Now that Trump is reinstated, why did the deepstate order Twitter to cancel Trump in the first place?


First, it helps to understand that social media giants were created by the deepstate for harvesting our data and for controlling the public narrative and public behavior. Please research that or you won't get this article at all.

Next, Elon reinstating President Trump's Twitter account on Saturday, November 19, reveals now to many who were deceived when his account was first canceled, just why the deepstate was so eager to shut him down, not just on Twitter but on Facebook/Instagram - on any and all social media run by the global crime syndicate exposing and skewering itself daily in this apocalyptic time. Revelation-time, are you awake yet?

The colluding deepstate parties involving corrupt elected officials and non-elected bureaucrats in federal and state governments, conspiring with the woke globalist mercantilists, followed up soon thereafter by shutting down thousands of President Trump's followers' accounts too, including for example General Michael Flynn and yours truly who was followed by Gen Flynn.

The buried lead

On January 6, 2021, President Trump had spoken about it in his speech to millions on the ground and watching live around the country; and had posted about it in social media messages to hundreds of millions of his followers after that speech at the Ellipse: asking the attendees in Washington, DC to remain peaceful and to support the police. Not even close to instigating any kind of "attack on democracy" - something that was, as usual with the lying mockies, made up from whole cloth.

The reality is 180 degrees opposite to what the malicious, gaslighting Fake News mockies wanted the world to believe. In order for their deception to work, they had to shut down the president and his supporters who were there and who heard for themselves and saw with their own eyes. The enemy's attempts to deceive the world are absurd and have served to bring discredit to themselves. Faceplanting of the highest order.

Did they really not know how much it would boomerang? Did they continue to hold the people in such contempt to believe we wouldn't eventually hold them accountable for such wicked behavior?

It's all quite baffling, the level of self deception we're witnessing. God called it "hardened hearts" when referring to His people's Egyptian captors 3,000 years ago.

This Big Lie that Trump "instigated an attack on democracy" was then used to falsely stage what Trump calls, the Unselect Committee on January 6. "Unselect" because the DNC/RINO crime syndicate run by the vodka-swilling mafia daughter, the now-fired House Speaker Nanshy PeLoser, with plenty of colluding from other congress-critters in both chambers on both sides of the aisle, called for a totally illegitimate committee on a completely illegitimate pretext.

When forming such a committee, both sides' leaders are normally called upon to select members from their caucuses, but that was disallowed Republicans by the wicked witch of the west. You can't do that but she did it.

Sort of the way they ran a completely fabricated Moscow hotel pee-pee story for how many years? There are numbskulls that still buy that, right? The liars actually got enough corrupt or cowering congress-critters to vote to impeach the president on that abomination, a darkly hilarious joke too, for the self immolation that is being performed by these dumb freaks!

It makes you think this HAS to be a live-action movie we're watching, it's so clownworld! A collaborative script written by Sacha Baron Cohen and Stephen King, perhaps? 

Sort of the way, also, that they made something up about the president's phone conversation with the neocon/neolib weirdos' chosen presidential drag queen, Zelensky, when in reality it is those very DNC/RINO evildoers that are eyeballs-deep in Joe's and Hunter's Ukronazi sewer of money-laundering, human-trafficking and Geneva Convention defying biolabs. Crimes against humanity that both Presidents Trump and Putin will be revealing now for the world to see. Watch for it!

The monsters were caught red-handed with that because they didn't expect the Zelensky phone call's transcript to be released by President Trump after they went into auto-accuse mode, too deep into their fake outrage to put the brakes on.

Even with the exculpatory transcript, they STILL went ahead with another "impeachment," burying themselves in more karma, exponentially faster than Jeffrey Dahmer could do that, and all serial killers combined.

The J6 Unselects are still trying to figure out a way to indict the president, it's the endless witch hunt that must be ended. Will the satanist beast make that final charge into the great MAGAdor's red cape - allowing him to step deftly out of the way of those sharpened horns to then powerfully drive that shining sword of truth deep into the beast as it lunges by? Watch for it! 

By now, if you're just catching up to all of this grotesque abuse of power, you're perhaps a little panicked at how this kind of darkness could have become so ubiquitous under your nose. It helps to know that there really is only a relative few directing the public narrative. The collective herd consciousness, infected with fear and doubt, does the rest. This is, in fact, black magic, with most of it being false images planted in your imagination. You're not supposed to entertain that kind of black magic, but one might say, "we're only human."

There is not a more powerful weapon in the world than false ridicule. Stop being shamed by the shameless, people, it is a necessary prerequisite to freedom.


General Flynn Has A Message

First, he called Patriots to action, and now he calls us into steadfastness.

General Flynn leads with an iron fist full of words. The weapons of our warfare as digital warriors and disseminators of truth drive into the heart of our enemy without ever drawing blood. Do not allow discouragement to creep in. Refrain from allowing frustration with what you think is happening or not happening to steer your actions.

Defeat is not an option.

Neither is division. Stay steady in your belief that divine purpose is behind every word spoken by President Trump, General Flynn, and the hundreds of other patriot leaders who are not allowing the lies in social media, lamestream media, and fake news to penetrate their armor of faith and integrity.

General Flynn is guiding us into a place of peace that surpasses all worldly understanding. Shake off the liars' negativity, and proceed with dignity, knowing this is a battle of Good vs. Evil and God-Good will prevail.

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