General Flynn discusses Child Trafficking


General Michael Flynn has spoken out recently for the children of America and the world, emphasizing how important an issue it is, one that is so difficult for people in our world to face and deal with. It's so heinous, people don't want to believe it's happening.

His sister Mary does solid work with America's Future and the General was asked to lend his considerable influence. Hear about the mission they're on together. God bless the Flynns!


General Flynn discusses Human Trafficking
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Published Dec 8 2022
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Mel K 0:00
Alright, one last thing before I let you go. America's Future has dedicated a lot of its time. I know your amazing sister's a part of it, and you and other great people to protecting our children. We're in a really precarious time. I've talked about it for about five years, some very unsavory stuff. I did a lot of work on the Epstein case, a lot of work on Hollywood, before I even started my show and exposing stuff.

We are at a place where our children are in serious danger. And I just wanted to see you to talk a little bit about what you're doing and what you guys are doing. Because a lot of people know, but maybe people don't know that General Flynn has put our children and exposing this stuff and dealing with it above everything else. So I just want to talk a little bit about what you guys are doing for the children.

General Michael Flynn 0:44
Yeah, thank you very much for raising that. So, you know, first of all, America's Future is a 501(c)3, we're probably the oldest 501c3, actually, before 501c3s became 501c3s in the country, started back in 1946. Great leaders throughout have been part of this organization.

Our focus is on children. And it will be on using the platforms of those that are members of our team. And we have good members, you know, we have great, great... In fact, you know, Lara Logan, who's mentioned in that document. So we have people like Lara and we have others who were victims of child trafficking, human trafficking, they were victims, and they have risen above it. And they are really amazing, amazing stories and people.

We are going to expose this and we're going to expose it in a way that's going to be more than just something that goes on over in Ukraine, which is one of the largest human trafficking bastions in the world, or something that comes across the border, we're going to expose it right here at home. We're going to expose the people.

We're going to go after that side on one hand. But on the other side, we're going to look to help out organizations that are taking care of these victims. It's a monumental problem, a gigantic problem. So we have to really laser focus on who we can help. And we're going to be helpful to those organizations and those people who demonstrate a real desire and a real passion and love for children, particularly for children. If we can't find ways to allow children to have the opportunity to be kids, then we're really bad; we are pathetic as a nation, and we're not. We're not.

The majority of people want to help. You'll see and hear more from America's Future, people can go to "americasfuture dot net" and help us out. We're going to laser focus on exposing and helping victims of human - and specifically - child trafficking. That's my passion. And that's my goal here for the next couple of years, as I continue to try to lead a little bit with the help of my sister Mary and some other great Americans who are part of our team at America's Future. So thanks for letting me say a little bit about it.

Mel K 3:20
Well, it's really important. I always say and I've said this for years, I'm also friends with Mike Smith. I know he's getting involved and he made the great Out of Shadows documentary with Liz Crokin. And I know a couple other people that are louder. Of course, there's a lot of people out there doing this, but the truth is, it is so much bigger than people want to admit. And I think most people, General Flynn, no matter what I say, no matter what shows I do, who I bring on, they don't want to see it because it seems so unbelievable and evil. But it is gigantic, and it has to be taken care of, and it will be taken care of.

What you're doing is great, because what I did find in a lot of my work is that there is not a lot of rescue, there's not a lot of...

General Michael Flynn 3:57
I know these are difficult issues and that people don't want to see it because it's so, so crazy. I want people to understand and see it through the eyes of a victim being victimized. Okay? I mean, as difficult of an issue as these things are or seeing photographs or hearing these stories, just imagine being that person. Imagine being that child, particularly a child who understands nothing, they don't understand life, they just trust adults.

I want people to put that into that perspective. See it through the eyes of the victim being victimized, and then you'll have a better appreciation of the struggle that we are going to have because we're gonna go through it, and it's necessary, and we're going to need help.

