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The evil Dems are self-done really; they were so eager, weren't they, to show us what they are, almost like they thought we would take some kind of perverse liking to their screeching insanity? LOL.

What's more likely is that they didn't care, thinking they'd gotten away with their weirdness for so long, why not double down? Pride and its arrogance goeth before the fall.

As a nation, we are certainly on to their wicked fraud, gaslighting and vote stealing. (Stating that, of course, makes me an "election denier" in their fake-news idiocracy. All that does is make us dig deeper, doesn't it?) It's why we turned out for Trump in YUGE numbers. So, that Left problem WILL get sorted out and SOON!

What has really set back MAGA are the backstabbing RINOs; and that's the fight Trump and America are in right now. Nothing proves this better than the fight that South Dakota MAGA is in with their RINO establishment, in a similar fashion to what we observed in the U.S. House of Representatives effort to elect the House Speaker.

We're in that fight also here in Montana; and why we recently wrote to celebrate the inauguration of the new Montana Freedom Caucus established by a number of our legislators.

Pollema: The SD Republican Establishment Is Trying To Rob The Precinct Strategy Of Their Voice
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 13 2023
Length 10:35 (see transcript below)

Note from editor: you really want to hear this (or read the transcript) because this is where Bannon is at his very best: taking on RINOs. He slices and dices them and fries them with onions. And, it's pure populism at its Irish-American maxim!


Steve Bannon 0:00
Jessica Pollema from South Dakota. It is a big event, big vote tomorrow. Jessica. My phone's been blowing up now for weeks about this. Tell us exactly what's going on. Is the grassroots being pushed down by the Republican establishment in South Dakota, ma'am?

Jessica Pollema 0:18
Yes. What you've been saying in your show, just the last few minutes, is exactly what's happening here in South Dakota.

Our precinct spots have been open for decades. And I started out by watching your show, listening to your call for people to step up and fill up these seats. After we watched our election stolen in 2020, you know, I think a lot of us felt helpless. Our votes don't count. Now, what do we do? So I heard the call for the precinct committee strategy along with a lot of other patriots in South Dakota, and we stepped up to fill those spots.

Some of us campaigned in Minnehaha County where some of those spots were open or had someone sitting in that seat for a long time. We had four or five people running for a precinct committee spot, which is unheard of in that primary election. We filled in those spots and we went to convention.

Our convention had a record high attendance of 687 precinct committee people, which was unheard of; a record setting. And we were able to get a grassroots candidate, elected to Secretary of State. And we also put up a challenger for the Attorney General, and for the lieutenant governor who was Steve Haugaard, who ran in the primary against Kristi Noem, and that was a grassroots choice for lieutenant governor. We nearly flipped all three of those seats, and it really made the establishment furious with us. You know, there were county chairs saying you guys didn't vote how you were supposed to. So I guess no, we're not supposed to have our own opinion, or any ideas of how we want this party to be run.

They actively started scheming to get rid of us. I think it was August 27, 2022 in a State Central Committee meeting, there were recordings leaked out of that meeting with Anne Beal and other people scheming to get rid of the precinct committee people. They put together a Bylaws Committee, and the Bylaws Committee were told to revise the bylaws and to get rid of these precinct committee people one way or another. They have a proposed amendment to the bylaws that they are voting on, Saturday (tomorrow.) It basically strikes the precinct committee people's right to vote at the convention going forward, so it's a big deal. It's, you know, they just are appalled with us.

Last night, we had a County Central Committee meeting and we had elections and the person that was elected to the Lincoln County chair gave a speech and in her speech, she called the grassroots "Deep State Leftists." So the grassroots who have opinions are "Deep State Leftists." And there is a major battle going on in South Dakota right now. So, so we just.....

Steve Bannon 3:17
Hang on. We'll take a short break. Jessica, you did amazing. I think Kari Lake could learn from you. Fantastic summary.

I want to finish with Jessica. We're going to be back on the six o'clock hour to get into more details of this because there are more details. But I also want to everybody in the country to know, you heard Kari Lake about what's happening at the legislative districts out in Arizona. You're hearing from Jessica, what's happening with the precinct strategy.

I want everybody out there that's in a grassroots organization to go on GETTR to get to Captain Bannon. And make contact with her or go on Twitter and DM her. Okay? We're hearing from people all over the country and we're trying to slot you in to make sure that your story is told.

The Republican Party that should embrace the MAGA movement and should embrace the American "Laobeijing" (the people) is doing the exact opposite. They are looking to - because they control the party - they are looking for every way to keep you out. All they want you to do is send money and vote. Okay? They want you to send money, vote and maybe every now and again walk a precinct. Other than that, they certainly don't want you to have an idea or an opinion about the direction of the party or this country. That I can guarantee you they don't want.

Jessica's story is emblematic because you think about it. What is more MAGA than South Dakota? Where does President Trump win bigger? Montana and South Dakota. And where does... The backbone and patriots... The backbone of this country comes out of places like South Dakota.

