Existential Threat? Who is (was) it really?


Oh boy, this is funny! And sometimes funny can help break the curse of black magic on someone.

Watch! It's only 44 seconds!

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"I'm not suicidal by the way"  LOL

Brilliant editing job!
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Published Nov 17 2023

BONUS! Tuned in

We know who the tone deaf are among us

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Published Nov 17 2023
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Are we fixing this? 

YEAH, we're fixing this! We elected Trump twice!


Jan Halper is one of a team of 12 who monitor society for the military

I've written twice previously about former Vice President of Republicans Overseas Jan Halper whom President Trump and General Flynn suddenly promoted in just the last couple of weeks when she appeared on the British GB News to tell viewers that prosecutors of Donald J. Trump know the "real results" from the 2020 election.

Jan appeared on Nino's Corner TV to follow up on that appearance saying she's very selective of the vloggers and podcasters she chooses to interview with, Nino Rodriguez being at the top of her list.

In this episode of Nino's Corner (which requires a subscription,) Nino asked Jan Halper about the Department of Defense task force she's part of.

She reveals that her team is tasked with monitoring the public and reporting back to their superiors at DOD who are planning the psychological operations required to bring the public out of the matrix of lies in which they are surfeited.

It is the Great Awakening.


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Laura Aboli says to be David in the face of Goliath

Laura Aboli is someone to follow, she works hard to defend liberty. We like her emphasis on accountability and spiritual maturity, these are what will get the job done threading the eye of the needle passing from the old world to the new #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder.Laura's blog post titled
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