You will likely never know of President Trump's most exquisite accomplishments

President Trump

You may never realize how much we will all owe him, for the many things we will never hear about.

We may not have numbers to calculate, how much he saves us by taking them down as gently as possible and in some cases, not at all. By doing so, he is certainly saving not only our country, but the nations of earth, poised to topple like dominoes into chaos, in the wake of our own fall should he fumble this.

Originally published May 12, 2017

He does not intend to fumble this, neither does heaven upon him. He knows most are witless to what hangs in the balance, what is held hostage, and that the foul contents of some pervert's laptop are but the thinnest scum on the horrific surface of what he calls the "swamp," held quietly, firmly, the very Hammer of God in his grasp.

Perhaps those of you still somehow troubled by the incessant din, of herds of panicked, doomed satanic pedophiles, may take gentle comfort that the more deeply we contemplate what he is about, and the greater the insight into it won by decades of diligent study, the greater our appreciation becomes what mastery heaven has bestowed upon us perhaps undeserved, perhaps even to his own astonishment, all that he calmly, capably holds in his heart, head and hands...including our very lives, the lives of billions of people.

Pray Well, O My Best Beloved ❤

Now, I do wonder what is going on in the minds of those, who fret he is not taking their preferred stance on school lunches, gmo's or the disposition of arctic ice. Does this serve to distract you?

He takes positions on issues that baffle you, he typically takes multiple, nuanced positions on each issue, while you worry yourself over the commentary of vapid drones who would struggle discerning one, of his many purposes if they intended to.

Blithely fielding every tangled mess they concoct to hurl at him, shrugging off the most astonishing, continuous barrage of disrespect and hatred in US history, President Trump stands there calmly, holding in his hand the hammer of absolute doom over all of his opponents at home and abroad, and they know it.

And he has not flexed his littlest finger, not made the least gesture, has not made the slightest reference to it...and you seem to be unaware that it is there?

While they find his reserve terrifying to their wit's very end, many of you don't seem to fathom the subtext here. This is the ultimate showdown, the literal pivot about which Armageddon turns, while you complain he hasn't done enough to curtail IRS overreach. Yo, they are trying to make him fumble it, they want him to fumble it.

You, eyes widening suddenly taken aback blurt "But that would be suicidal!"

Just so. Now you know why I wonder. Suicide is fundamental to their nature, the only reason they subsist in their thirst for it, is to figure out how to take as many of us with them as possible. You already knew this, you realize. You may not want to acknowledge it, but you know it you see it in their eyes.

So he stands nonplussed regarding them, while they hurl everything they can get hold of at him, baiting him. Daring him, hoping he'll blink first. What gives him pause, and poise? What hold do they have over him?

You. Your children. Our planet.

Lately you may recall, we have obtained the power to end ourselves and his reserve, is his intention to see it through as he stands there, staring them down.

Trump has the goods to take down all evil. And the governments--govcorp, all the nations and peoples of earth along with it if it has its way. He intends to do it without triggering the nuclear holocaust they have been thirsting for holding us on the brink of since the moment they got the bomb.

This is the task he set for himself, years before the rest of us got wind of it recently in his methodical conquest of the Oval Office.

His very reserve, the perfect lack of threat, is the most terrifying, excellent promise in the history of the human race.

Nobody has ever held the power this man has, the power of a goodly man, who has in his hands the evidence, the will and the means to indict and convict and defeat the sum of all evil on earth. Your job, is to listen carefully, study diligently, and pray harder than you have ever prayed before, that he doesn't drop the ball, comprenez-vous?

"Greater things shall ye do, than I have done."

He is the Tip, We Are the Sword.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Beverly · 3 years ago
    Timeless wisdom to hold close to heart and mind as we are on the very precipice of eternal light and love changes that most cannot imagine. Sublime thoughts about the reality we are now in. Your words echo through the valleys of our gathered souls looking up for help that is already here...already established. Faith is the brilliant light that chases away the darkness of fear. Yet it is not just words of faith here, it is more. This is tangible. This is real. This is now. This is love.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 3 years ago
    Love does contain it all.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    johnwilson · 10 months ago
    Good ammunition Donald. You make the bullets and I'll load the gun.

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