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Have you ever wondered why the Left spends so much time tearing down and discrediting President Trump during this contentious election instead of promoting their candidate? Recently it became crystal clear that it’s because they really don’t have a dog in the fight so to speak.

As Election Day draws near, Americans that have yet to decide on a candidate might be in search of a clean cut list of accomplishments provided from the parties represented. A quick google search will leave you hard pressed to find two equally compelling lists. Using the search criteria “Trump’s accomplishments” or “Biden’s accomplishments” was a real eye opener on many levels.

In fact, merely comparing the two candidates' websites was night and day!

On the Republican nominee’s side, I was quickly able to access a six page list of President Trump’s accomplishments during his first term as President.

My search on the Democratic candidate left me scratching my head. In an article titled “55 Things You Need To Know About Joe Biden” published by Politico.com, I was shocked to read that at #5: “He played wide receiver and halfback on Archmere’s undefeated 1960 football team, catching 19 touchdown passes.” I ask you, why would that be anything that the average American would find qualifying for President of the United States of America? Similarly, are #7: "He met his future wife, Neilia Hunter, on spring break in the Bahamas during his junior year of college;" and #8: "On the couple's second date, Joe didn’t have enough money to pay the bill at the restaurant. Neilia slipped him a $20 under the table.” While these are fun facts, this particular article presents the longest list created on an internet search and is likely what someone might use to form their opinion. Where are all of Biden’s real deal accolades? A deeper search into his party’s campaign page turned up not one list of accomplishments.

In contrast, a search for Donald Trump’s list was an easy win. Not only was a long and detailed list found on whitehouse.gov but businessinsider.com, promiseskept.com and cnn.com as well as his election website, all contain nice, orderly lists of POTUS’ widespread achievements.

It’s hard to defend when you don’t know who or what you’re defending and in 47 years, Biden proves, by his lack of achievement, that he’s not the strongest, most qualified choice for President of the United States in 2020.

Breitbart has published an impressive list of Donald Trump's White House administration achievements:

Trump admin achievements page 1

Trump admin achievements page 2

Trump achieve page 3Trump achieve page 4

Trump achieve page 5

Trump achieve page 6

Biden's achievements can be contained in a couple of screenshots:

Biden achieve page 1

Biden achieve page 2

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