Wouldn't it be nice?


In far too many cases, there is no better way for a lost soul to be turned back to God than for their karma to bring them right to the edge of the abyss of their own self destruction. According to the soul's own choosing, the Law obliges. Free will must be honored. Yet God's grace and mercy is unending. 

America's Near Death Experience

People should study near death experiences, in which people's bodies are pronounced dead, the soul travels out of the body then later returns to the body that then miraculously comes back to life, with the person remembering the soul's experience when the body was dead. It's a very common experience and I've learned that each person's experience is SO uncommon - and very educational!

Some go to heaven and some go to hell. In every case that I've observed it is amazing soul learning! The soul transformations are truly biblical!

In a time when it appears that America is that 1960s Thunderbird convertible from Thelma and Louise hurtling at 90 mph towards a deep gravel pit, thankfully God does not leave us comfortless.

We can hope and pray and find that awareness and that knowledge that informs us that our destiny - and that of our nation - is firmly in our own God control.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP and Melania- Wouldn't it be nice? - Beach Boys
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Published  February 2023
Length 2:34


Pathetic Desperation + Witch Hunt = Another Failed Attempt to Remove Trump

How much longer will we suffer their impudence?

The Democrat Party has earned the befitting nickname DemonRats for good reason. Their latest attempt to move President Trump out of their way (so they can get to us) is failing; their pitchforks, noses and little rat tails are getting longer daily.

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