Trump Revisits The Funeral



Liz Crokin posted on X today: 

"President Trump posted a campaign video today on Instagram that included footage of Barack Obama, Big Mike, Bill and Hillary Clinton after they received their mysterious envelopes at George H. W. Bush's funeral!"

Trump's Campaign Video posted on the "realdonaldtrump" Instagram account ...

OH! Is This Related?

We have the unredacted Epstein flight logs referred by @NotOpCue below the tweet...



Pizzagate Heroine Liz Crokin Censored by Shopify (Update 9-10-20)


We leave the article as it was to prove that we are, and Liz Crokin is, over the target.

"The real target is not me — they're trying to silence the child victims & any voice for them all while protecting pedophiles."

"I've dedicated my career to exposing Pizzagate since 2016 ..."

Kicking Kissinger's Cabal of Creeps - Trumping the Globalist "Reset"

UPDATED 9-21-23 with Good Lion Films' NEW RELEASE of "The Greatest Show on Earth (2023)" by Nick Alvear.

There is much anxiety in America and around the world as people allow themselves to be told what's real about our world after the massive sting operation that was the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

There isn't much about that being talked about in the mockingbird media that is real. Media has long been a rogue Clowns-In-America operation. Even "MAGA media" isn't picking up very much on what we're going to present here.

Following the November 3, 2020 election day, the president reorganized the Pentagon, completing in public view the takedown of the entire Trinity of Power of the globalists desperately seeking their "Great Reset," code for the global hegemony they lusted after.

[Their] narrative-droners continue, it isn't worth your time to listen to them. It'll only make you mad and we don't need you MAD, we need you to get EVEN. That is, balanced in yourself and your worldview.

(Editor's Note: in the time that has elapsed since first publishing this article, some Twitter accounts who's posts we copied for this article have been suspended by deepstate Twitter. Their posts will only appear as text with no images or linkage to the original posts.)


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