Why De-funding the Police Would be a Very Bad Idea for the Children

With so many children being exploited around the globe, it is indeed wonderful and heartwarming to find so many concerned police and other organizations such as Operation Underground Railroad, working so hard to stop these horrible predators and to rescue children from slavery. This article takes a look at "Operation Vampire Cough" in Mesa, Arizona and "Operation Moving Target" in NE Ohio as well as other factors related to ending human trafficking.

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WAR ON AMERICA'S SCHOOL CHILDREN: BLM Makes Massive Move Infiltrating Schools Nationwide

An alarm is sounding across our nation. 

It is the alarm cry for help from parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends who have seen the biased "race bait and hate" lessons their children are being taught in schools.

Along with the teachers unions, the National Education Association, (NEA) has even greater influence and power over our nations educational curriculum for public schools. As I looked closer at the NEA, I discovered the nations largest professional employee organization IS the propaganda machine behind our public educational systems radical liberal agenda. 

Per this Washington Times article, the NEA "supports sanctuary cities, abolishing ICE, the normalization of an endless number of genders, lenient discipline policies, ousting police, Black Lives Matter training's in K-12 schools and many more divisive political issues." The Washington Times article refers to an elaborate show, in 2019, that was set up at an annual meeting the NEA hosts the first week of July every year, which is supposed to help delegates adopt hundreds of new business items. But as Rebecca Friedrichs, the author of the article and a 28 year public school teacher, describes what a retired teacher witnessed at the NEA showcase in 2019, we can see it is anything but a business meeting: 

 According to Jeralee, about 400 people filled a spectacular dark room which was illuminated by rainbow colored lights and filled with a DJ's music. Dancers filled the dance floor, and a little girl upon a woman's shoulders waved a rainbow flag at the foot of the stage. Several adolescent girls stood shyly on the sidelines.

Spotlights shone on a huge, muscular, bare-chested drag queen in a sequin vest gyrating center-stage while belting out descriptions and positions of masturbation.

Another drag queen scantily clad in a thong and breach cloth spun around on stage providing full view of his thong. The crowd screamed. The flag-waving little girl stared shell-shocked.

Jeralee had an innate desire to rescue the children immediately. Instead, NEA representatives tried to make the adolescent girls comfortable with the scene, and a young man on stage spoke directly to the little girl, "Hi, Sweetheart! How old are you?" She answered, "Six." He asked, "Is this your first Drag Queen show? Are you enjoying it?"

THE National Education Association SUPPORTS

Sanctuary cities

Abolishing ICE

The normalization of transgenders

Lenient discipline policies

Defunding police

Black Lives Matter training in K-12 school

California takes the lead in adapting the NEA principles for their students in their state.  The California Teachers Association official stance and statement regarding BLM aligns completely with the NEA official statement, both found here, that begins with this statement:  "The National Education Association understands the deep racial history and trauma caused by the culture of white supremacy, and we believe that to achieve racial and social justice, we must acknowledge it as the primary root cause of institutional racism, structural racism, and white privilege." and continues on in the same divisive way to set the stage for a one sided agenda being formulated that is meant to wipe out what they call 'racism' and 'white supremacy' using the public school system as their weapon. 


One way to keep our children from being indoctrinated by extreme liberal views being imposed on them is to opt out of the public school system and allow children to home-school. Due to the corona virus scare and the harsh abusive restrictions being imposed in schools regarding isolation, masking and lack of peer interaction, many parents are opting out of poorly run and funded public schools and enrolling their children into homeschooling options. 

"Homeschooling applications are surging in states including Nebraska, where they are up 21 percent, and Vermont, where they are up 75 percent. In North Carolina, a rush of parents filing notices that they planned to home-school overwhelmed a government website last month, leaving it temporarily unable to accept applications." according to mprnews. Read more about educational choices for our children here: ENGAGE by EdChoice

Another way to fight back is to get active in your own community and local school board. 

In California, where the BLM School Curriculum is being accepted by many school boards the push back comes in person as well as on line and it's having an impact as mentioned by RedState.

"Parents and many school employees pushed back against the BLM insurgence in their own district last month when BLM organizations began issuing guidelines for new curriculums and included a push to completely defund police presence in LAUSD schools. Having failed in Los Angeles (for now), BLM activists have been focusing on pushing their curriculum and political agenda into other districts. Last Thursday night, the Orange Unified School District held a meeting to discuss (among other agenda items) the plans for reopening campuses. A shockingly diverse and large group of parents logged into the virtual platform in force to express their concerns about the disturbing new curriculum incursions brought to their attention by Lebsack. " Another example is as ABC 13 Houston reports below, one teacher was admonished for the BLM and LGBTQ paraphernalia displayed in her classroom after complaints were registered. 

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More Child Rescue Success: 54 Children Rescued in 24 Hours

 During the first 20 days of Operation Safety Net, the U.S. Marshals have already rescued 25 children in N.E. Ohio. Operation Not Forgotten finds 39 missing children in Georgia.

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U.S. Marshals Find 39 Missing Children During "Operation Not Forgotten" in Georgia

"The message to missing children and their families is that we will never stop looking for you." Director of the Marshals Service Donald Washington.

U.S. Marshals found 39 missing children, 26 of them classified as "rescued" according to their website. The operation was conducted in conjunction with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as well as local and state Georgia agencies.

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So, You Are a Pharma Troll {Happy Hunting, Ladies}


>>> FLASH! Jeremy 'Shawn Cooper' Counterattacks! well, he types a bit anyway.. 

>>> Facebook unblocked me from sharing this, after I mentioned to them the legal and wretched moral implications of protecting and colluding with Pharma Trolls lol 

>>> yay Novartis and everyone Got another Blast! 

>>> YOU can Post the link to this TOO on Novartis, Glaxo, Pfizer ETC ALL YOU WANT! 

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Rise Up For the Children

Operation Underground Railroad held a world wide event encouraging us to rise up to stop modern day slavery known as human trafficking
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Vanessa Guillen and the Democrat Plantation - Turning Our Children into Cannon Fodder

In addition to being "racist" by definition, treating people of all races as livestock, and being a crime syndicate; from its inception or rather, its transplantation into America one of the primary roles of the Democratic Party in our nation was and is producing stupid people, cannon fodder. 

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Pizzagate Heroine Liz Crokin Censored by Shopify (Update 9-10-20)

"The real target is not me — they're trying to silence the child victims & any voice for them all while protecting pedophiles."

"I've dedicated my career to exposing Pizzagate since 2016 ..."

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Port of Melbourne: Human Trafficking Evidence has Been Uncovered Connected to Some Very Big Corporate Names

Human trafficking evidence has been uncovered connected to some very big corporate names: - Wayfair- Etsy- eBay- Twitter- Amazon- Walmart- Yandex ..and other e-commerce I predict, that if these revelations have merit, then Australia's shipping ports (and those connected therein) will face huge pressure with lines of inquiry that they cannot dodge. ...
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Chinavirus Plandemic - Orchestrated Mismanagement: The True Killer Emerges

From murdering elderly people wholesale by forcing nursing homes to accept China19 patients while hospitals stand empty, a steady stream of lies and fear pushed by the world's media and rampant censorship on social media, to orchestrated efforts to suppress cures and crash the economy--the coordinated worldwide weaponization of the Wuhan Lab Chinavirus.   

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