Trump was right about everything



It's become a hashtag meme that rises high in Twitter trends lately.

We want to feature it on #SaintPatricksDay, celebrating another true hero of the people and a great saint we revere.

We are fast approaching #AprilFoolsDay which will mark another opportunity for those who have been fooled by the public narrative on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE to "come out of her my people."



(This rising awareness in the People that #TrumpWasRightAboutEverything is of course why whatever is left of the deepstate will find a way to indict President Trump on phony charges. This will mark the third time [they] falsely indict and a very certain end to [them.] Amen.)

My video report on this article...

Trump was right | RRM Report 49
Ruby Ray Media Reports with Franz Glaus on Rumble
Published March 17 2023
Length 23:26

President Trump's Saint Patrick's Day Statements

1. Agenda47: Joe Biden Has Been a Disaster for the Economy | Length 1:21

2. We Must Support the Innocent January 6th Prisoners | Length 1:04

3. Out-of-Control, Liberal Prosecutors Are Trying to Steal the Election | Length 1:33

4. Trump's Been Right About EVERYTHING! | Length 0:31

5. Trump was RIGHT on TikTok | Length 1:07

6. China Must be Held Accountable | Length 1:18

7. Nobody did more for the FARMERS | Length 1:26

8. We Must Pull Out of the Unfair E.R.I.C. | Length 0:53

9. Get the $6 Trillion BACK that Mitch McConnell Gave to Democrats | Length 0:43

10. Banks are Starting to Collapse | Length 0:55

11. Nation in Decline | Length 0:26

12. Leading in the Polls | Length 0:50

13. DeSanctimonious Voted to Destroy Social Security | Length 0:51

14. We Must Take Back the White House | Length 1:37

15. I'm the One Standing In the Way Between You and Our Enemies, Part 1 | Length 1:37

16. I'm the One Standing In the Way Between You and Our Enemies, Part 2 | Length 0:41

Agenda47: Preventing World War III

Donald J. Trump on Rumble
Published March 16 2023
Length 3:35

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