Trump does it by the book


Many wonder how President Trump does it, outmaneuvering the whole global death cult some call the Deep State, others call the Administrative State. Some may even argue that he has not outmaneuvered them at all, since he "lost" the last election. Oh really?

Has Trump ever conceded that election? Have you ever known Trump to be wrong about anything? If you think you have, put it in the comments below, I will prove you wrong, guaranteed.

Why can't the bye-done clownshow follow up on Mr. Magoo's blatherings to "shut down gitmo"?  OK, you mongrels, do it! Shut down gitmo! Hard to do when you are in fact a military prisoner! LOL

About the jibbyjab, did he not repeatedly say in 2020 that therapeutics were preferable to jibbyjabs and that Operation Warp Speed was required to open up the country again? (And consequently, the rest of the world too.) Without it, the Great Reset was designed to absolutely drive the world into a neo-feudal dark age.

Think like Trump and you'll be a happy camper! Go by the book and you'll get God's favor.

More about the "by the book" nature of Trump's approach to drawing out the pedovore deepstate freaks into the open where they self immolate like vampires in the sunlight.

Former Military Derek Johnson Discusses Trump's Law & Order Takes Down Cabal with Nicholas Veniamin
Nicholas Veniamin on Rumble
Published Sep 5 2022
Length 1:45:22

Juan O Savin asks: Is Trump goading the deepstaters into indicting and arresting him? How about the November midterm election? Will the dimm-dumms and redonculus-rinos delay it for 6 - 12 months trying in vain to prevent the massive MAGA WAVE?

The MAGA Agenda | Gloves Off Ep. 10 with Juan O Savin
American Media Periscope on Rumble
Published Sep 6 2022
Length 59:59

In this episode of Gloves Off, Joey Gilbert, 2022 Nevada Governor Candidate, speaks with Juan O Savin.

Joey and Juan discuss the Bloody Hill documentary, as well as the movement to free Dr. Simone Gold.

Next, Joey and Juan discuss Nevada election integrity, spreading light and truth to our broken system, a new study showing a significant decrease in COVID-19 mortality, and the new Moderna "6-in-1" jab.

Later, Joey and Juan discuss the decline of the California powergrid, the possibility of power blackouts, and Biden's "extremist" speech.


You will likely never know of President Trump's most exquisite accomplishments

You may never realize how much we will all owe him, for the many things we will never hear about.We may not have numbers to calculate, how much he saves us by taking them down as gently as possible and in some cases, not at all. By doing so, he is certainly saving not only our country, but the nations of earth, poised to topple like dominoes into chaos, in the wake of our own fall should he fumble this.

Justice 2022: Winning World War Three

Alert: The Freaks Are Panicking Worldwide

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