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POTUS Makes America Great Again by Honoring the Greatest Generation

"The Vote is Already Secure"

The Speaker is soused. America, how far have we fallen?

Great New Version of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA"

Trump: "I'm cognitively there."

Serious Question: Why Are Conservatives Happier?

Confirmed: The Good Guys Seized the Vote-Changing Servers in Germany

KRAKEN ALERT: "It's Gonna Be Biblical"

Chris Miller is 'Kraken The Whip'! JFK Initiative NSAM 57 to Replace Rogue Clown Agency FULFILLED 57 YEARS AFTER HIS ASSASSINATION!

"Fraud Vitiates (Nullifies) Everything"

Native Americans Were Paid for Their Votes in Nevada!

Dominion Backs Out of Meeting With Pennsylvania Legislators!

What's Going On in Georgia?

Wayne County, Michigan Board Members Rescind Vote

Google Searches for "Can I Change My Vote" Spike After Hunter Biden Sex Tape is Released

Pair Charged With Voter Fraud, Submitted 8000 Fraudulent Registration Applications

Charlie Kirk: Here's How the Church Can Save America

Why Does the 'President Elect' Need to Raise 30 Million Dollars?

Bannon to Da Nang Dick and Selena Gomez: "You're trying to steal this. The deplorables are not gonna allow it."

Trump is Aiming for the Three Bluest States in the Union

Executive Order Set the Election Trap - Leigh Dundas, Attorney

Trump Blasts Fake News: "I concede NOTHING!"

Veritas is the Media

Trump Team Does Press Conference in Philadelphia

(Oct 2 UPDATE) Minnesota's doing the #WalkAway: Ronna McDaniel's Attendance Numbers!

"Trap has been set, Check Mate!"

Democrats Freak Out When the Scrutiny is on Them

"Necessary Scare Event" Joe M

Dear Chris: Nothing shouts "I'm Guilty!" of something particularly vile, like publicly ditching your integrity, trashing your career and flushing your reputation, taking futile swipes at President Trump..

KANSAS SHATTERS Liberal Pipe Dreams!

PREEMPTIVE STRIKE - Trump Campaign Smashes Dem Plot to Steal the Election

(Oct 1 UPDATE) Trump Hammers Quid Pro Lyin Joe and His Sidekick

More Evidence of Voter Machine Glitches In Georgia

Breaking News! 132,000 Ballots in Fulton County Georgia Flagged, Likely Ineligible