Archbishop Vigano Roe v Wade Video: 'This globalist world has now lost control of the United States of America'


Archbishop Vigano makes it clear, We the People are rising!

When Vigano speaks, the world listens. His wisdom is not just strong; it is a powerful voice as if the universe is speaking through him. He expounds on a few critical issues related to the June 24, 2022, Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade in his latest statement issued on the eve of the decision. 

You will find his video statement and the full transcript below these highlights: 

"...the following ought to be enough to make people understand the importance of this decision:

  • attacks carried out by "pro-choice" groups, assaults against pro-life organizations, 
  • the desecration of churches, scenes of hysteria on the part of supporters of the right to kill the innocent life of the unborn child, 
  • emblematically uniting members of the Democratic party financed by Planned Parenthood, 
  • which in turn is financed by the government; the Woke Left; the followers of Klaus Schwab's globalism; members of international Freemasonry; 
  • ideologues of green change and demographic reduction; propagandists of gender theory, 
  • LGBTQ+ ideology and rainbow flags; 
  • adherents of the church of Satan, who consider abortion as one of their "rites" of worship; 
  • those who harvest and sell human fetuses from the death clinics; 
  • those who sell "vaccines" produced by human fetuses; and those who support the pandemic farce and their grotesque train of "experts," 

all of whom agree that their cultural hegemony is now threatened, a hegemony that since 1973 has caused the death of 63 million children in the United States, who have been offered in human sacrifice to the Moloch of political correctness."

"The globalist world, which has made the systematic violation of the human body its own ideological flag by imposing an experimental gene treatment on the population against all scientific evidence, is now tearing its garments as it claims the right of women to bodily autonomy and the right to kill the life the mother bears in her womb."

globalist world, in which an elite group of subversive criminals has seized power and ascended to the heights of power in Nations and international institutions, has now lost control of the United States of America, thanks to a historic decision handed down by wise Justices, including the ones most recently appointed by President Donald Trump, whose commitment to the defense of the sanctity of human life has today achieved a great victory for America and for those who look to her as a model to imitate." ~ Archbishop Vigano 

Many American
states have already declared abortion illegal, and thanks to the decision of the Supreme Court, they will finally be able to recognize and protect the rights of the unborn child."

Statement of Archbishop Vigano on Overturning Roe v. Wade

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 26, 2022
Length 9:38


"We wrote enthusiastically about Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett back in 2020 when President Trump appointed her, now we're sittin' pretty! Amen to that! We have the 213-page ruling included in this article."
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 1 years ago
    His Eminence is most eloquent and articulate in exposing the evil of globalism. Truly, a man of God.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    JanDohrman · 1 years ago
    Franz, great job in putting this all together.
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