We're Here Today Because You're Experimenting on Children


There is nothing more outrageous than a few elitist types who claim to be professionals but are discovered to be huge frauds. Bill Gates is a fine example of this. He is heralded in some small inner circles as an expert in all things vaccines without holding any related degree or having been schooled in such. He is hardly an expert in computers let alone medicine. He is a corrupt ne'er-do-well who's real agenda has nothing to do with charity or kindness.

And then there is Dr. Fauci, another fraud who's inconsistency about wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask, or wearing 3 masks, has garnered widespread public attention and media coverage. The fake mainstream media hangs on his every word no matter how contradictory and stupid he becomes. Dr. Fauci and fakenews don't seem to care one bit about any of us medically speaking. It's as if they're playing to an audience with a political agenda in mind. How bout that?!

And now we have the vaccination debate as well as the masking debate reaching epic heights.

What kind of abuse is this for our babies and children to receive??

These innocent ones deserve to breathe freely and to be treated kindly, not treated as scapegoats for a society's fears gone mad!

The outrage about using our babies and children as experimental tools is demonstrated by the Mamma Bear in this video. And her well spoken sentiment is being echoed in forums across America and around the world.

Exposing a whole generation of children to this dangerous unproven vaccination program that is being pushed much too extensively by the elite who think they rule the world, is more than an outrage, it is government sanctioned genocide.


The warnings against taking the Big Pharma covid vaccines have been mounting. As Del Bigtree explains, a recent warning came from a top vaccine maker and proponent, Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, DVM, who put a very fine point on their danger, saying they will destroy your immune system hence your very life in relatively short time. It appears that conspiracy theorists were right about the eugenicist power elite phreaks that thought they should control our world. WATCH!!


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Bren · 1 months ago
    very well researched and written Beverly this has to end and we are the ones that have to end it! Expose them tell your friends your neighbors tell family members even if they call you names then if they take the jab they can't say they were not warned and had opportunity to get the facts. The truth about this Jab must get out.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 1 months ago
      It is getting out for sure! You can lead a horse to water ... is this how zombies self immolate?
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