverup." Mind you, conspiracies can involve multiple agendas.

The Covid narrative was brought about to not only gain back control of the world through fear, but it was to get some money back that the Deep State was losing when Trump started shutting down the borders to human and drug trafficking, while refusing to get into any wars. Covid was also about stealing an election through mail-in ballots, as well as killing people with vaccines. But the main reason for Covid, which failed, was to shut down the American economy for five plus years, destroying the world's greatest economic superpower.

9-11 had multiple purposes. To feed the gluttonous military industrial complex through not only wars but the threat of terrorism. To keep the people in fear, making us easier to control, more willing to accept anything told to us. It was about restricting our personal freedoms, getting the drugs flowing out of Afghanistan, but also about covering up the missing trillions at the Pentagon.

What is the narrative we are being fed with the Maui Fires? The masses are being told Climate Change is destroying the world and if we don't comply, we will all likely face similar disasters. Where are the curious being led? "The fires were set, and it's about trying to steal the locals' property". This may be true, but the curious mind shouldn't stop there, the curious mind should continue to dig. Maybe stealing the property is part of the plan, but maybe there is more to it, in fact, maybe the real reason for the fires is much more sinister and more evil. What I'm hearing from the curious is that the fires were started by DEWs (direct energy weapons), this may be true, but maybe we are being led to be fixated on this, rather than digging deeper, looking into the motivation of setting the fires, rather than the processes of starting them.

What I'm really doing with this piece is thinking out loud and hoping to start a conversation. I'm trying to make sense of a situation that makes no sense to me. Yes, I can see a scenario where the fires were started to rid the town of the locals so the elites can come in and take over the properties. But are we being led to see the elite's corruption, rather than their true depravity? A lot of the time we are presented with scenarios that satisfy our curiosity and keep us from diving any deeper. It could be a coincidence that billionaires with connections to convicted sex-traffickers and cult leaders just happen to own homes on the island. It could be a coincidence that the celebrities that are getting involved are people I suspect of being pedophiles. I'm sure the question I'm asking can be explained away many times over, but again, I find it strange that no one else seems to be asking the question I'm asking.

Recently I wrote a piece for Badlands about Bill Barr, and I wrote about how during the Bush Sr. presidency, there was a huge child sex-trafficking operation known as the Franklin Coverup that had ties to DC and the Bush White House that seemed to be swept under the rug. You had your usual Clinton Body Count-like suicides, and plane crashes, and no prosecution from the DOJ. It was the researching and revisiting of this scandal that made me ask the question, "was the Maui fire a child-trafficking coverup?"

I fully understand that it is a real stretch to try and connect the Maui fires with child sex-trafficking, and some may consider it irresponsible, but it was a big stretch to connect Jeffrey Epstein and his island as well. How many millions of dollars was spent destroying the underground tunnels after he was arrested? Why the need to destroy the tunnels? For those that were following Q, we knew exactly why they were destroying the tunnels. But for someone not in the know, how would they explain the tunnels being destroyed? How many of the people who visited Epstein Island have been arrested? I think it's obvious that coverups for child sex-trafficking have been occurring for a long time. And let me take one more opportunity to say, I'm not saying the Maui fires was a coverup, I'm simply asking the question that no one else seems to be asking. If you don't ask a question, you likely won't find the answer.

As I mentioned, there seems to have been a major coverup of child sex-trafficking during the Bush presidency and that scandal had close ties to the White House. Some may also remember a horrific situation that occurred in Atlanta between 1979-1981, known as the Atlanta Child Murders.

Between the years 1979-1981, 28 children, adolescents and adults were murdered in Atlanta. Fear consumed the city; parents were afraid to let their children out of their sight, but many of these parents had to work, and many of these children went unattended. The FBI was brought in to help the local law enforcement find the "killer". But before moving on, let's take a step back and look at the FBI task force that was brought in. Also, remember, we were led to believe from the beginning it was one person doing all this evil. We were preconditioned for a lone serial killer to be caught and blamed for all the murders.

In 1972 the FBI created a unit called the Behavioral Science Unit. A group of agents collected information on serial killers hoping to create a data base that would allow them to "profile" serial killers. Everything we think we know about serial killers likely comes from this unit. How convenient. By the way, Netflix made a TV series about this called Mind Hunters. As you likely know, Hollywood likes to make movies and TV series on subjects when they want to control the narrative of it. We are to believe Zuckerberg came up with Facebook and not Darpa. And Snowden wasn't working with the CIA to take down the NSA. I could go on forever on this but won't.

