What exactly does it mean to "weaponize" the government?


You should watch Chairman Jim Jordan's subcommittee that is on live TV this week!

What does "weaponization of government" mean?

Simple, it's the way predatory psychopaths behave in government when they remove natural rights from the people.

Like Moses' simple Ten Commandments, these wack jobs need it spelled out in simple terms and even that doesn't work for them.

Matt Taibbi is an American hero for exposing the crime syndicate in our government

Seth Rich is kicking back in the distance saying "Now You All Lose" as Comey longs for his freedom

I talk about this article in my video report...

How is government weaponized? | RRM Report 45
Ruby Ray Media Reports with Franz Glaus on Rumble
Published March 9 2023
Length 21:55

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