"Virginia mom who survived Maoist China eviscerates school board's critical race theory push"

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"Xi Van Fleet said Cultural Revolution began when she was 6, pitted students against one another and their teachers."

From Fox News:

A Virginia mom who endured Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution before immigrating to the U.S. ripped a Virginia school board at a public meeting Tuesday over its stubborn support of the controversial critical race theory.

Critical Race Theory burning constitution

Critical Race Theory wrecking ball


Defending Your Children In School

Last year at the beginning of the so-called COVID 19 pandemic, parents, students, and even teachers likely had no idea how things would change so dramatically over the following months. The planners probably didn't count on the number of parents who suddenly find that they were in disagreement with a large part of what is actually happening in the educational system in this country. More and more parents have become keenly aware of what is clearly not just a political bias in the schools but also educational material and curriculums, which are by and large a form of indoctrination. This indoctrination isn't only happening in colleges and universities across the nation but is now infiltrating our K-12, need I say, government-funded schools.


RRM Content Creators: Visionaries, Poet Warriors, World Leaders

Angels Walk Among Us

Citizen Journalists, multimedia content creators, are the reason we are here. Raising up your voice is central to our mission. We are a team, lifting each other by the variety of our talents and skills. The most important element in this is capturing and sharing the unique thoughts, wisdom, and artforms that come to us as we ponder the world in our hearts. Seeing now clearly how badly the people who arrogate themselves into positions of power and influence over us are bungling the job. They have never attempted to serve the people who are the source of their wealth and power; they only seek to exploit us.

Our years of experience on social media have clearly proven to us that the so-called "average" men and women living on this planet have in our daily musings the extraordinary wisdom of how this planet needs to be run--it's a big planet, each one of us contains valuable insights into the many aspects of the whole. We support each one of us upping our games, expressing the unique gifts each of us contains.

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