Why CRT Goes Against Natural Law


Dinesh D'Souza explains why CRT is no better than other forms of racism against "people of color". CRT encourages racism towards white people. We also explore some history of so-called civil rights advocacy groups embracing the Chinese Communist Party.

But how long has the party of the progressives been working communism and communism theory into our schools? Let's take a look at this article:

REVEALED: Critical Race Theory Advocates Sent Staff & Students On Chinese Communist Propaganda Trips.

"In March 2010, current NUL President and CEO Marc Morial led a 45-person delegation – dubbed a "journey of empowerment" – to China on a trip sponsored by CUSEF.

'"The National Urban League's commitment to paving a path to empowerment for African Americans recently led us half-way around the world to the People's Republic of China," Morial writes before listing the alleged "positive results" of the trip.

"Among the accomplishments hailed by the NUL president was collaboration on education initiatives, including the establishment of the first-ever Confucius Institute – flagged as propaganda operations and national security threats by the U.S. government – at an American Historically Black College and University (HBCU) and a high-school level "student/teacher exchange program":

"The mission quickly produced positive results. During our discussions with the Ministry of Education, Chinese officials agreed to establish the first Confucius Institute at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in the United States. […] We had high hopes for reaching concrete agreements during our trip to China, and we were extremely delighted that our counterparts were just as eager to produce results. Both of the education commitments offer a wonderful opportunity for African American and Chinese students and teachers to experience each other's language and culture. They will also be helpful in the continuing effort to strengthen ties between China and the United States.

"In addition to NUL broadening Chinese Communist Party influence over American schools, NUL participants also discussed securing Chinese investment in the African American community according to Morial's summary:

"These agreements also set the stage for continuing dialogue between the National Urban League and Chinese officials. As we explore other areas of common interest, we see the potential of bringing Chinese investment to the African American community in areas such as banking and finance, industry and manufacturing, import-export, real estate, culture and tourism, and the public sector. In particular, we hope to partner with the Chinese to drive urban development and renewal, update inner-city infrastructure and secure investment and financing for business and entrepreneurship, while creating jobs and affordable housing."

Let's be honest, though, and admit that this slow march toward communism has been going on since the beginning of the 20th century and perhaps even as far back as the Civil War.


"Pompeo told members of the conservative Republican Study Committee that as a former lawmaker, he is aware of the threat posed by China but that he did not appreciate "the scope and the scale and the nature" of how close the threat is until he became Central Intelligence Agency director.

""This fight is inside the gates today … Containing where they are today leaves them in our institutions of higher learning. It leaves them in our high schools; it leaves them in our PTA groups. It leaves them inside our city councils and our state legislatures all across America. This is a deep effort that has been going on for 50 years. Republicans and Democrats alike refuse to deal with it, and we started to and did," he said.

""We not only got it right, and frankly, I think there is some bipartisan basis, I hope, that we can continue to get this right," he added.

"He noted that the Trump administration worked successfully to build an "enormous coalition" with the Indians, Australians, Japanese, the South Koreans, and in some parts of Europe to counter China. He said 120 international telecommunications companies have now forsworn any Chinese technology in their system."

Kristina Wong - Breitbart


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