Mel K 4:53
I think we can all meet in the middle. There might be left and right, which I don't believe in. Look, whatever division you're in, everyone can meet in the middle when comes to our kids. And that's what you're doing. And thank you, General Flynn, again. No one else explains things so well...

President Trump made a surprise appearance and spoke at America's Future fundraiser
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Published Dec 8 2022
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President Trump 0:00

I heard a lot of commotion down here and I said, Who the hell is that? What is this? Everything good? You're having a good time before this dinner begins? I said, when I heard of the group, I said, Put in the A-Team, please. The A-Team. But, it's great to have you.

You know, General Flynn is one of my favorites. He's a great gentleman, a great man. He's gone through hell. And he scrawled it out. And frankly, he looks better. I saw him yesterday. He looks better than he did 10 years ago. I don't know what's, I don't know what's going on.

Where is he, by the way? Where is he? Come on, General, get over here. This guy, I'm telling you, he's gone through all of that. You're a much more handsome man, right now, General. Get over here, General. We gotta get him. Come on. This guy is great. He's not General Flynn. I could tell. He's a friend of ours.

So, everyone's having a good time. Everybody. This is Mar-a-Lago. And it's been a very special place. It's been the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post and E .F. Hutton. They built it. You know, E. F. Hutton, when E. F. Hutton talks, everybody listens. They were not short of cash. And they built it in the 1920s.

And it's become, you know, one of the great houses. It was from the day it was built; one of the great houses. And we saved it. So the people in Palm Beach like us because we saved the greatest house in the country. And now we use it as a club, a private club, and people love it.

But, I just want to say, having you, having General Flynn, having everybody here is my honor. It's my honor. You are incredible people and you're doing unbelievable work. And we just appreciate you being here and I hope you're going to be back, and back many times, and for many years. But the job they've done and with this group in particular has done, it's really astounding.

So, have a great time. Don't eat too much. You're gonna find it's terrific food. The ballroom, but it's not ballroom food. So have a great time tonight and enjoy Mar-a-Lago. Thank you.


America's Future, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by our chairman, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, (USA Ret.) We have been preserving the cherished liberties of American citizens since 1946. When America's Future was first founded in New York, it could be numbered among only a small handful of organizations dedicated to the promotion and preservation of American values and traditions. Through the years, leadership of the organization has passed hands many times from patriot to patriot, but America's Future has never wavered from its all-important mission of protecting the God-given freedom of the individual, supporting the private enterprise capitalist economic system, and thwarting overreach by government into the lives of private citizens.

One of America's Future's earliest foes was the rising threat of communism throughout the 1940s, 1950s, and beyond. The Cold War had no greater warrior on the side of freedom than America's Future. Calling on our nation's long tradition of political pamphleteering, we distributed millions of copies of short books and pamphlets designed to combat creeping communism on our own shores.

Education has always been a closely held passion of America's Future. We have provided educational resources to all who want to learn more about the foundations of liberty that undergird our Republic.

America's Future is committed to preserving the Judeo-Christian values that make America exceptional. Trusting in this foundation, we are not ashamed to proclaim objective truth in a subjective culture. We believe that every mother, father, son, and daughter should have a part in that ongoing legacy, which is why we work to empower grassroots activists to get engaged in their communities.

Although the scope of our mission has evolved to most readily address the foremost issues of our day, the core tenets of our mission have never changed. The United States of America has never been a nation without problems, but it remains the greatest nation the world has ever known.

If you share our passion for securing liberty for future generations of Americans, General Flynn invites you to join our movement. Sign up for our email list, make a contribution if you are able, and explore our website for more opportunities to get involved. Will you be counted among those that cared enough to pass the torch of freedom to a new generation while it still burns bright?


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America's Future is among the very first nonprofits in the US to foster American exceptionalism. Watch General Mike Flynn and learn about the legacy and history of this distinct organization's fight for freedom and our Republic.

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