The Tina Peters Star Shines over Voter Fraud in the movie '[S]ELECTION CODE' featured in this article.


Since the evening of November 3, 2020, the concern that election fraud occurred in counties of each state throughout this country has been brought to the surface by proof. The fractured American justice system is also overrun with similar fraud, so it has not been proven in a court of law, but that does not deter 1000s of researchers from delving into the subject and finding the proof needed to declare a stolen election to the people of the world. 

Mike Lindell's voice is heard above the noise of the Swamp creatures cackling lies. 

It was at the Cyber Symposium of August 2021, Tina Peters, Clerk and Recorder for Mesa County, Colorado, first told what she discovered and now from the latest voter fraud reveal Mike recently presented called "The Moment of Truth Summit," Tina Peters plays a significant role in helping the world discover how voting machines are not secure and are being used to cheat all American citizens out of their vote counting. 


Listen as Mike Lindell explains why in this video clip from last August. 

Tina Peters is a Hero

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 16, 2021
Length 4:48


Held August 20 - 21, 2022, this summit explained how each state had been included in the vote steal of Nov 2020. 

Tina Peters' vote fraud discoveries were not an anomaly. They occurred in every state. She decided she would not remain silent. 

Tina Peters did her due diligence through her loyalty to her oath of office as the clerk-recorder for Mesa County. She saved files that would otherwise have been wiped from the voting machines, wiping with them the defining evidence of election fraud. 

Tina Peters - "These people are being SELECTED, not ELECTED."

RubyRayMeida on Rumble
Published Jul 25, 2022
Length 1:04

"I raised a Navy SEAL. I'm a Gold Star Mom; lost him four years ago. My blood and his blood are the same. I love this country. I believe this is our last chance to save it. And if we don't get this fixed, if we don't expose what they're doing, I believe we've lost this country."~ Tina Peters

Details of how the fraud occurred were given at the summit.

Mike Lindell does not present just facts; he gives the whole picture and makes sure to extend the platform to all who care as passionately as he does to expose the cause and core of rampant election corruption in this country.

There is 48 hours' worth of details from this summit about the proof of election fraud you can find at Mike Lindell's website, Frankspeech. I have supplied a few short video clips to help you understand how and why some of this corruption occurred. 

All I Need To Hack Into Any System Is A Way To Connect A USB Drive

August 22 2022 by Frank Clips
Length 1:46


Electronic Voting Fraud Goes back To When Machines Were Introduced To Count

August 22, 2022 by Frank Clips
Length 5:33

Understanding How The Data Tells Us There Was Fraud At The County Level

August 22, 2022 By Frank Clips
Length 4:54


RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 21, 2022
Length 1:01:17


When Juan O Savin and General Michael Flynn, at the same time in separate interviews, talk about the coming November 2022 elections being nixed, it's not an accident. There are no coincidences. This is something to keep a close watch on my fellow Americans.
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