What do you do when you're losing an election? Stop counting.


Talk about an echo chamber those RINO crooks in Maricopa County, Arizona live in. They seem to have no idea that the world has them under intense scrutiny while they, in plain view, drag out the vote tally for Kari Lake's nomination for Governor. The only conclusion that is logical is that they are trying to avoid going to jail for stealing the vote from America's president, Donald J. Trump in 2020. Criminals facing long jail terms will do anything, even dig themselves a bigger hole! (We think hanging for treason is another factor motivating their state of panic.)

Ms Lake is committed to not only ending the vote trafficking in her State but also holding those accountable who've done it. Remember ALL those sealed Federal indictments, increasing by 5,000 a month for years during Trump's first term, totaling in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS by the end of his term! Remember the child-trafficking corridor that is being exposed and taken down in Arizona!

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward: 'Kari Lake Is The Winner'
Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published Aug 4 2022
Length 6:29

Sheriff Lamb talks about addressing Pinal County, Arizona ballot problems
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 4 2022
Length 1:41 


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County GOP To Formally Censure County Recorder RINO Stephen Richer TONIGHT After Tuesday Primary Election Debacle - MARICOPA STILL COUNTING

Tonight, The Maricopa County Republican Committee will move to formally censure RINO Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, who ran on a platform of rooting out corruption in elections and cracking down on election fraud, but has done the exact opposite.

Maricopa County Attempting to Steal AZ Gubernatorial
by Clandestine on Substack
Published Aug 4 2022

Wtf is going on in Maricopa County?

The polls have been closed for 28 hours at the time I'm writing this. Maricopa County officials said they would have results by 7:00PM MST. Now they are saying they will have the results tomorrow. They've stopped counting twice now…

Big outlets still refuse to call the race for Kari Lake. The only possible reason for this magnitude of a delay could be attempts at fraud. There is ZERO excuse for the results to take this long. They are stalling. Trying to figure out how they are going to "find" enough ballots for Robson.

How do I know they are stalling? The numbers don't lie.

Robson needs to make up 12k votes in the final approximate 146k total votes remaining from Arizona, 76k of which are in Maricopa. Meaning Robson would need to secure approximately 55% of the total remaining votes in Arizona in order to barely win.

Thus far Robson has only secured 44.4% of the total State vote, and that's including the inflated rate from mail-in ballots (fraud). The day-of voters were voting heavily for Lake. Meaning the margin is only going to widen in favor of Lake. Robson has no mathematical path to victory.

This is also a Primary, so the results are not going to be as polarized as if this were a race vs a Democrat. It's not like Maricopa is going to pump out 70% in favor of Robson, she's still a Republican and these are only registered GOP and Independents voting. It's going to reflect closely to that of the rest of the State, which has been in favor of Lake.

Mathematically, Kari Lake cannot lose. That is, unless Maricopa county "finds" 20k extra votes for Robson somewhere. But Maricopa find themselves in an quite the predicament. They are under the microscope. They are the epicenter of voter fraud from 2020. They are being closely observed. They aren't going to be able to get away with sneaking in this many ballots THIS late in the game. They are too late.

But if they don't stop Lake from winning the Primary, given the GOP turnout, she will in all likelihood win the General Election as well. And Lake has promised to take swift and decisive action against the voter fraud in Maricopa and Arizona as a whole. The entities responsible for counting the votes can't let Lake win or they are screwed anyways.

And oddly enough, the DNC candidate who will meet Lake in the General Election, Katie Hobbs, is the current Arizona Secretary of State, who OVERSEES STATE ELECTIONS.

It appears Hobbs is abusing her position to assist in voter fraud to benefit her own campaign. While simultaneously proving her own incompetence by the primary elections taking this long. She can't run an election on time, but we are going to let her run the entire State? Not a chance. Kari Lake just secured the General Election in November as well.

I find it fitting that the entire country are witnessing voter fraud, in the county with the biggest spotlight around voter fraud, in the race with the candidate most vocal about voter fraud. Rather apropos.

In conclusion, Kari Lake won. The Deep State tried to steal it for Robson with the mail-in voting, but AZ showed up and out-voted the fraud. And the entire country are getting a front row seat.


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'2000 Mules' Rocks the World as TOP Grossing Documentary of the Year!!!
Dr Steve Turley on Rumble
Published June 6 2022
Length 12:14

'2000 Mules' Rocks the World as the Top grossing documentary of the year! If you haven't seen Dinesh D'Souza's latest documentary, I'm going to give you a quick assessment of it right here and why it's taking not just the nation by storm, but the world; we'll see how people even in Europe are talking about the film, and we're going to settle once and for all what the movie's critics get wrong; you are NOT going to want to miss this!


America Outvotes the Fraud - AND THE MONEY!!

The pedovore deepstate - or what is now more commonly being called, "The Administrative State" - outspent grassroots America many times over - IN VAIN - in crucial Primary campaigns involving Trump-endorsed, America-First MAGA candidates for national and statewide offices in five key states, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington State that came to a vote yesterday (Aug. 2.)

The evidence is clear that America's domestic enemy keeps trying to use vote machine algorithms to skew numbers, together with many ballot shenanigans, to try to steal the votes. The MAGA numbers are simply overwhelming their fraud; and patriots are watching the process like hawks.

The Liar and his Lie are failing. The cheats are caught!


Father, the American people have awakened to the Fake Two-Party System!

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