At the America First Policy Institute event in the District of Criminals on Tuesday, July 26, President Trump gave a nearly two-hour speech outlining the nation's problems and the policies required to address them. He hinted that the righteous ruling on the Nov 3 2020 election fraud would be to reinstate him. We agree, naturally, we've been laying out the case for this for almost two years.

When you catch the jewel thief, you're supposed to get the diamonds back


Trump in DC: we've become a lawless nation!

"Our country is now a cesspool of crime."

"It has to stop and it has to stop now."

President Trump returned to the District of Criminals, his historic first public visit since the Nov3 election fraud sting operation, in which the whole cabal of satanic globalist pedophiles, represented in our country in the dimm-dumm and rino circles and their media whores, who thought they should rule us forever, and who were caught red-handed, dead-to-rights, executing the most monstrous election fraud in the history of the world. We know why: they know that a President Trump in office means that they are done. #NCSWIC

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