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I am glad to report from the 111th longitude on 1-11 that President Trump's video release today powerfully addressed the Twitter Files exposure of deepstate corruption in government and Big Corp by which every day Americans - as well as those with great exposure, including the most visible person on planet earth - were and are severely censored in their speech and reach.

This, non-coincidentally, follows a day when in the United States House of Representatives, newly elected Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke, also former Secretary of the Interior under President Trump, made his first speech from the House floor of the 118th Congress telling us of how his own personal experience in government bears out that "a deepstate exists...".

Oh! You'll also want to hear about the House's new "Church Committee" for taking the deepstate on!!

We have videos and transcripts. Enjoy!


I take about 46 minutes in this podcast to go over this article and cover some gaps.

Trump Jan. 11 on Deepstate Corruption
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 11 2023
Length 3:52


President Trump 0:03
The now famous Twitter Files have proven beyond all doubt that the corrupt officials at the FBI have been coordinating a massive censorship, surveillance, and propaganda campaign against the American people and frankly against me.

In the most recent and notorious example, the FBI worked to stop the truth from being told about the Biden family's criminality. They worked so hard to stop it from coming out, and the corruption prior to the 2020 election. They didn't want any bad information to come out about the Biden family. The fix was in, the election was rigged, but the censorship of the laptop from hell is only the beginning of the story about the weaponization of government against free speech.

We must have free speech in our country. We must have a fair and free press.

As recent reporting shows, the FBI and other rogue agencies have been systematically colluding with former national security officials placed in high positions at Twitter and very likely other companies to advance their censorship regime, which is really in this case, to steal an election.

This anti-American effort, and a very illegal effort at that, has been working to silence dissenting opinions on COVID and crucial issues on public health and on the election and elections in the future. They suppress doctors and health experts who dared to question approved public health narratives. They censored voices who criticized school closures, lockdowns and mandates. And they even banned people simply for stating proven scientific facts.

And anything bad about China, they didn't want out. But anything bad about Biden and the Biden crime family, and that's what it was, just look at the laptop from hell, they didn't want that coming out under any circumstances. What they wanted coming out was anything bad about your favorite president, me. Anything bad about Trump, put it out, even if it's not true.

But this all had nothing to do with science. This had nothing to do with saving lives. It had everything to do with politics or a sick ideology. This was about government working with powerful corporations to seize power over you, the American people, and we can't let that continue.

The Twitter files prove that we urgently need my plan to dismantle the illegal censorship regime, a regime like nobody's ever seen in the history of our country or most other countries for that matter, to prosecute the perpetrators for their crimes, and to restore free speech for all Americans, so important. We need a free press. We need free speech. We need fair elections, and we need borders.

The new Congress should immediately hold hearings to investigate the role of the FBI and other federal agencies in censoring lawful speech. Congressional leaders should properly issue subpoenas in furtherance of this goal.

The revelations also highlight why my proposal to end the revolving door between the deepstate, and there is a deepstate indeed, I wasn't a believer, but everybody's a believer right now, and the tech tyrants is so important. There must be a seven year cooling off period before any employee of these powerful agencies is allowed to take a job at a major platform.

When I'm President, we will take back our freedoms. We will take back our country.

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke Testifies about the Deepstate
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 11 2023
Length 1:56


Mr. Speaker 0:00
The gentleman from Montana is recognized for two minutes.

Ryan Zinke 0:03
Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of a select committee to investigate the weaponization of the federal government, something I have a lot of experience firsthand.

I proudly served as a 52nd Secretary of Interior. And despite the deepstate's repeated attempt to stop me, I stand before you as a duly elected member of the United States Congress and tell you that a deepstate exists, and it is perhaps the strongest covert weapon the Left has against the American people.

There is no doubt the federal government deepstate coordinates with liberal activists and uses politicians and willing media to carry their water. The deepstate runs secret messaging campaigns with one goal in mind: to increase its power to censor and persuade the American people.

Dark money groups funded by liberal billionaires and foreign investors funnel money to shell organizations and repeatedly attempt to destroy the American West. In many cases, they want to wipe out the American cowboy completely, remove public access to our lands, and turn Montana into a national park. They want to control our land and our lifestyle.

Mr. Speaker, I'd like to submit a five part series of investigative articles by the Capitol Research Center entitled, "Arabella's Long War: Keep It in the Ground" in the Congressional Record.

We all knew politics was ugly, but we need to investigate and uncover corruption no matter where it lies. It's time to bring light to the shadows of the Deep State and do our duty. Mr. Speaker, and I hope my colleagues and I will join me in supporting this critical piece of oversight investigations. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

John Wayne's Coolest Scenes #55: I Hate A Liar, "THE COWBOYS" (1972)
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 11 2023
Length 3:30

Once again, President Trump's Truth Social feed is the best place to go to stay on top of the tornado that is the Second American Revolution!

Hang on, friends! You need to be a bronc buster for this!


House Speaker Donald J Trump

UPDATED Jan. 7 Donald J Trump may as well be the Speaker of the House of Representatives after all the deals that have been made, all the messaging and all the behind-the-scenes wrangling to bring Trump Republicanism into practical and real prominence.

Kevin McCarthy (or the guy playing him, see the comparison pic below) finally got over the finish line in the 15th round (see the significance of that below) then "McCarthy" in his acceptance speech dropped bombs on the establishment, including their Chinese Communist Party.

The patriots are in charge! Lots to unpack in this article, we'll do our best!

Written Jan. 6
We're proposing it, along with General Michael Flynn, Kari Lake and Stephen K Bannon, who has made a very strong case for it on his television broadcast of The War Room. Last night, it was confirmed by Gen Flynn and Kari Lake that President Trump has agreed to serve as House Speaker if the votes for him are there.

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