Jessi Melton: "Unmask our kids. Now. Not later."

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Jessi Melton, mom and American heroine, has not worn a mask all year, is saying, "Unmask our kids. Now. Not later."

Mom Fights Palm Beach School District Over 'Inhumane, Criminal' Masks on Kids

Bannon's War Room on Rumble

Published May 19, 2021

4:44 viewing length

Instagram SC Jessi Melton

Jessi speaks to the media about harmful public school policies

americanjessi Instagram account

Published May 14, 2021

5 minutes viewing length

YT SC Jessi Melton for Congress YouTube Channel

Jessi Melton tells of vicious attacks from RINOs opposing her

Jessi for Congress

Published Aug 6, 2020

2:19 viewing length

Jessi on Facebook keeping track of the corrupt school officials in her county

I wouldn't mess with Jessi!

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Mom demands we take the masks off our children

SC GA Mom says take mask off my children

Americans have been pushed to the limit and the moms especially are horrified at what the medical fascist phreaks are making their kids do! This Georgia mom's video is showing 1 million views on Errol Webber's Twitter feed as I write this at about 8 pm eastern April 22. He posted it at about 7 am eastern time earlier today.

In case you're wondering what the phreaks are plotting for the next psyop of fear, it looks like it might be some cockamamie push on "climate change." They've worked that one, on and off, for decades, when they run out of ideas. The weather's always changing, why not weaponize that fact, huh? I've heard that Greta's blaming Covid on "climate change," if you can believe it. One good hoax deserves another, I say. Bring it on and let more dim-dums hang themselves with it, the sooner the better so that we can witness the final self-immolation of those criminal demagogues.


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    Peggy · 1 years ago
    Wow, Jessi is something else! I like her!
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