Many babies saved since the end of Roe v Wade


There is much to celebrate. Still much to do. Read it here, thanks to Live Action.

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We are seeing some incredible statistics since the overturning of Roe v. Wade last June.

The Society of Family Planning reported that 32,260 FEWER abortions took place in the six months following Roe's reversal compared to the preceding period.

This potentially means that an average of 5,377 fewer preborn children were brutally killed each month— that's over 5,000 unique human lives who got to live each month!

Planned Parenthood's 2022 annual report also shows a slight drop in abortion numbers from the previous year even though its taxpayer funding increased by 6 percent—a record high.

Even further, the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute reported as of April 2023 on recent abortion bans across the U.S. and found:

  • 13 states have total abortion bans in effect with very limited exceptions. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia.
  • Abortion is also unavailable in Wisconsin, as facilities have been forced to stop offering abortions due to legal uncertainty around the state's pre-Roe ban.
  • Georgia bans abortion at 6 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Arizona and Florida ban abortion at 15 weeks.

Franz, are you as encouraged by these numbers as I am? These statistics are all from pro-abortion sources, which adds to the significance.

Even as pro-abortion activists double down to infiltrate our nation with their agenda post-Roe, we ARE still seeing victory on the side of life.

Let's rejoice in this momentum, and use it as encouragement to keep fighting.

We must keep spreading the truth about abortion until every state protects human life without any exceptions, and the killing of a precious, tiny baby in the womb is unthinkable to ALL.

We will continue to show our nation that the people who make up the pro-life movement are truly the ones who "care no matter what", not organizations like Planned Parenthood. Killing is not caring, and we can rejoice that America is beginning to wake up to this fact.

But the fight is just getting started. Over 2,500 American children are still being killed by abortion every day. We are seeing progress, but having brave partners like you will make all the difference in whether or not this fight is won.

I'm so grateful to be celebrating these wins and pressing on in this life-saving mission with you!

For Life,

Josef Lipp
Chief Operating Officer

P.S. Live Action has some incredible projects slated for this year: a day-by-day fetal development app, a sexual ethic program to get ahead of the problem of abortion, and a church curriculum, among others. Would you like to be part of these pivotal projects that will change minds and save lives during this critical time in history?

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    Peggy · 3 months ago
    Praise the Lord and may we save all the babies indeed!
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