And I thought - I was confused. I thought Kristi Noem and the Republicans out there were all MAGA. But then I see on the omnibus I think both Republican Senators voted for it. And then I got this guy Dusty Johnson, this Congressman who's like running around almost like a Democrat. I mean he did not want any of the debate, any of the heroes last week that stood up. Where's Dusty Johnson the congressman? Why is a South Dakota congressman out there sounding like so far to the left than McCarthy?

I mean part of the cartel; part of the cartel. How does that happen in a state like South Dakota? Here's how it happens. The business and financial interests - it's always going to be the same story. When you get in whether it's in Florida, whether it's in Arizona, whether it's in Texas, why is that it? Why was there nothing at the border? The business interests, control the Republican Party, it's money and power. It's a spiritual battle. Because they don't care about it. They care about money. They care about the here and now. They care about money and power, same in a place like South Dakota. It's the business interest. And they try to put on a false front. Oh, yeah, we're cared about that. That's all misdirection plays.

They want shiny toys. That's the problem with Fox News. They want shiny toys for you to run around, to go get the new... go get the shiny pony. And that's all noise. Where are they in the deficit? Where are they in spending? Where in the basic fundamentals, the invasion of this country? Where's the business interest? Where's the business interest in Texas? Where are they in Arizona? They're for open borders. Okay? Because they want the bigger markets. They want the cheap labor.

Jessica - and they got a bill in there... once you saw the grassroots picking AGs and Lieutenant Governor candidates, the last thing they want is that!

So, there's a bill in the Senate to basically make it a primary versus conventions. I don't have a problem with primaries, but they're doing this specifically take it away from the grassroots.

We're gonna get you back on at six. But just one question. I thought the Republican Party in South Dakota was pure MAGA. How do you have these Senators voting for this omnibus? How do you have Dusty Johnson being the biggest cheerleader to not do anything last week? All that on Fox: "Oh, it's chaos. it's so horrible!" No, that's a lie. If you make a mistake, you make a mistake. That's not a mistake. That's a lie. He knew exactly what he was doing. Anybody that came on media and talked about it, knew. And this is true for Newt Gingrich and all the way down: They knew it was a lie. It wasn't a mistake. They understood they wanted to keep the cartel in power.

Let's be blunt, let's be adults, let's talk like adults. They knew they wanted the cartel to stay in power. That's exactly what's happening in South Dakota. As above, so below. They understand exactly how to suppress the people's voice. They understand exactly how to break the back of "Laobeijing."

Once you get engaged - and I see it in Arizona all the time - once you get engaged, they're going to come and try to crush you. Okay, this is how the communists run these meetings, too. They know. You drag these meetings on and you vote late. My dad said when they first put in the Union, the Communication Workers of America back in the 30s, you could tell that even even then they had the problem with the communists. You could tell the way some of these guys tried to run the meetings. They try to wait all night because the working me can't stay; then they put in all this crazy stuff. He said you had to stay to midnight every time you went because you had to beat these guys. This is the way it rolls.

Jessica, real quickly. In just a minute or two: I thought South Dakota was pure MAGA. Every time, Trump wins there, it's MAGA, it's all MAGA. Isn't the establishment there, of the Republican Party, MAGA? Ma'am?

Jessica Pollema 8:29
The establishment? Absolutely not. The people are MAGA. Right? And so I'll tell you the answer to your question how they control South Dakota. It's our elections. So if you go and look at the primary results for our election, algorithms were run. ES and S has total control over our elections in South Dakota and the people's voice doesn't matter.

And so, in Charles Mix County, I believe the County Central Committee there just censured John Thune and Mike Rounds because the people aren't happy with the way they are voting, what they're doing. You know, John Thune is Mitch McConnell's right hand man. They don't represent South Dakota at all, they don't represent me, they don't represent our neighbors and they are not voting South Dakota values at all. So yeah, we need to keep an eye on these guys and you know, the people here angry...

Steve Bannon 9:22
... More than keep an eye on them. These guys have got to be turfed out of office. It's a disgrace. South Dakota was example of a nation of heart.  Jessica Pollema: we can't because of the rigged elections!  Steve Bannon: Jessica you're coming back on at six ... tomorrow, you want as many grassroot people to show up in Pierre South Dakota to come in and show up ... so what's the call to action? Where do people go?

Jessica Pollema 9:48
The State Central Committee meeting is tomorrow at 10am and Pierre, South Dakota at Red Rossa. They picked the tiniest meeting room they could find, they made it members only where it's typically open to the public.

So South Dakota grassroots if you're out there listening we need you in Pierre tomorrow morning. We're going to be there by 8:30am. They're going to walk past us and look us in the eye when they go in that room to vote against our voting rights as precinct committee people, they're going to look us in the eye. We're going to know we're here and and they're going to have to answer to us one way or another.

Steve Bannon 10:20
We're gonna have Jessica back on at six live. I'm announcing now we're going to somehow do we're going to go live to that meeting tomorrow. In South Dakota. It's that important.

Jessica, thank you so much, my producers are going to talk to you right after and by the way, you did an amazing job.

SD CANVASSING 2022 Year in Review Video Montage
South Dakota Canvassing Group on Rumble
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There's a FREEDOM CAUCUS in Montana now!

A recent article in Western Montana News gives us a lot to be happy about!

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