Our mental image of a serial killer comes from the FBI, and we know the FBI and CIA are above reproach, they would NEVER do anything to protect the elite cabal, right. LOL! Actually, the FBI and CIA have been constantly connected to cults, sex-trafficking, and Satanism. Especially in the mid to late sixties and seventies. Dave McGowan wrote an excellent book called Programmed to Kill where he ties US Government Agencies to serial killers. Serial killers were either programed to kill, i.e. MK Ultra, or they were blamed for ritualistic murders, patsies. In some cases, they may have killed a person or two and were blamed for 30 unsolved murders. In other words, a number of unsolved brutal murders start to add up, so you blame them all on one person. The FBI tells us how a serial killer is supposed to act and what they look like, then they catch a guy that fits that profile that THEY created. Again, how convenient.

Most reading this believe the Atlanta Child Murders were committed by a 23-year-old diminutive Black man named Wayne Williams. This is what we are led to believe. The truth is Williams was only convicted of the murders of two adults. Many of the mothers of the Atlanta Child Murder victims don't believe Williams killed their children. The police stopped investigating the murders after Williams was caught because the murders seemed to suddenly stop. As though if you were trying to pin murders on someone, you would continue to murder after your patsy was taken into custody.

As I mentioned the FBI was brought in to find the serial killer, and as hard as they tried to fit Williams into the "profile" he really didn't fit. He wasn't the "loser" they were trying to make him out to be. He didn't live alone. He wasn't anti-social. But they did their best to show they had their man. Oh, and by the way, guess who came down from DC to check on the FBI team while they were investigating the case, and was said to pressure the DA into charging Wayne Williams with the murders, George Bush.

Why was George Bush so interested in the progress of the FBI in finding the Atlanta Child Murder? And why was he pressuring the DA to charge Wayne Williams when they didn't feel they had sufficient evidence? Could this whole thing have been a child sex-trafficking coverup? I am far from alone in asking this question.

During the investigation, connections between the murdered Atlanta children and child traffickers and child pornographers were made, but for some reason not pursued. The child murders seemed to stop after a guy was arrested and convicted of murdering two adults. Seems kind of strange that they were so eager to pin the child murders on a guy who was "convicted" of murdering two adults. Their only evidence that he was the child murder was that the child murders seemed to stop after he was arrested. This is like saying Santa Claus must have died because there were no presents under the tree this year.

Wayne Williams to this day claims he isn't the Atlanta Child Murder. In a book he wrote much later from prison he claims as a late teenager, he received CIA training. When later questioned about this training, he refused to speak on the matter. He didn't deny or retract the claim, but he refused to expound upon it. If one read up more on serial killers, they would be shocked to find how many of them have connections to the FBI and CIA. As I mentioned Programmed to Kill is a good place to start, but warning, it's pretty graphic and disturbing.

I am not saying the Maui Fires were set to cover up a child sex-trafficking operation and I am not accusing anyone in particular of a cover up in DC in the late 1980's and early 1990's, and I am not specifically accusing anyone of covering up the Atlanta Child Murders. What I am doing is asking questions, and I hope the reader can appreciate this. We won't find answers without first asking questions. Children learn because they ask a lot of questions. As adults, we are conditioned to not ask questions and to accept the narratives we are given. We are afraid asking a question might make us look stupid, therefore we don't learn as much as we otherwise would.

I know my readers are intelligent and inquisitive, and I hope by publicly thinking out loud, that someone may have some answers that I don't possess. Or maybe some questions that I haven't considered.

I don't actually know that much about the Maui Fires. I know they don't seem natural. It's strange that the police appeared to try to keep people from leaving Lahaina. It's weird that there is a media blackout, and walls have been erected to keep people from seeing what's going on. It's strange that there seems to be some kind of excavation going on. (tunnels?) It's odd the water and electricity were turned off. It's tragic that children were sent home from school to homes without parents, leaving many unattended. I fully understand people are suffering, and don't mean to add to any of their grief. If this was a conspiracy used to traffic children, and no one is asking the question, then it means no one will be looking for the children.

I think everyone can agree we live in a fallen world, evil surrounds us. I think it is also apparent that the FBI and CIA have gone to great lengths to protect some very sick and powerful people. Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant. I don't think there is such a thing as a bad question, as long as it isn't framed as a factual statement.

Ok guys, what kind of questions are racing through your minds?

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Lament for Lahaina

Whether we understand it from history books, our personal life, or on a planetary scale, the definition of sacrifice remains the same. It is the act of giving up something of high value for the sake of something else considered to be of higher value or claim.

To do this, one must believe that what they are giving up is worth less than what they will gain by giving it up. This spiritually practical practice has transcended the centuries. It sounds rather noble, but when you consider the more barbaric sacrificial offering techniques learned through history books or rabbit-hole studies of today, we know not all sacrificial practices are for the higher good of man.

We also know there was something unnatural about the recent fire outbreak in Lahaina, HI. Many are discovering the fires may have been intentionally set as a 'sacrifice' of the land for nefarious purposes. It is an incident that needs to be looked into carefully.

Georg of Orgonise Africa does a deep dive into the matter, which can help us better understand this may have been a horrendous tragic act of evil. 


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