No surprise here - the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is a joke


The Hussein judge is in the Baphomet club, a dude making like a she. The prosecution team has a Comey that has worked to protect the Clintons her whole life (is that really a she too?), leveraged of course by her former FBI Director dad. We'll see if we get justice but we're not holding our breath. Doesn't matter, #WeHaveItAll, they're all being exposed and the public will soon know! #MilitaryTribunals

This whole thing is about waking people up to how corrupt we let this country's institutions get from local School Boards to the White House; and that it's time to change that in ourselves and in our country! #ComeOutOfHerMyPeople

Only the military tribunals under military control will get this done. It's coming!

#WWG1WGA #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder

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The Epstein Deep Dive with Mel K | Flyover Conservatives

Flyover Conservatives on Rumble
Published Nov 29, 2021
1:59:57 viewing length

Mel K does an extensive bio of Mossy spy Epstein and Mossy spy Ghislaine Maxwell's partnership with him. She wasn't just his madam. That's a distraction. The Mossies are good at distraction. They invented it a long time ago.

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Scotty mar10 on Rumble
Published Nov 30, 2021
3:22 viewing length


On November 20, 2021, the New World Order had another long nail driven into its coffin.

History was not only made, it will continue to be made as a brave new #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder is catapulted into existence by protests like the World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally.

Don't look for any fanfare over this fantastic event on mainstream media. Nor will you find it on social media. Long ago, the very evil which colludes with power-hungry elitists, corrupted politicians, and greedy business moguls to keep the masses controlled made those same deals with all media giants to keep the masses censored from learning the truth. 


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